Welcome to Tuesday! 

Tuesday’s are always fun here.  Stay and enjoy – sip some coffee.  Then come back tomorrow, when things are much less “fitnessey” and more rambly.  (Fitnessey and rambly are words, right.  Or is it “fitnessie”?  I never know.)

A few updates before we get started:

  • Clara’s Atkins diet is clearly not working.  There are no words for those rolls.

clara wright

  • We put an offer in on a house?!?!?   Crazy talk.  I’ll give updates as I get them!
  • Tina’s Bootcamp is whipping me into shape. 


(Tina – what exercise would you recommend for Clara’s knee fat?)

  • I’ve eaten brussel sprouts the past 5 days.  Crazy talk.  To balance out that crazy, I also ate an entire pan of peanut butter bars.  Balance.

Now that we’re up to date, how about some Tabata fun??

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is TABATA!! 

To review, the Tabata protocol looks like this:

20 seconds on. HIGH INTENSITY!!

10 seconds off.

Repeat for a total of 8 times – 4 minutes total workout time!

I know you’re thinking, “4 minutes?!? That’s not a workout!” I promise – when you work to your max during those 20 seconds, you’ll get out of breath quite quickly and force your body to workout ANAEROBICALLY! Tabatas are designed so that you won’t NEED to workout any longer than 4 minutes, but if you are advanced you can do a few rounds of 8 OR pair a Tabata with some cardiovascular training. As always, listen to your body!

As with any type of high-intensity training, I wouldn’t advise anyone to train Tabata-style on consecutive days.  Instead, alternate, 2-3 times a week max.  You can also incorporate Tabata intervals into a strength training regime (example: Bench Press then two rounds of Tabata intervals.  Then back to Bench Press.)

Enough talking…let’s move!!   Two tabata workouts to choose from!  Both ridiculously named. 


tabata workout

tabata workout


Heelclickers AND Plyo Burpees – ME


High Knees AND Burpees – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Pushup w/Side Plank AND Sumo Squat w/Upright Row – Angela, happyfitmama


Squat Press AND Jump Rope – Katie, yesiwantcake


Side Lunge w/ Overhead Press AND Plank Row – Tamara, fitknitchick


Sumo Burpee AND Jump Rope – Paige, runningaroundnormal


Knee Ups w/Mountain Climbers AND Plank w/Frog Jumps – Casey, dailydoseoffityoga


Jumping Lunges – Kristin, STUFTmama


Fun, fun week!!  Thanks, ladies, for taking the time to film something!  I truly appreciate it!

If you’d like to get hop on the Tuesday Trainer bandwagon, read on Thursday when I’ll announce next weeks’ theme!

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QUESTION:  Do you own a house?  Rent?  Live with your parents?


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  1. Okay, these workouts are just awesome. Gotta love tabatas. And can I just say that I LOVE Clara’s rolls. :) Thanks for letting me be a part. Um and nice backside lady! :)

  2. Oh yes I love this! I’ve been waiting 5 days to finally get to see all these! haha I love Tabatas and got so excited when you said you were doing them Thursday! All these look awesome and I can’t wait to try them all out!

  3. Ohhhh…what awesome workouts!!! Ideas for bootcamp! We still need to talk about that, huh? Hah!

    And for Clara…I suggest she foam roll out the knee fat. Like rolling out dough. ;) hehehe

    She’s so cute! I wish B had rolls like that.

  4. clara’s rolls just means she’s gonna be tall and model like. So bring ’em!

    I’m TABATing a head bang for not getting my video to you in time. I blame the hubs.

  5. Love this workout (and Clara’s rolls, btw)! :D So cute (actually I just typed “fun” and “cute” and almost left it at “fute”…oh boy). I will definitely give these a shot this week! Thanks for rounding us all up once again and doing the leg work! Love being a part of TT’s!

  6. I’m getting read to do this nowwww. SO excited. And maybe Adrienne and Clara can compare leg fat rolls when they get together in a few weeks. (ahh weeeks!)

  7. haha i love clara’s knee rolls. that’s awesome. :)
    as for putting an offer in on a house… i’m thinking that has something to do with the “secret” you’re keeping from us?? am i right? ;) we own our house, and love it. it sure was a huge and stressful decision, but we’re glad we did!