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Happy Sunday Monday!!  (By the time this posts, I’ll be midway through a 13-mile run.  Wanna switch places??  Are you drinking any good coffee?)

Thank you all for your comforting words regarding Henry’s fall.  I thought about not posting at all on Friday, but knew that some of you had seen that “I could smoke a joint” tweet, so I couldn’t leave you hanging.

Instead of typing up the story, I thought I’d tell it.  With some reflection at the end. 


  • Went over the 5 minutes.  On lots of tangents. 
  • Wearing a tuxedo under that robe.
  • I can really hear my accent.  Especially when I say that bad word.
  • Missed my chance to make a reference to the “Cliffs of Insanity”.  Dang.
  • Could have expelled more on how wonderful God is.  There’s always tomorrow.


So…the title of this post. 

PLEASE, oh, PLEASE tell me you know what the Shrieking Eels is a reference to?!?!  Only the best movie EVER (actually, that’s not true – have you ever seen Gigli?) 

The Princess Bride!! 

As soon as Henry calmed down after he fell, he looked down and noticed a hole in his shirt (which was caused as he was leaning over, before the fall). 


He looks up at me and says, “That’s where the shrieking eels ate me, Mom”. 

I kinda love that kid.  So glad that he’s ok. 

QUESTION:  Princess Bride is an ALL-TIME favorite for me.  Tell me – what movie is on your top 5 list??

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  1. Hey Lindsay! I’m finally back online & able to check your blog… love it! You have created such a great community here! It’s awesome. :) In other news… SO glad Henry is ok! Praise the Lord for how He watches out for us… even when we don’t know we need it!

  2. SO glad he is okay, Lindsay! Melody has fallen and hit her head so many times I can’t count them… Sometimes I feel like a bad momma, but really I think she has inherited her mommy’s clumsiness! We recently had an ER trip for a fall and a hit to her head and it still shakes me up. You are so right that we are not in control, but man sometimes, I really REALLY want to be. Hugs to you. Love, Rachel

  3. One of the things I’m learning as a parent (and can apply to all areas of my life) is to ‘Let go and let God’. I could spend every second worrying about my boy’s well-being or I could just pray for him and trust in God. So happy Henry is okay. I would have freaked out. P.S. He’s just as cute as Clara. So maybe I need to have a little girl so they can date too!

  4. Wow…what a scary thing to happen! So glad Henry’s okay (love his name too!) and also appreciate your perspective about letting kids explore – I think (slash hope!) I would be a mom like that. :D Thank God for his protection and for blessing you with those cute little kids – Henry really made me smile (the eels!)…and of course, Princess Bride all the way – you’re making me think it’s been WAY too long since I’ve seen this cult classic! Haven’t been commenting as much lately but please know I read daily and love you so much, Linds. :D

  5. Lindsay thank you for this! This was much needed for me lately! It feels like this was said for me! I admire your strong faith so much! You are such an inspiration! You always know the perfect things to say! Just curious, do you have any specific bible passages that might tie into this that you can think of? No pressure haha just if you could think any off the top of your head!
    I am so glad Henry is doing okay!!! :)

  6. Man, God is good. I’ve had moments like that (okay, one moment) with Adrienne and it makes you feel so awful and sick that you just want to throw up. So glad God is in control and I’m not because I can’t do it all. Love you and Henry, can’t wait to hug you both.

  7. SO glad he is okay, Angels were watching out for him for sure that day. Oh my word that would have scared the living daylights out of me. You are so right, shit does happen and it is absolutely 100% true that you HAVE to let them explore. We all learn from experiencing things. You are an amazing mom!

  8. So so sooooooo glad he’s okay. Love the takeaway roll at the end of the video. Thanks for the inspiring message Lindsay. :)God is in control of everything. Hope you made it time for Henry to pee. :) Love ya!

  9. Glad he’s okay. Also… you are NOT wearing a tux under that robe. I lived with you… I know you better than that. I remember what you wore to your 8am chem class….

  10. Whew! So glad that little guy is okay! I am also glad to hear how calmly you were able to reflect on what happened. So often the first things we do as a mom is blame ourselves for anything bad that happens to our kids. It’s tough, and we do our best to keep our kids safe, but yes, shit does happen. Way to be strong, mama.

  11. Don’t you wish you had a quarter for every time you said (and will need to say!) ‘be careful’!
    My boys are 7 and 12 and I still have to say it a dozen times a day!
    So glad Henry is okay and that YOU survived the emotional aftermath! Good on you mom!

  12. Glad to hear Henry is okay…and you! It is a lot of head stuff to work through, but appreciate that you point back to that foundation in God. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  13. So glad Henry is okay! He’s adorable in that video! I also really liked your reflection on what happened… it’s so important to step back from a potentially bad or currently bad situation and just reflect upon it. Thanks for reminding me to do that more!

  14. If you ask 100 Mom’s something similar to this has happened to them. You are not alone!! These little ones bounce back and are strong beyond measure. You are a fantastic Momma for letting your baby explore. Yes, SHIT happens and I hope you are not beating yourself up. I applaud you for sharing. Motherhood is not for the weak. hugs from another Momma