**What happens below is UN-EDITED!  Raw, carnal footage (well, wordage.  There is one picture.).  Come take a walk into the depths of my mind.  Watch out for cobwebs.**

The Evolution Of A Thought – by Lindsay Wright

THOUGHT:  What should I make for dinner?

I want something light.  So that I can eat lots of cereal before bed.

A smoothie.  No, we’re out of spinach.  Plus, Travis will never go for a smoothie.

Travis doesn’t go for anything “light”.  Ever.  How are we even a match?

It’s his brain. 

Remember when he used to program software in front of you in college?  Remember those kisses?

Lindsay, always remember those kisses!

Now, kisses are wet and full of toddler germs.  And really no where NEAR my mouth.  Clara’s aim is for the nose.

Her nose – a little button!  Squeee!


Where did that phrase come from?  “Cute as a button”

Buttons are small and functional, but I wouldn’t really call them “cute”. 

People collect buttons.  Some have jars and jars of them on their shelves.  So weird.

Kind of like my forced collection of Precious Moments figurines.  Forced, because they were gifts from a certain person, who didn’t understand that Precious Moments are nothing more than things you have to dust around.

It’s the thought that counts, Lindsay.

Does mom still have those figurines?  My prom dresses and old Middle School notes, with LYLAS and FYEO – yes, those notes are still there.

I should donate those prom dresses.

I’m sure they’re no longer in style.  What IS the current prom style?  Weird, I’m sure.

I’m so old.  Why is everything “weird”?  Why don’t you go to bed at 7:30, Lindsay?  Rub some Bengay on those tired muscles.

But seriously, I AM old.  Almost THIRTY!  I remember Pocket Rockers and Saved by the Bell, and life before caring what a calorie was.

Those were the days.


What day IS today?  Thursday.  Almost Friday. 



Thank God I’m AWESOME.


What was I talking about again?

Oh, yeah.


THOUGHT:  What should I make for dinner?

(Eh, skip dinner.  Double Triple cereal bowl, ftw.)


And THAT, my friends, is how it’s done!


QUESTION:  Where has your mind wandered lately?  Any cool weekend plans?  ME?  A long run tomorrow and hopefully a movie date with Kim.

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  1. HAHAHA this is EXACTLY how my mind works too!!! I love it!
    PS. LYLAS was my favorite phrase in high school, followed closely by “DNQ” (do you remember that phrase??) (speaking of, what does FYEO stand for?? I’m missing out, clearly!)

  2. This is why I forget things! Thoughts lead to thoughts and then I’m like crap!! WHAT WAS I JUST THINKING ABOUT!? Like when you forget what you were about to say. I hate that.

    Kind of reminds me of my airplane thoughts, except they didn’t start from anything meaningful.

  3. dude dude dude dude. I DO THIS ALL THE TIME. and then i proceed to think about how one thought can turn into something totally different. and then i think about how weird that is.

    we are friends for a reason.

  4. Awesome! This had me laughing along with you – I definately have rambling thoughts like this. The best is when you have a rambling conversation with yourself in your head, forget that no one else heard it, and then blurt out something random that YOU think makes sense and NO ONE else has any idea what you’re talking about. :)

  5. This post made me smile, Lindsay! …love following along with your thoughts. I like light, random things for dinner and Mikey likes real meals – I, too, sometimes wonder how it works. ;) My weekend plans include a movie night tonight with some young adult cancer survivor friends, helping Mikey lead a snowshoe hike with a group of older cancer survivors Saturday with church that night, and back country skiing together Sunday. Should be a good one!

  6. HOW in the world did you get a transcript of my thought process? Replace Lindsay with Heather and 30 with 32 and Clara with Alicia and there you go. LOL
    I totally understand.
    And BTW, those prom dresses ARE back in style and it IS weird.