I’m glad you guys liked that little glimpse into our weekend!  (and yes, Alyssa totally drew a VitaMix and Xanthan Gum in the DrawSomething game.  Healthy living bloggers…I tell ya!)  It was one for the books, for sure.

…in direct opposition to the day I had yesterday.

It’s not always roses and sword-fighting over here.

Yesterday alone, I was puked on (thanks, Henry), pooped on (thanks, Clara) and had an eye-opening epiphany about something that I *thought* was a good thing and is slowly becoming quite the opposite.

(sorry for being cryptic, but I just can’t go into it.  Why does MONEY ruin people??)

Let’s just say, yesterday SUCKED! 

Here’s hoping today is better!  I’ve had my Chobani mess.  I’m heading to the gym here in a second for a workout and then a client orientation (YAY for new clients!)  SEE!  It’s already improving!

Plus, there’s always Tuesday Trainer and your submissions to make me smile!!  (Something not controlled by money and greed!!!  I love it!!)

Welcome to the 24th Edition of Tuesday Trainer!!!  <-AH-MAZING!

If you’re new to the scene, TT is a blogger-supported exercise co-op, where we share moves that fit within certain theme!

This week:  SPRING BREAK TRAVELS!  A workout that can be done ANYWHERE!  On the road, in a hotel, on an airplane (joking – although I have seen people do pushups on airplanes).  A basic circuit to get your heartrate up and to burn off those vacation fro-yo calories!!

The key to making this workout count?  TEMPO!  (Right, Tina!)  The tempo count that I selected should slow you down, make you focus on form, and really make those muscles BURN!  Enjoy!

The Workout

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The Moves

RB Donkey Kicks/Hydrants – ME


Decline Pushups – Ashley, vibrantlifehealth&wellness


RB Row with Lunge/ RB Squat with High Row – Tamara, fitknitchick


Up Downs/ Commando Pushup with Knee Tuck – Michelle (& Lori), pure2raw


Modified HandStand Pushup – Katie, yesiwantcake


Mat Jumps with Pushups – Casey, dailydoseoffit


Stair Fun (Calf raises, Lunges, Squats) – Lindsay, cottercrunch


Thanks for the wonderful submissions, ladies!!   Here’s hoping we can all take tropical vacations so we can put the workout to use! 

QUESTION:  I hate to let the cat out of the bag before Thursday, but I need your help!!  Next week’s theme will be “Meet Your Trainers”, where you guys answer 4-5 questions.  I need some question ideas!  Something you want to know about others – try to keep it fitness or health related!  Annnnd GO!


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  1. Commando pushups are one of my favorite moves.. but the ones I do (learned from Bodyrock.tv) are when you go to floor position you do a roll over then pushup, knee tucks (which are already included in the move) then back down roll over to the other side pushup, knee tucks.. you get the picture.. adding in the roll over is a great way to raise your heart rate a little bit more :).. I did these for a 10 min challenge to see how many I could do.. BIG MISTAKE!! I did 56 but I literally couldn’t lift my arms for 5 days. I had a hard time dressing myself or washing my hair.. I was in so much pain.. so don’t do that. Now I have a great respect for them!!

  2. Great TT! I have been super busy and was unable to get it together for this week…but I’m in for this week! No real questions right now…will tweet ya if I think of any! Love the ones mentioned above. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Awesome moves and workout. You always put the together so well. So sad I missed the boat this week. Love ya! Let’s go on a vacation together so we can do this workout. Ha ha.

  4. Yay – I think I’ll be taking this workout on vacation later this month – less than 2 weeks until a snowboarding break! :)

    For Meet the Trainer questions, how about:
    – What inspired you to start working out?
    – What would you tell a friend who says they don’t have time to be active?

  5. now lets all escape to the beach and do this workout! K? Who’s with me?


    How about your most embarassing workout memory. haha. I have tons!