Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Trainer!! 

This is our 22nd time doing this feature – can you believe it?!!?!?  I’m  always SO blown away by the support and submissions I get from you guys!  I honestly never thought it would go this long, but I’ve still got some ideas churning, so we’ll see how long Tuesday Trainer can sustain!  Plus, the TT button got a little makeover (thanks, Jillian!!), so I just couldn’t possibly quit anytime soon!!

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The theme for this week is “My Go-To STRETCH”.  I asked for “the stretch that you do most often”, and I got some really great ones! 010

Look, Ma!  I can touch my toes! 
(But look what Kristin can do!)

If you look back through the Tuesday Trainer workout archives, you’ll notice a few variables that remain constant: the warm-up/stretch and the cool down/stretch. After years of working out and pushing my body, I truly believe that we need to take the time to properly engage our muscles and slowly increase/decrease our heart rates.  That’s where the warm-up and cool down come into play. As equally as important to those two elements, is STRETCHING, or Flexibility Training! 016
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(*Note: All of the submissions I received were STATIC or ACTIVE-ISOLATED stretches…which means that perhaps we could have a theme in the future of your favorite dynamic stretches!  Would anyone be interested in that?)

The Stretches

Pretzel – ME


Tricep Pull – Christine, oatmealinmybowl


Runner’s Pose + Hamstring Stretch – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Hip Opener – Madeline, foodfitnessandfamily


Yoga Chest & Shoulder Opener – Rebekah, bexlife


The Lean Back –  Katie, yesiwantcake


Pigeon Pose – Jess, blondeponytail


Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch – Lindsay, insweetnessandinhealth


Hamstring Stretch – Tamara, fitknitchick


Psoas Stretch – Paige, runningaroundnormal


Shin Streches – Heather, healthywithheather


A HUGE thank you to all who submitted!!  Without you, Tuesday Trainer would be…well…just me.  I KINDA NEED YOU!!  So..thanks!  Come back Thursday and I’ll tell you what we’re doing next week!!

Now GO STRETCH!  (but warm-up first.)

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  3. Well shucks… thanks for posting my silly video. I didn’t want to miss out. All these other stretches are awesome! Everyone is so great. Loved the animal participation this week. I betteer get Kitty on it. :)Love the new TT button too! Yipee!

  4. nicely done ladies!
    cool new button. update it on my blog. :)
    lindsay, i often sit in your “pretzel” position on the floor (without bending forward obviously). i don’t know why, i just like it i guess.

  5. Oohh yeah – stretch it out with TT! …gotta stretch more! It’s so important and I’m feeling my LACK of stretching after my run yesterday = ridiculous, seeing as I filmed this stretch and then got in the shower. ;) ha!

    Great new button too!

  6. I loved the idea for this week! I think too many don’t put enough emphasis on how important it is to stretch before and after workouts!
    These look like a lot of great stretches on here! Thanks for sharing! :)

      1. Totally! ;) That’s kinda neat. And a plane ride for 10 hours? Ugh! I love traveling and planes but get pretty bad restless leg syndrome (which, yes, Mikey, is NOT a made up thing but a real syndrome). ;)

  7. 22 is my favorite number, yeeehaw! I can’t believe we’ve been doing it this long! (Well, if I’m honest, my shotty record is probably around 18). I need to go stretch now. :-) Happy Tuesday my friend!

  8. LOVE all the hip opener stretches – my area that NEEDS to be loosened, so tight from running! I’ve been doing most of these hip openers on my own but this post reminded me that I need to do EVEN MORE of that going forward. Love this weeks’ TT!!

  9. Love pigeon pose! That is one of the best stretches for me. Every time I see this I’m just reminded that I need to buy a video camera ASAP! Don’t really do a lot of static stretching in my routine, feel like dynamic stretches are more practical. So yes, a TT for dynamic stretches is an amazing idea! Hopefully I have a camera by then!