I lost my Foodie Penpal virginity.  And it was all I could have hoped for and more!

(geez!  yesterday, you were talking about sex posts, and today, virginity?!!?  This is a family blog, Lindsay.) <-how do you think families come about?

This month was my first time participating in Lindsay’sFoodie PenPal” Program.  So what is “Foodie PenPals”?  It’s essentially a mail exchange program, where you are paired with two people – one who will be mailing you some goodies and one who you’ll mail some goodies to.  You don’t have to be a blogger to participate – anyone can (just like Tuesday Trainer!) 

When she started out, Lindsay had like 40 people.  This month, over 350 people participated!!  The USPS made a killing off of foodies!!

What I SENT:

I was paired with Nikki, a non-blogger.  She’s so sweet – she wrote me a sort of “guest post” about the treats I sent!  Enjoy!

Hi Everyone! I had the pleasure of receiving my Foodie Pen Pal box from Lindsay here at Lindsay’s List. She had fun finding the items and I will be having lots of fun eating the items! I currently do not have a blog, so Lindsay is letting me say a little something on her blog today for the reveal.

foodie penpals lindsayslist.co

Lindsay sent me Sahale BBQ Almonds-yum, these will be perfect on their own, but might be good on a BBQ Chicken salad as well. Trader Joe’s Sweet and Hot Mustard-first of all, I Heart Trader Joe’s and my hubby loves mustard, so he will definitely want in on some of the mustard action. I’m excited to try the Nana’s Cookie Bites, they are gluten free, which I’m happy about because sometimes I try to cut down on my gluten and it’s nice to have yummy dessert options. Another item from Trader Joe’s-dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds (sounds like the perfect antioxidant combination if you ask me).  Another item I can’t wait to dig into is the Bora Bora bar she sent-it’s coconut-which is one of my absolute favorite foods and will make me think of the tropics since Seattle has yet to warm up and feel Spring-like. The last item was a packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, I ate this yesterday on a rice cake and it was delicious. I think the Maple made the almond butter so much better and a little sweet.

foodie penpals lindsayslist.co

Thanks, Lindsay, for all of the goodies!  I’ll be eating my way through them soon. Foodie Pen Pals is so much fun, its fun to get a package AND to meet new “foodie” friends, if you’re thinking of participating-do it! You won’t be disappointed!!!


I just love getting things in the mail!   When you live with a man who purchases guitar equipment on a daily basis, have free Amazon shipping, and review products for a certain blog, you come to know the mailman!!  His name is Dave and he’s seen me in my robe a few too many times.  Dave, if you’re reading (because why wouldn’t you be?!?!), I’m sorry!  

Even though there’s always something waiting on my doorstop, I may have squealed a bit when I received the package from Erin (The Spiffy Cookie)! 

Here’s what she sent:

foodie penpals lindsayslist.co

foodie penpals lindsayslist.co

Thanks, Erin!!  I loved it all!  Especially the honey – love the story behind it!

Let’s look closer…

chocolate bar

Five Star Chocolate Bar – Paired this baby with a cup of coffee one afternoon.  So good.  Buy this!

winter park honey

Fireweed Honey that Erin’s aunt and uncle harvested!!  How cool is that?!!? 


Made in Colorado!!  I’ll be going there in a few short weeks!

peanut butter and company

Peanut Butter and Company’s “Dark Chocolate Dreams” – le sigh.  

Good on yogurt, a cracker, your finger.  This is naughty.

dark chocolate kind bar

Kind Bar

Notice the dark chocolate theme?

cookie dough hand sanitizer

Cookie Dough-scented Hand Sanitizer

Erin must know I have two toddlers who pick their nose. 

For anyone interested in participating in the month of April, go to Lindsay’s blog and sign up!  You can also check out the 350 other people who will be showcasing their goodies today. 

This was WAY fun! The sending AND the receiving! I’ll definitely participate again!

QUESTION:  Erin clearly understood my love for chocolate.  It was the theme.  If you had a food “theme”, what would it be??  Did you participate in Foodie Penpals?  Leave the link to your post so I can read it!

P.S.  Winner of the Twin Cakes Bakery Giveaway announced here!


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  1. Next month is when I lose my Foodie Pen Pals virginity. :) I love getting mail plus who gets hand written notes anymore? Great idea! Good luck with the Pb & comp. It never lasts more than a week in our house. We are serious about any and all nut butters!

  2. Oh i have got to get in on this foodie penpal stuff. :) Love boxes of goodies. :) Happy Friday friend. Hope you enjoy your weekend. When are you going to share your news???? I’m not very patient over here. :)

  3. Ahhh! Mix the Dark Chocolate Dreams with some protein powder and a little bit of water, throw it in the freezer for about 20ish minutes and you have yourself a delish after dinner treat. Everything else looks great too!!!

    P.S. I just found your blog. :)

  4. What a great package! I’ve been wanting to try those little chocolate bars- I’ve never seen the granola kind! Yum!
    And I LOOOOVE that she sent local honey made by her aunt and uncle! So cool!
    Counting down the days until Colorado over here… (32 until I leave…) :)