Does someone have a case of the Mondays?


I totally get it.   The weekend has come to an abrupt halt.  If you have a job, you gotta go back to work.  If you’re a stay-at-home parent, your weekend helper has gone back to work.  Plus, Mondays seem to be the day you’re going to “try again”…on the diet, on working out, on reading your Bible, on NOT yelling when you’re faced with poop schmears.

Essentially, Mondays are the pits.

Would a great big smile help?


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Would some Chobani help? 

Something light to help you start the week of clean eating off right?  Something SO easy, even a Lindsay-man can do it?

You don’t need much

Fresh fruit and Blood Orange Chobani.  (One of their three new flavors.  Second only to Apple Cinnamon, but perfect for dipping fruit into.)

009.ORF Items dirtied:  One plate, one knife, one spoon.  012 Cut up the fruit.  Dip it in the yogurt.  Put on a plate and freeze for an hour. 013 What you’re left with are little gems of health018.ORF 019.ORF Ways to eat these guys:

  • Plate to mouth.
  • Slightly thawed, then added into…wait for it…..a different Chobani flavor!
  • As a side to an breakfast omelet. 

My favorite?  In a bowl, with a splash of unsweetened almond milk and granola. 021.ORF

Pin It022.ORF Yep.  Little gems of health!

Want to make some of your own?  Chobani has graciously offered to help alleviate the Monday blues by giving away a case of the three new flavors to one LL reader!!  Seriously, my favorite company!  Enter below!

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Giveaway ends Thursday night – I’ll announce the winner on Friday!  Best of luck!!

**Reminder to get your Tuesday Trainer submissions in to me!!  Theme?  Favorite STRETCH!**


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  1. Last night, coincidentally, I pinned a picture of greek yogurt-dipped strawberries, but when I clicked the picture it didn’t take me to a recipe, so I found your site and got the “recipe” for it. Making these this weekend so I have them for breakfast!

  2. I have been a pinning fool today (home with a sick kid). Last thing I pinned was a Mexican Salad boat.

  3. BEAUTIFUL little gems!! Can I wear one on a necklace?! It’d be perfect as an accessible snack, if/when I got hungry with my hands full.

    I think you’re on to something…