We’re here!!  Boulder is beautiful.  We drove through our old neighborhoods yesterday as soon as we got here – they look exactly the same!  God was certainly watching over us, as we were able to get into our rental house a day early (we left Franklin at 5:45pm on Wednesday and made it to Denver around 3pm on Thursday – a GREAT time for that trip!  Our initial goal was to make it a two day process, stopping somewhere in Kansas for the night and driving Friday.  Once we saw that we could make it, we put Veggie Tales on repeat and SPED to Colorado!) 

Car Trip video coming soon – promise!

For now, I’ll show you what we did for most of the morning yesterday – WALKED!  After being cooped up in the car for 23 hours, it was so nice to walk for a couple of hours! 

A glimpse (turn your volume WAY up):

I hate to admit this, but Travis and I spent at least an hour on Zillow yesterday.  The Colorado housing market looks promising.  It’s just so confusing….trying to really listen and be patient for what God has!

Happy Weekend!  We’re off for a hike at Chautauqua today….church with the lovely Katie Unger tomorrow!  Squeeeee!!

P.S.  My great friend, Lindsay Cotter, is giving away some of her sweet treats on the BLEND site right now!!  Go enter!


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  1. You will be happy to know that a Trader Joes is scheduled to be in Boulder next year. Enjoy your time in Colorado!

  2. gahh i just can’t get over how cute clara is. she’d be one of those kids that i’d instantly fall in love with once i met her. :) don’t you just LOVE boulder? my cousin and her family lives there, and it’s such a fun and beautiful city. glad you made it safely! enjoy!