Everyone’s fine.

Henry fell about 10-12 feet yesterday.

(take a second and think about how far of a fall that is.  I don’t want to take a second.)

He’s completely fine.

035But I can’t focus on anything right now.

Not writing, not reading.

I just want to fall asleep and let the day’s events wash away.  To wake up without that memory.  The thought’s of “what could have happened”.

I’m not fine.

I’ve never tried pot before, but I could totally smoke a joint right now.

Be back tomorrow with the full story and some reflection.  But now, I’m going to quietly ease into my sleeping son’s bed and hold him tight.

We’re fine.

QUESTION:  Tell me…who’s the last person you hugged?  When?  (I WANTED to ask when was the last time/or if you’ve ever smoked a joint before, but I’m going to refrain.)


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  1. Oh man, kid falls are TERRIFYING. They somehow just bounce back way before we do though. I hugged my baby boy while nursing him this morning :) Hope YOU’re doing alright- it’ll be okay!

  2. OMG haha i just hugged deej last night when she bought me a pair of earrings for my HORRID day hahaha it was so sweet and totally unnecessary but i guess thats what mamas are for! i would hug you if i could haha

  3. Oh my gosh… your poor son! If there ever was a time for smoking a joint it would be now! Hope you feel better :)

    (I’ve never smoked pot, but I’ve always wanted to try haha – just so I could say I’ve done it at least once)

  4. Thank goodness he is okay! That gave me a little knot in my stomach, as I know all about those reality checks and being so thankful that the “could have” didn’t happen. I also know all about not taking anything for granted. I just hugged my kids goodnight, and I’m about to go hug my husband right now. So, so glad Henry is okay.

  5. so glad he is ok! and last person was M, last dog was penny. sounds like randy needs a hug. and yes i have probably smoked more joints than all your readers combined. and more recently than any of them, too.

  6. OMG I am so glad he is ok. I can only imagine how your heart must have dropped. The last person I hugged was my baby as she went upstairs with the hubs to go to bed. I am a firm believer that you can never give/get too many hugs. Sending you positive thoughts :)

  7. Oh my word. That is beyond scary and I’m with you, if I smoked pot, I’d need a joint to in that situation. Hold him tight and never let go. Actually at this moment, I am holding my daughter.

  8. Oh gosh, I’m so glad he’s okay, I’m sure that seriously shook you up! And I honestly can’t remember the last time I really hugged someone… probably when I left my parents after winter break! Lots of hugs to come though, going to a friends wedding in SC and then to CO with my family!

  9. The last person I hugged was baby Summer… and the last time I smoked a joint was definitely as an adult woman and my dad definitely decided to show up unannounced at my house. Never again. I’m too old to start disappointing my parents now ;)

  10. I smoked a joint in college and fell asleep immediately. It was lame. Oh, that wasn’t the question.

    I hugged Adrienne before I put her down for a nap. Squished that chubby little body good. I’m glad you guys are okay!!

  11. Oh goodness- I’m definitely interested in hearing the story (especially what he fell from and where he fell to!) – and so glad he’s okay!
    The last person I hugged was my hubby, but the last HUG I technically gave was to my pups this morning. :)

  12. oh my gosh, so scary. i’m glad everything is ok. hug him up all day today!

    last person i hugged was my husband last night – last being i hugged were my pups before leaving for work this morning (hubs was still in the shower so no hug for him…!).

  13. glad he’s ok
    I know exactly how far that is since I fell off a one story roof which is same height!
    last person I hugged..my daughter…on a daily basis
    and I can proudly say I’ve never smoked pot!

  14. Ack!! Glad is he okay. How scary.

    And umm, maybe a year ago? I probably shouldn’t admit that one the internet. (Not the hugging; the last person I hugged was Jason when he was leaving for work last night.)

  15. Whoa. I’m so so so glad he’s ok! I can’t even imagine. Thank goodness.
    The last person I hugged was my 10 yr old son. I’m trying to get all the hugs in I can before he decides he’s “too old” for hugs.
    (p.s. the last time I smoked a joint is when I first met my husband. we were still in the “new” phase) :)