Some recent observations:

1)  Broiled tofu, when reheated in the microwave, reminds me of my mom’s home cooking.  And that’s all I’ll say about that.

2) Lisa, from BodyRock, looks like a pornstar now.  Giving me no choice but to do BodyRock while Travis is at work and the kids aren’t watching.  Poor girl.  Why aren’t we ever enough???

3)  You’d be surprised at my procrastination in this whole packing thing.  Even I surprise myself.  Facetiming with Travis seems much more appealing.  I’ve got piles strewn about, but no real vision of how this will all get into the car.

4)  Yesterday, a hunger beast took over my body!  I drank my water, I did some food avoidance pushups, I walked around….even so, second breakfast and Elevenses were consumed.  Oh and post-dinner ice cream.  Even with all that food, I’m still alive and fit today.  Go figure.

5)  Two must see movies:  The Fall and The Muppets Movie.  Both great, in their own right.

6)  My friend, Bonnie, is the BEST (thanks, friend, for the sweet post!  Wish you were COMING to this retreat!)

I could go on and on, but I’ll try to stay on topic since today is Tuesday.  (I do feel like my hands are tied on Tuesdays and Thursdays – like I can’t meander and I have to stay on the topic of Tuesday Trainer.  Sometimes frustrating.  And then if I DO ramble at the start, there’s the whole segway into Tuesday Trainer, which I’ve always been awkward at.  Now I’m off on a total tangent…how to tie this in?)…


Hey Guys!  It’s Tuesday Trainer time!



oh well.)
The theme for this week is CORE!

I love working my core!  If I have extra time at the gym, I go down to the ground and do some corework.  Usually some planks.  (Although I’m nowhere NEAR the World Record holder, I can hold a plank for 6 minutes and 20 seconds!  <-actually took the time just now to go watch it and tried to do a plank for the 6:20 – I made it 5 minutes.  Bah.)

We have an entire 30 minute class at the gym DEVOTED to core conditioning.  And I never repeat anything if I’m teaching.  There are SO many core moves – I think that’s why it’s such a fun TT theme.

The Workout

The Moves

One-Legged V-Ups – ME


Butterfly Crunches – Jess, blondeponytail


Plank Jacks with Tuck – Sherice, foodieluvsfitness


Walk Out with Oblique Twist – Helen, biscuitsarenothealthy


Plank with Arm Lifts – Angela, happyfitmama


In and Outs – Ashley, vibrantlifehealthandwellness


Downward Dog Split into Reptile – Ashley, frecklesandspice


Side Bends – Janetha, mealsandmoves


Come back Thursday to see what we’ll be doing next week!! Thank you, ladies, for showing me your moves!

I’m totally doing this workout today during the kids’ naps!

No wait.  I should probably pack. can wait.

QUESTION:  If you had a free hour to do WHATEVER you wanted to today, how would it look?


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  1. Great post. Having a strong core is so important and I will definitely use some of these ideas when training some of my clients!
    An extra hour to do anything I want today? I was lucky enough to already do that. I went rock climbing and it was exactly what I needed! Vertical medication rocks. :-)

  2. I love these posts! I need to do a few moves and share them. I blog on the side for Twenties Hacker and have been wanting to do a “move of the week” post every month, but haven’t gotten to it because I don’t really have a good setup for video. I was going to start with plank because it’s an easy (well not easy — easy to SHOW) move.

    I am looking up the world record. And now I want to see how long I can hold plank.

    Related: I just took a strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment for work, and in my top 5 strengths is competition … :)

  3. LOVE core exercises. Probably my favorite exercise there is.

    Sorry I couldn’t get my act together to film something! Yesterday was a doooozy. I’ll fill you in when you get here… ;-)

  4. Apparently I am a core slacker in the healthy blogging world because I only do one minute planks…lol. But I do multiple ones..does that count?

    Great Tuesday Trainer! One of these days I will get on the ball (and overcome my videostagefright) and actually record a video.

    I really want to try the downward dog yoga awesomeness move! That is what I would do with my free hour..master that move!!

  5. If I had a free hour, it would be spent sleeping. Tuesdays are my early teaching day where I’m at the gym before the ungodly hour of 5 am. And I definitely never go to bed early enough on Monday nights!

    I’m trying to get my hubby to get an iPhone so we can facetime! Actually, we’ve face-timed on his ipad and my phone, but he still needs to be cool and get the phone.

    Can’t wait to check out the workout when i get home and can access Youtube! I love that you put the work into posting these collections each week!

  6. I always forget that I have to read your comments from the bottom to the top! You are keeping me on my toes. Thanks for squeezing my move in, sorry it was so late, you know how I roll ;) I want to check out the ZWOW workouts everyone is talking about, I loved Bodyrock when it was Zuzana and actually haven’t looked at the site since she left.. and from the sound of your words and the comments, I am not missing out. Unless I want a peep show, which I do not. I love that we have twinner tanks! I am going to start calling you in the mornings so we can coordinate our outfits! I love you to the mooooon!

  7. have to agree with the Lisa observation…she was so beautiful before! i think it’s interesting how she says that she’s NOW comfortable in her body but then immediately afterward says that surgery isn’t the answer to make you happy. but whatever…it’s her body, her choice, and the workouts are still great!

    i can’t wait to jump back into core work once i’m cleared from my c-section!

  8. I agree with the Lisa comment. I have been bodyrocking for the last 2 years and
    love(d) it. I still check out the workouts, althought I cringed at each video and pic that are posted. If you all remember Kyla Gagnon (she was a guest host on BR right after the split), she has her own version of BR. It is Check it out!
    I love the TT this week. Can’t wait to try this one.

  9. I also stopped bodyrock.. I do Z’s older workouts and her new ones. If you haven’t heard.. her new group are WarriorZ and she’s back on youtube with a new workout every Thursday. She also said she’s got a new site coming soon. I’m so excited to have participated. This video was also my Adventurous April for Janeetha’s blog.. I should probably let her know that LOL. I was going to say it in the video but I was so nervous. :) If I had a free hr I’d make some jewelry in my studio! I’ve been wanting to get in there and make some new pieces but that free hr. eludes me everyday! Happy Tuesday!

  10. PS – I’m off BodyRock now too…it’s just gotten to be too much and didn’t have to happen… I know Lori and Michelle are too! We just want a community to be a part of a good workouts, you know?

  11. Rockin’ moves! Going to use some of these today for myself and clients. :) Nice work, ladies! An hour of free time? Probably read my Bible uninterrupted or hop on Skype to connect face-to-face w/a few friends…about that Bible reading – time for me to put down the computer before work and get to it. Nothing replaces time in the Word and time with Jesus, though lately I’ve been finding other things to fill its space.

    Will return to the videos later – love them! And love your little facts, friend. :D I’m a huge packing procrastinator – love to unpack, hate to pack! That’s Mikey’s job. ;)

  12. I 100% agree about Lisa. In fact, I’ve stopped following Bodyrock on FB and I have no interest in their workouts anymore. I’ll keep following Zuzana and ZWOW :-) Even though her tatas are also fake, she has the sweetest demeanor and her workouts are awesome!

  13. Whoa! Props to you on the 6 minute plank. I can 2 minutes and thats a major struggle.
    Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the core fun!!

    And I’m totally with you on packing procrastination. I move in a month – haven’t done a thing. I have to go through my storage facility and sell everything/ get rid of it too. Ahhh. Stressed thinking about it.