(if you sang that title, we’re cool.  If not, might I introduce you to the musical stylings of a Mr. Michael Bolton.)

It’s my HOPE that this post will publish just as I’m crossing the finish line of the Georgia 1/2 Marathon.


Hopefully, I’ve just completed a 13.1 mile run on some fresh legs.

Hopefully, I’m not throwing up.  Oh good gosh, I hope not. 

Hopefully, Tina and I were able to stick together and she didn’t leave me around mile 2.  (If you left me, Tina, I don’t blame you.  And I’m sorry for the coffee breath.)

Hopefully, I’ll have some cool running stories to share with you guys…like how I almost lost an eye when this one dude in a chicken costume came flying out of no where around mile 9. 

That’d be a cool story.

Not sure how he’d get near my eye.  But we’ll see.  It could happen.

Hopefully, the post-race brunch (with Tina, Laura, Heather, Lee & Christie) will include some sort of biscuits and gravy, homemade waffles, sugar-dusted french toast and hot chocolate.  Or all of that.

Hopefully, I’ve just crossed the finish line.  But even if I haven’t, I’m still hopeful that you’ll come back tomorrow for a race recap. 



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  1. Whoo! Hope it was an awesome race, friend (and how fun to run it w/Tina as well as the post-race brunch with so many fun faces!). :D …I’ll be back tomorrow. ;)