Yesterday, I was *supposed* to take a call with a nationally-known company, to discuss some BLEND stuff.  I don’t just “take calls” everyday – this was kind of a BIG deal for me.  I’m also an anal over-achiever and scribbled down the call time in SEVERAL different locations, most importantly, my dry-erase board on the fridge. 

Mr. Board is the glue that holds this chaos together.

Mr. Board said the call was for 2pm.  I take Mr. Board for his word.  He doesn’t lie.

My Afternoon:

1:38pm:  Take shower – wash gym sweat off.  Throw on glasses, fuzzy socks and bathrobe. 

1:45pm:  Get children pottied and into their respective beds. 

1:52pm:  Henry yells that he has to go poop.  Swoop in, take him to poop.  No poop.  Straight back to bed.

1:55pm:  Make 2nd cup of coffee in favorite mug.  Set out clipboard with fresh sheet of paper and favorite pen.  Charged cellphone is on lap. 


1:59pm:  Think about how excited I am for BLEND.  Wonder if we could get Ryan Reynolds to make an appearance.  You read my blog, right, Ryan?

2:00pm:  GO TIME!

2:03pm:  3 minutes late.  “Of COURSE, they’ll call a little after 2.  No one is as anal as you.  They’re playing it cool.”

2:16pm:  16 minutes late.  “This IS pushing it a bit.  But like my mom warned me about Middle School dances – you don’t EVER want to be the first one to the party.”

2:17pm:  Hunger strikes.  But what if they call?  Nasty food sounds into the receiver?  No.  A Reese Egg will have to do.  Twist my arm.


2:20pm:  Now have chocolate peanut butter breath.  Best breath to have, really.

2:30pm:  30 whole minutes late.  “I simply MUST have written down the time wrong!”  Go look at other “lists” I have around the house.  All say 2:00pm.  Hmm….

2:34pm:  Go back for third cup of coffee.  Hawaiian Hazelnut.  Hands down favorite.  Think about where the expression “hands down” comes from.  MUST Google it immediately.


2:50pm:  Sidetracked.  Always.  Sit down to Google “hands down”, only to waste time reading Facebook and watching this video.  2, er, 3 times.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

2:54pm:  Phone rings.  Oh yeah…that call!  Pause Sophia Grace, mid-Maroon 5 interview.  It’s my Mamaw T.  Asking me to get her mail.  “Later, Mamaw, I’ve got important calls to take.”

3:00pm:  Seriously a little angry.  Go back through emails to see if I am missing something.  Can’t find original email.  “You’re SO organized, huh, Lindsay?”

3:12pm:  BELLY GROWLING!!  Reese Egg, a distant memory.  Should make food.  Decide to steam a spaghetti squash. ??


3:16pm:  Mid-steam, consume the following:  handful of baby carrots, graham cracker, 3 M & M’s I find in junk drawer.  Also, find last bag of Lush Nuts sample that the company sent me (BLEND Swag Bag!!).  This flavor was good.  The coffee flavor was better.


3:20pm:  “I was Googling something.  What was it?”  Oh yeah – hands-down.

The term dates back to the mid-19th century and the genteel world of British horse racing. Back then, a jockey who found himself way ahead as he approached the finish line would relax his grip on the reins and drop his hands. Not as confrontational as a spiked football, but still a bit of gestural in-your-face-ness. By the late 19th century, the idiom had been extended to non-racing contexts, and it remains in frequent use today.

3:29pm:  1 hour and 29 minutes late.  “RIDICULOUS!  People just really like wasting my time.  Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t waste my time.”

3:31pm:  Must quell anger.  Food= comfort.  Combine spaghetti squash with spinach, hummus and Chobani to create a bowl of something I can only describe as “double rainbow”.  SO good.


3:42pm:  Belly full.  Happier.  Sit down at computer and pick through ALL my emails. 

3:44pm:  Find IT.  THE email.  Read it.  Audible GASP!  2pm MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME!  Stupid, stupid girl.  Mr. Board lied because Mrs. Wright was a dummy.


3:56pm:  Henry yells from room that he needs to poop.  Swoop in there, take him to potty.  Hear Clara, babbling in her crib.  CRAP.  


3:59pm:  Mind races for ways to either lull them back to sleep or make them stay quiet. Candy? Definitely.  The Princess Bride?  A MUST!

4:06pm:  Company calls.  6 minutes “late”.  Of course.  They played it cool.

Me?  Not so much.

QUESTION:  Are you anally organized?  More laid back?  Have any “I was an idiot” stories to share?


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  1. Ahhahah!! I love you and this post SO much! That is something I have done so many times I could just scream. I’ve done it with flights times, which is a whole lot more frustrating when you are at the airport (not in a comfy bath robe). Glad you got to talk to them – how’d it go?! Oh, and I’ll email Ryan Reynolds today and see if he’s up for an appearance. :-)

  2. Whoops! I always tend to assume that everyone is in Eastern Standard Time. And I cannot hear that Nicky Minaj song without picturing those girls singing.

  3. This sounds like something I would do, to a T. I’m always super over organized and over prepared for everything..and it quite often back fires! Like last week when I finished a paper for one of my classes 6 days early- and then the next day the teacher completely changed the topic!

  4. Totally me! I’m totally anal about things like that. And then I drive myself nuts in my own mind. For instance, go for a job interview at 12:00. Don’t want to be there too early (too overanxious) and not late because I don’t want to look like a loser. So I decide to circle the parking lot for 20 minutes to ensure nobody sees me parked and to kill time. Loser? I think not!

  5. Oh that made me laugh so hard! My son is NOTORIOUS for waiting until THE MOST critical moment to tell me “Mama, I have a poo-poo!”. Aaand there go my plans of getting out the door on time (or, heaven forbid, EARLY). :) Love it, definitely am anal just like you!

  6. haha this is so funny! Totally a move I would make! ha
    I “try” to be super organized, but one can only do so much right! ha I’m quite the list maker myself, but sometimes I think I like making my lists more than I like getting out and accomplishing all those! haha

  7. Oh that is totally something I would do!! I LOVE Ryan Reynolds :). Just another thing we have in common! I’m not that anal when it comes to organization, but I do think I’m pretty good with it! Your spaghetti squash dish looks sooo tasty. I just may have to try that! What kind of chobani did you use?

  8. ahhhh I deal with time zones all the time at work, but when I first started this job, I had no clue! And seriously, the people I deal with all day, so many of them have no clue there are different time zones, so don’t feel bad! And who knew hands down came from horse racing!

  9. I try to be anally organized, but it always bites me in the butt. :) Ha! Love all the thoughts and time frame. Now I want a Reese’s Egg. PS- great guest post for Chobani today! :)You go girl!!!

  10. Haha I LOVE this!

    I try to be super organized and yes I have a list in a notebook, a planner, a dry-erase board and my good ol’ blackberry phone..but really there are so many distractions from my to-do list!! I go to google something and end up facebook-twitter-blogging for an hour.

    I have a feeling this is exactly what it’s going to be like when I have kiddos. It’s okay though, right? Makes life more fun and interesting. ;-)

  11. You are too funny. First of all, if Ryan Reynolds can’t make an appearance, I’m happy with Paul Rudd. Or Jake Gyllenhall. Or Chris Pine.
    I saw that clip on Ellen when they were on her show while I was working out one day. I found it again on her site immediately after and made my husband watch it, while I died laughing next to him.
    Oh, and glad he finally called, 6 minutes late. :)

  12. Lindsay, just remember that when Ryan phones you it will likely be from Hollywood, which is PST. Above all, just please don’t forget that one. ;)

    Oh this has happened to Mikey and I all the time when he worked for a non-profit based in Newfoundland (they are not only 3 hours ahead, but 3 1/2…where’d that extra half hour come from?). You made reading about your call so interesting! Hope it went well in the end despite the back and forth and waiting during the day.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks again for yesterday’s TT – gotta give that workout a whirl for sure!

  13. I’m still trying to wrap my head around a 7-minute shower and the fact that your kids nap. You’re a rockstar… definitely not an idiot. But Lindsay’s List is a worldwide sensation… you should really brush up on time zones. xo