I’m glad you all liked a glimpse into our life as of late! I’ve loved life as of late, so I can understand why. 


There is something so surreal about being in this location, having Travis home all day and spending all of my energy on familyThis is what life is about!  Savoring every single moment.

In fact, I felt convicted to address something that might be weighing on some people’s minds.  Specifically, BLEND attendees, but also just people (women) in general.

A few years ago, I battled self-esteem issues and was overly focused on trying to be something I’ll never be… perfect.  I’ve made no secret of my eating disordered past and my distorted relationship with food. I was basically a hot mess.

Still am, in some regards.

In just one week, I’ll be meeting many of you in real life at BLEND Retreat.  You’ll hear my voice, see my body and judge (yes, judge) me based on appearances.  Now, I’m not making a statement about you, but rather, about myself. 

Years prior, I would have had a PLAN! I would have gone on a detox diet for weeks leading up to an event like this.  Banned sugar, no eating after a certain time, lots of water…maybe even thrown some diet pills into the mix.

Hold that thought while I grab some chocolate….

I would have cared SO much about what others thought, that I would change (and harm) my body to make them think more of me.  Try to appear to be something that is impossible to keep up – no one lives on a detox diet forever.  And if you do, I feel so so sorry for you.  I would have tried to appear perfect.

I’ll be honest – I want to look smoking HOT for BLEND.  Especially, for the boot camp I’m leading (I just laid down $150 at Lululemon yesterday – I obviously care somewhat!).

BUT I’m not going to extremes to look like someone I’m not. 

I won’t be dieting.

I won’t be restricting.

I won’t be counting or making a plan.

I’m just going to keep keeping on.  Eating my 80/20.  Exercising DAILY.  Drinking my water.  Focusing on high protein, high fiber – a combo that has never let me down. 

Friends – the Lindsay you meet at BLEND is the real me.  I have an accent.  I wear my hair in a messy bun.  I burp [a lot].  I make inappropriate sex jokes.


And I look like a smoking hot mom.  Without the smoke and mirrors.


Annnnd now that we’ve cleared that up, I have an fun announcement that will rock your face off.  Like literally FACE. OFF.  It’s like whoa!

Bonnie took over Tuesday Trainer this week (and did a remarkable job with the Towel workout!).  Janetha has full reign for next Tuesday.  She’s my substitute trainer!

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is PYRAMID SETS!!  Specifically UPPER BODY Pyramid Sets.

I’ll let Janetha explain a bit more:

Got it?  You don’t have to tell us how many reps to do…all you need to do is submit the move and we’ll assign the Pyramid Set scheme to it!  You’ll film your regular submission, but you’ll upload your video as a comment to Janetha’s video above. 

So, basically, Janetha is me.   Only shorter… and hotter.

When you submit…

  • Tell us who you are! If you blog, tell us the URL!
  • Do the exercises correctly! I can’t post videos with improper form or sketchy descriptions.
  • Be yourself – let that personality shine through!
  • Anyone can participate. I encourage ALL fitness levels to submit a video!

Video submissions are due next Monday, the 30, at 8pm, EST!

Please have them to me before the deadline or you risk not being featured! Go here to learn how to upload your video.

Can’t wait to see how this turns out! 

Go enter the Xagave giveaway on the BLEND site today!!  THREE winners will receive a FIVE POUND bottle of Xagave!  Go here!

QUESTION:  Have you ever gone on any crazy crash diets?  <-I’ve tried them all!  Grapefruit, Atkins, Cabbage Soup.  All so mentally draining.


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  1. You are SIMPLY amazing.I’m extremely regretting not signing up for the BLEND retreat now! :-( I would LOVE to meet you!!! I’m all too familiar with restriction and stupid diets. Actually, that lifestyle basically consumed all my existence for a long long time. Fortunately, I’m making changes, accepting myself (sometimes even loving myself :0), and loving my food! Nom, nom, nom!! :D Anyways, continue to be awesome!! I always look forward to your updates and hope to have my blog up and running soon!

  2. LOVE you. This post almost brought a tear to my eye. Probably a strong reaction, but I am dealing with some major body image issues up in here after this cancer thing. Gaining weight, scars, and going bald is not good on a girl’s self-esteem. Especially a single girl who doesn’t want cute guys thinking she’s a super-short-haired lesbian (just sayin!)

    With all that said, I at least still have my winning personality! Cancer gave me a much better sense of humour. Can’t wait to give you a big ole hug in less than a week xo

  3. Oh man, I REALLY wish I was coming to BLEND so I could meet you and all the other wonderful BLEND-ers coming! You are so inspiriational and honest and REAL and awesome!! Seriously. I hope you have an awesome (smokin’ hot) time at the retreat!!

  4. Wow — I am SO glad you addressed this. I was worried that everybody was doing the same thing. I’m going low-carb for the rest of the week — but mostly because I’ve cheated carb cycling on LiveFit, so I’m going to follow her actual plan this week and see if it does anything.

    I’m with you. 5 years ago? I would be running 8-10 miles a day on 800 calories or something ridiculous. So. Over. That. It’s a daily struggle though because everybody judges everybody else. Especially those of us who are so focused on being perfect ourselves.

    I’m not hardcore religious or even sure if I’m a Christian anymore (leaning towards agnostic), but I do believe in a maker and that the maker (or God) made everybody the way they are for a reason. And that I’m perfect just the way I am. :)

  5. I love this post too and this makes me even more sad that I am not going to Blend. Thank you for your honesty because yes, I think that we have all been there. I did the South Beach Diet and was MISERABLE. Yes, I lost some weight but it also did funky things to my body. Rather than going extreme, I learned to incorporate some healthier habits into my lifestyle which was so much more doable.

  6. Ahh I just love you Lindsay! You’re awesome, and so inspiring! You are a smoking hot mama! I love your confidence and honesty! Many woman, or at least I know I do, need to learn more from you! I love this post! So glad you are enjoying your time there! I am so jealous!

  7. mine never had specific names, but I would definitely go on random crash diets. I remember once in college I would make a rule that I could only have a nutrigrain bar and a venti non fat latte all day, and then I could have anything I wanted for dinner… Clearly this was insane but for some reason I thought I was being “normal”… Ha.

  8. friend, this is what it is about! REALNESS and GODs love. That you are perfect in his eyes. I love YOU and I Love your humor, your love for jesus, and your passion. Thank you for being an inspiration to WOMEN!

  9. I love this post. I have been following you for a while and love your blog. You as well as other fab ladies have inspired me to start my own blog, I am working on it though.
    I love this post as I can so relate. I can’t believe how much time I have wasted on this very issue. Life is so short and so vast to be spending time on self loathing issues.
    I wish I could go to BLEND, maybe next time :)
    Have a great time and shine on!!!

  10. Love this post! It actually crossed my mind to go on some sort of “look good quick” diet, too…but then I didn’t have the energy. Hah! I guess that’s a sign of my progress, huh?

  11. I’m coming to BLEND (especially the fitness classes, yoga, etc…) with my happy face and sense of humor, b/c seriously you’re gonna laugh too when you see me trying to do some of those moves :) And I’ll be the one wearing $10 Walmart yogi pants and a rockin’ tank. See you SOON!!!!

  12. I love this! What you see is what you get. You’re better off being YOU than trying to be something you’re not. You earn respect for that. I’m right there with ya girl. And I’ll probably be a hot mess during bootcamp… ;)

  13. Preach it, sister! I have so been there too and am just ‘whatever, this is me” now with it all. Although, dang…now I need to go buy a new fitness outfit to look good next to you in all your lululemon. ;) Kidding! I’ll rock my random running clothes I wear. haha!

  14. I love you Linds! Your honest is amazing. And seriously, the fact that you burp and make sex jokes just goes to show that we are soooo similar!! I need to embrace the type of attitude that you have about your body. I’ve never gone on any specific crash diets…I’ve just drastically reduced the amount of calories that I take in – no beuno!