I’m learning SO much about myself during this extended vacation…and it’s only been a week.  While it seems that our lives are turned completely upside down, there are a few constants that remain true.


1.  I love my husband.  He captured my heart 9 years ago and has a vice grip on it.  Revisiting our old haunts has been amazing, in the fact that I now know that I didn’t really “know” him then like I do now.  Know the provider that he could be…the father that he is….the “instagramer” that he would become (name = travisvwright….follow him and be prepared for quirky, smart humor that you might not always “get”).

2.  Being away from family is HARD.  Felt it then, feel it now.  That ache in my heart for family and familiarity.   I knew that leaving them for 3 weeks would be hard, but it KILLS me every time Henry asks for his Nana or his Dominic. 

3.  Based on #3, I know that now is NOT the time to move to Colorado.  But maybe in a few years…

4.  Sundays are still my favorite day.  They’re usually a rest day from workouts (although not yesterday).  There’s church.  Yummy food.  Relaxing naps.  A time to recharge and prepare for the upcoming week.

5.  Good friends aren’t easy to come by.  But they sure are worth driving 23-hours to meet!  It all started 6 months or so ago, when I started commenting on Katie’s blog.  Those comments turned into emails, which turned into me convincing her that BLEND was a good idea.  Months later, we’re exchanging phone calls, prayer requests, secrets and growing close in God.  I feel as though I known her my whole life. 


Plus, she makes a mean Sunday supper and our kids swapped germs.




6.  I’ll always love working out, no matter the location.  My workouts have been anything but typical during this trip.  Hiking with a 35-pound meatball on your back is HARD WORK – something I’m not used to doing!  And my body is responding SO well! I’m using muscles that haven’t been called upon in quite a while. 



I’m also using HIIT circuits and BodyRock-style workouts in the early morning or naptime. 


Yesterday morning’s “Firestarter” Workout that I created on the fly!  Try it! 


Exercise Key:

Plyo burpee w/Pushup – Drop down to ground, complete a pushup, toes jump to hands, complete plyometric jumping jack.

Pulse Squat – Squat with double pulse at the bottom.

Side Bends – Plié Squat position.  Elbows touch thighs.  Both arms = 1 repetition.

Lizards – See my video.

7.  Children complicate things.  But in the best possible way.  God has given me these children to take tender over.  He has also given me the GRACE to see past any tough spots and to see His vision, not my own.  Colorado with kids is doable.  I’m learning that.  It would be hard to live out here without family, but we could do it. 

For any readers who might be second guessing whether or not to have children, DON’T!  If you seek out God’s will and calling and He’s directing you towards this particular life change, DO IT!  He’ll provide.  Your life will change.  You’ll become a better person.  I promise.  {not sure where that came from, but I felt like I needed to type that out. Hmm….}

Those are my constants.  My loves.

Tell me – what are some of your constants?  Things that hardly ever change with the tide.

P.S.  Get your Tuesday Trainer in today, so Janetha can make up a workout!  You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s post!  Here’s the theme!


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  1. so sorry I am going to miss you this weekend! hope you and the family have SO MUCH fun in Colorado, and I loved reading this list of constants. it was a mood lifter :)

    my constant as of late? online retail therapy. it’s the way i am dealing with life right now #noshame

  2. I just started reading your blog and I wanted to say that I love it. Everything about it! You are so real and down-to-earth, not to mention hilarious! I am going to try to get my ACSM cert this summer, so I have been enjoying your Tuesday trainer workouts. I have been in a rut with workouts lately, and getting tired of the same old, same old, so your blog is providing me with some new ideas to challenge myself with! Thanks a bunch! :)

  3. Your last paragraph choked me up a little bit. Children really are the best and most wonderful thing one can ever experience! It sounds like this trip has answered a lot of your questions. Enjoy your remaining time in Colorado!

    I’m skipping out on Tuesday Trainer this week. Too many things goin on right now but for sure next week!!

  4. Love everything about this post! First, the kids are adorable and I need to get some more Bodyrock/HIIT workouts in my life. Like right now. And I’ve been contemplating kids so much, mostly because I’m scared so the end of this post spoke to me girl!! Thank you, in more ways than you know!!!

    Oh and I want to go to Blend!! So sad I can’t go this year, maybe next year :)

  5. Glad you guys are having a great time in Colorado! It looks insanely beautiful there.

    Raising children away from family is do-able — I can vouch for that, since that’s all I’ve ever done (by choice – they live in the North, my husband and I purposely moved to NC). HOWEVER, I would move all my family (even the crazy ones) to NC in a heartbeat, just so I could see them and act like a true family at least a couple times a year. I grew up seeing my grandparents at least once/week, and it breaks my heart that my son has only seen my parents a handful of times in his 4 years of life (for various reasons).

    PS: I have an idea for Tuesday Trainer, and it’s right up your alley — PLAYGROUND Workouts! My husband and I love to use the playground equipment to get a workout in while our son plays.

  6. I live 300 miles from my family right now, doesn’t sound as bad as it actually is! I HATE IT! ha I can manage now, I’m in school and getting by, but I know when I want to start a family I will definitely be moving closer to my family! I cannot imagine raising kids without my mom and older sister! So although I do not have the kids yet, I completely understand what you mean there!
    So glad you are enjoying your time though! Hiking looks beautiful there!

  7. You and your words are beautiful. You make me feel like a mother superhero. ;)

  8. girl, i couldn’t agree more with #2…it’s so hard being away from our family, especially right now when wes is so small and growing so quickly!

    and hiking with a little one? holy quads…i went for an hour with wes the other day (he’s maybe around 11-12 pounds…?) and thought my legs would surely fall off!

  9. My biggest constants are the amazing support of my parents throughout my whole life, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, and two of my good friends (one from HS one from college) who are always there! Haha otherwise nothing seems to stay the same!

  10. Very inspirational post, Lindsay! I have to say that reading your blog has made me have quite a few personal realizations (I’m working on an email to you soon – I’ll wait until you’re done with BLEND though! :) ) and this post was no different. My constants are very similar – the love I have for my daughter and husband and our shared passion for being active.

  11. Such a beautiful post, as usual from you! I love your words, they hold such meaning and emotion and love. I totally agree – I love my constants in life too, love, love, love.

  12. Holy pot pie–My fiancé and I are trying to decide about kids and your post is another little nudge in the “Yes” camp!
    P.S. I live in Boulder and can vouch that Colorado is _the_ best!!!

      1. Agghhh! That sounds like so much fun!! I would love to, but we are leaving this a.m. for a week in Southern Colorado. . .where I suspect there is very little frozen yogurt:-(

  13. Beautiful, reflective, post. Some of my life constants are similar. I, too, can’t be too far from family for too long. My long-time boyfriend and friend is my constant, and my sister is my rock. And Sunday’s are super for preparing for the week ahead.