Sorry for the delay in posting!  My posts typically go up RIGHT at 8:15AM, it’s 9:10…I blame vacation mode.  Or as my mom would say, “WOVY”, which stands for “We’re On Vacation.”  You can get away with ANYTHING if you say WOVY after it!  Sleeping in, being a fatty, laying by the pool all day.  Or in our case, sleeping “late” (6:45AM), sneaking into a gym (eek) and eating delicious Whole Foods every day.  Hey, that’s my kind of WOVY!

Welcome to Tuesday Trainer!! 

Well, sort of. 

Bonnie hijacked my blog for the day and is bringing you guys an awesome substitution for my usual Tuesday rambles – an on-the-go Travel Workout! 

Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve fallen in love with Bonnie – her sense of adventure, her devotion to fitness, but most importantly, the love she has for God. 

She inspires me DAILY.  I know she’ll do the same for you!


Hey friends of Lindsay’s List – I’m Bonnie! I Iove Lindsay, her family, blog and her passion in life and am very thankful to be guest posting today while she enjoys Colorado! I blog over at Life to the Full where I share fitness tips, provide workout challenges, and chronicle mine and my husband’s adventures together.

I’m excited to be posting on a Tuesday because I’ve loved Tuesday Trainer from the start and try to be a part of it weekly – I love how Lindsay brings other trainers and fitness enthusiasts together to create great workouts for people! And as a personal trainer myself and someone who is about to be traveling this week, I thought a great theme for today’s Tuesday Trainer would be working out while traveling.

Don’t be deceived – I’m actually not a pilot.

Working out on vacation: do you do it? Some trips are all about relaxing and giving your body a break, while others are geared around more activity and are planned around movement. My personal rule of thumb is to take a break from the usual routine of life while being away but to keep moving, because I almost always feel better about myself and my day when I’m in motion. A short morning workout or a quick jaunt on the beach makes me feel alive and less sluggish, and usually affects my eating choices and encourages me to make healthier decisions throughout the day. (I recently posted about working out on vacation in Vegas if you’re interested in my top tips to keep a vacation healthy!) So whether your next trip is an overnighter for business and you’re short on time or you’re hiking in the Himalayas, here is a short workout you can do with only 1 prop: a towel (or band or rolled up t-shirt):


This workout works many of the major muscle groups: lower body (the powerhouse for torching fat and calories – the biggest furnace we should always fire up!), core and back, respectively. The most important aspect to this workout is that you stay intentional to pull that towel apart during every exercise This takes each move to the next level makes it a tough workout; without the pull, it’s simply a few sit ups and lower body work. #makeitcount friends!
Give this workout a shot on your next vacation, when you’re short on time and don’t have much equipment at home, or when you’re looking for something new to try in the gym! It will certainly work you if you’re intentional to push hard and keep your heart rate high. Remember, it’s only 20 minutes – so give it everything and when you get tired and hurts, keep going and enjoy the accomplishment a short while later! Hopefully you’re using that towel to dry off the sweat at the end of your workout. ;)

Have a great week, you guys. Thanks again to Lindsay for the chance to share a workout and say hi!

Live well & be well,




Bonnie Lang is a personal trainer who works at a gym in downtown Calgary and on her own training house-to-house around the city.

She is passionate about motivating others toward greater lifestyle change and loves pushing people with unique body weight and high intensity exercises. When she’s not training, you can catch up with her exploits climbing, skiing and adventuring with her husband, Mike, on her blog, Life To The Full!

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  1. Agreed on the handstand- it is mind blowing. You are always so cheerful- I love watching your vids.

    And I love this tip b/c I travel a ton and often do lunges and squats in the hotel room if I’m short on time but never in a month of sundays would have thought to add in the arm component- I guarantee I’ll be doing this next week! Thank you!

  2. Yes, that handstand photo is amazing!!! You are both so darn awesome. Bonnie- you have this amazing ability to make me smile on my worst days. Lindsay- can’t wait for Travis’s guest post. He he!