This weekend was amazing.  We rested.  I read (for 6 hours straight!).  We enjoyed fellowship with church family.  We enjoyed fellowship with blood family.  Katie’s Banana Oat Bread was baked (into muffins) and devoured hot out of the oven.  It was wonderful. 

Perhaps most importantly, the majority of my hours were spent focusing on “we”, and not “I”. 

I couldn’t help but ponder something that’s been weighing on my heart lately.

Will what I’m doing now, how I’m living now, have eternal benefit?  Will any of it make a difference? 

Will it matter….that you lost 5 pounds?  That you gained 5 pounds?

Will it matter…that you came up with a new way to use protein powder in brownies?  That you’re no longer eating meat?

Will it matter…that you bought that cute blazer from Charlotte Russe?  Those heels?

Will it matter…that you graduated with a 3.8 GPA?  That you make XYZ annually?  That your Klout score increased by half a percent?

Will it matter…that you shaved 3 minutes off your marathon time?  That you spent an extra 20 minutes on the elliptical yesterday?

Will it matter..that you wrote a really great blog post today?

Will any of this matter in the long run?

To put it simply – NO.

NO, not really.

Ask yourself

You see – all of those things I listed above, all of those things that we hold so dear, are just that – THINGS.  They don’t (or shouldn’t) define who you are.

They are simply bullet points to add to your “resume of life”.  Perhaps under the “Skills” or “Experience” sections. 

I’m not saying they don’t matter!!  Without these sections, your resume would be pretty darn short.  If not for the money you make at your job, you wouldn’t be able to feed yourself, let alone buy the protein powder to do these endless kitchen experiments with.  These “things” are what we do.  Necessary, even.

But they don’t tell WHO WE ARE.  WHY WE ARE IMPORTANT.

The best part of that “life resume”?  It sits right under your name and address.


Objective = What are your goals?  Why are you important?  What is the long term vision?

Here’s my list – My objectives, if you will:

Spending time with family ** Worshipping God **  Laughing ** Generosity ** Smiling ** PLAYING ** Uplifting others ** Fellowship **  Family time **  Family meals ** Being outside ** Being PRESENT ** Volunteering my time ** Accepting failure ** Time in prayer ** Being a proper helpmeet ** Forgiving myself and others ** Saying thank you

This is by no means an exhaustive list!  Just the tip of the iceberg, really!!  But it tells SO much about who I am and what I feel is important.  My objectives help to define my future.  How I will handle adversity and how I can adapt to change – that all comes from a faith in something bigger than I.

Most of my objectives are not “I” focused, but rather “we” focused.  Because life isn’t about ME.  (<-HUGE realization!)

Will any of this matter in the long run?

It will if I turn the focus OFF OF MYSELF and toward others!  That’s where my objective should be.  That’s where the eternal benefit is!

My Life Resume Objective:  To love others and to bring glory to God.

The rest is just there to fill up the white space on the page.


QUESTION:  What would your objective read on your resume?  What do you hold most important?


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  1. So, since I’ve been exploring the wonderful world of the Tuesday Trainer workouts, I ended up stumbling over this post this morning…I couldn’t agree more! It’s sad that the things that count most in life are sometimes the things that get forgotten…quality time with family and friends, meditation, activities tha bring on a better you (and I’m talking mind/body/soul). Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with life, I feel like I am constantly busy…but the things I busy myself with most are things that won’t really matter 10 years from now. Blogging can be a doubled edged sword at times…a creative outlet to share things with peers, inspire, or entertain, but then again, some times, it can feel like a obligation…another thing to check of the list of things to do for the day. Whenever I start to feel like that, I try to take a conscious note, close the laptop, and go outside…just appreciate life. My readers will still be there when I get back!

    My objective in life is to inspire, to motivate, and to make people laugh…to feel like I’ve made a difference (even if it is just in ONE person) means all the world to me! But by obtaining that objective, I must also remember to take care of myself!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’m so glad that someone linked to this, because I’ve never visited your blog before, and this post echoes so much of what’s been running through my mind lately. As a college student, I’ve been quite grades-focused, to the point where it causes me stress and burnout, and I’ve just been coming to the realization that I can “do” college, successfully, without pushing myself to that point, and then I’ll have time and energy left for the things that really matter. Clearly you know which bullet point really struck a chord with me today!

  3. Love



    It so easy to get caught up in things that absolutely won’t matter in the long run. I completely agree with you on your life objective. That’s all that matters to me at the end of the day. But I DO have to remind myself of it constantly.

    Thanks for the reminder to self-check.

  4. This is my first time reading your blog, and what an inspiring post it is. My objectives would be very similar to yours. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Last night at book club we were discussing Middlesex, and the most intriguing question that came up was, “What would I write in MY life story? Will it ever be more interesting than those of my parents? Or my grandparents? Or my great grandparents?”

    I don’t know that the things I do ‘matter,’ but I try to look at life like a story I’m writing. Why NOT take that chance? Why NOT say yes? The worst thing that will happen is that you will laugh about it later or use it to fuel the novel of your life.

    I don’t know that this applies to what you’ve written exactly, but it is what it made me think about. :)

  6. I second everyone who said it before…thank you for posting this. I have thought this many times before, but have never been able to sit and put my thoughts together in such a way that makes sense. You did it so well. You are such a blessing and I am so glad that somehow I was lead to your blog. There is WAY more joy and satisfaction in working in everything to bring glory to God, than there is in loosing 5 lbs or winning others affections. I have to stop and remind myself of this pretty much on a daily basis. Thank goodness He helps me to do that!

  7. I just wanted to say that I can relate sooo well to your post. If I sat down to write, my list of questions, as well as answers would be just like yours. As I am catching up on “back up blog postings”, this reminds me of what is truly important. And with that post, I am comfortable stopping for the moment to do something important even though I have a whole list of unread blog postings. Thank you Lindsay.

  8. This sure is a deep post.
    I agree with you. These things don’t matter and won’t make a difference. But what will make a difference, which you already are doing, is Worshipping God and spreading His Word. Now that will make a difference.

  9. these past few months, I have actually been forced to prioritize in a way I never have before – and while I wish every day for my life, my dad’s life, to return to normal and healthy, the perspective has been a staggering and positive experience.

    this post was lovely. you, my friend, are lovely.

  10. Love love love this. Tearing up at my desk because i know i am focusing on things that don’t matter. And now that I have made this discovery….i will be making those banana bread muffins to celebrate with my family :)

  11. Beautiful post and I think it’s so important to remind ourselves of what is truly meaningful in our lives. Mine are family, friends, living each day to it’s fullest, smiling, being healthy and active, and being able to learn and love. Thanks for sharing Lindsay and have a wonderful start to the new week! xoxo

  12. This is awesome, Lindsay! One of my biggest priorities lately has been to let God remind me how much He loves me. I truly believe that when I know how much He loves me as His daughter (an adopted part of His glorious family!) and know that He has created me for a wonderful purpose (as He has created each of us!) then doing the daily little things (whether it be blogging, cleaning, date night, playing with toys, teaching manner or making dinner… the list goes on) will take on a new ETERNAL purpose. A heart of obedience and pure (as much as possible) motivation is what makes our efforts eternal. Focusing on the things God has created me for allows me to let the other things go. Whew… that was freeing to articulate… Thanks for posting this Lindsay!

    PS It is one year blogging for me over at Common to Moms! I am celebrating this week :)

  13. What’s important to me right now is finding someone to spend my life with! I think that and having a family is one of the most important things in life and happiness but I don’t know how to make it happen! I feel like I’m just praying and hoping God has a plan, but waiting is so hard. I guess all the “other” things are what I occupy myself with!

  14. Wow, Lindsay thank you so much for this post! I seriously think that I needed to hear/read this message. I often find myself getting way too caught up in the little things that ultimately will not matter in the long run, and it can basically lead to me being not happy. I’ve been trying to get more in touch with my faith, but I just really don’t know how to sometimes…but I’m so glad to be reminded to keep working at it! I think my main objectives involve my relationships with others and to truly appreciate every day. At least I want those to by my objectives, but I find that sometimes those little things push those out of the way…I must start prioritizing!

  15. This post spoke to me on so many levels. I am having a hard time finding balance in my life. I want it all but what will matter 1, 5, 20 years from now is my family. I won’t remember or care about the frivolous things of now. My objective in life is to love my family and friends to the fullest. They will always be the ones that matter no matter what! Thanks for the reminder!

  16. This is such a great post! Your so right about those silly little things that truly do not matter, so why do I let those type of things rule over my mind! I need to stop focusing on those little things and instead things that matter like being the best me I can be, for my loved ones.

  17. I love you.

    No seriously, marry me? This has been on my heart ALL week, and eventually led to me realizing how much of myself I was putting into the blog world and not into the more important things that ACTUALLY matter. It’s SO hard to admit to these things as idols and let them go, but seriously is one of the most freeing feelings once you do.

  18. Wow. You’ve stopped me in my tracks. Seriously. I NEEDED this message more than anything today. You have no idea. THANK YOU. I am so blessed to have wonderful and insightful and honest blog “friends” in life to remind me of what’s really important in life. THANK YOU.

  19. Such a beautiful post, Lindsay…I had a similar realization when I found out I was pregnant. Will it matter that I ran a certain time this year in a race? Doubtful. Sure it’ll make ME feel better and I’ll be proud of myself (and so will my family), but that’s not what I want to be known for. Like you said, family is paramount. And I believe God is giving me the opportunity to grow my family and have more love in my heart with another child.
    Glad you had a quiet, peaceful, meditative weekend!! xoxo

  20. Evidently God is trying to tell me something because I’ve basically gotten this same “message” from 3 different sources THIS WEEEKEND: you, another blog I read, and the sermon at church. Thank you for your honesty and challenging us to think about what REALLY matters in life! It’s easy to get swept away in the blogging world, both writing and reading, and to focus sooooo much on weight-loss, health, and general “ME” stuff.

    I am new at blogging (a little over a month), and am scared to not have some new jazzy post waiting for people each and every day of the week. I don’t want to disappoint them by having Friday’s post up all weekend. Maybe they won’t come back. BUT, I really need to have more family time, God time, etc… on the weekends. (a blogging Sabbath of sorts). I guess I need to trust that if they like what I’m saying, they’ll come back on Monday regardless of taking a weekend “break” every once in awhile.

  21. Wonderful post; great thoughts and thank you so much for sharing. I think about this often (slash am convicted about this often!)…WILL IT MATTER…? My objective? To glorify God and enjoy him forever, remembering where my strength, joy, passion, and purpose comes from – him! – and my identity in him as his beloved child with whom he is well pleased, not as a personal trainer or runner or wife, all things I also love being. Above all, it boils down to something very simple for me: love God and love people. If I’m doing both those things I’m on the right track. :)

  22. Thanks for the post, so helpful to have a more eternal perspective! I’ve recently been thinking how hard it is for me to forgive – both myself and others. If God has forgiven me by Christ paying the penalty for me and He considers me His child, why do I forget that and find it difficult to forgive?

  23. Such good (God) timing. Meeker and I have been talking about this so much in the last few months. With him looking for a new job…it actually really takes the pressure off when you realize that life is NOT about you and that you only really have one true purpose.

    (Glad you enjoyed the banana bread muffins. I like the chocolate chips I spy on there)

  24. linz that has been on my heart for the past few months too! thats why i just stopped a lot of things. and it was hard and i felt guilty, but then i decided to surrender those feelings to the Lord and he blessing that time. You are so so right and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your heart here. you know i love you!! Mwwwah!

  25. My objective would be to motivate and inspire. I want to touch someone and change their life, even if it’s in the smallest way. I want someone to feel like they’ve benefited from knowing me and having whatever form of relationship we have. I want big things. :)