Tell the truth.  That title made you want to read this post.  I’m setting sleazy internet searchers up for a sore disappointment.  Oh well.


What I’m here to spread the news about is not another Paris Hilton sex-tape, but a MUD RUN!!  

The Dirty Girl Mud Run to be exact!


The Dirty Girl is a female-only, 5K mud run designed for women of all fitness levels and ages.  Rather than a competitive, timed race, the Dirty Girl Mud Run is a celebration of women – no matter their shape, size, age or athletic abilities!  <-heck yes!! 

It’s untimed and it’s MESSY!!

Originated just last year, this race has now expanded to 12 U.S. Cities!!  Cities booked on the tour so far include ATLANTA, Scranton, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, Buffalo and Denver!  Go here for dates and times!  


Sweet Race Shirt!!

A couple of fun facts:

  • You can run as an individual or form a team (a.k.a group together with other crazy, fun women that you know!) 
  • The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the cause partner – by the end of the season last year, Dirty Girl had donated $50,000 to them!!   Oh and get this – in each city of the 2012 tour, 250 cancer survivors will receive COMPLIMENTARY registration to the event!!
  • The obstacles are hard, but doable!  There’s a wall climb, a mud pit, a tire swing thingy-ma-bob.  It looks like torturous fun!  And since it’s not timed, you can go at your own pace!
  • The race atmosphere is FUN!  Music, food, dancing, celebrating!  Strong women out there doing their thing!
  • For more information, go to, check out their Facebook page, or follow on Twitter!

Atlanta is a mere 1 1/2 hours away from me, so I decided to help spread the news about that particular race!!  I will be out of town on April 28th, when the Atlanta race takes place (sad face), BUT Dirty Girl has graciously agreed to let me GIVE AWAY one race entry!!


One Lindsay’s List reader will win a free registration to a Dirty Girl race of their choosing (you pick the location!) (a $65 value!!)

To enter:

Leave a comment below telling me if you’ve ever done an adventure race before.  Or just tell me a messy story.

Bonus entries:

  • Tweet the following and leave a comment, telling me you tweeted.

I want to race in a 2012 @godirtygirl Mud Run!  Giveaway today via @lindsays_list –

  • Share this post on Facebook.  Leave a comment, telling me you did.

I’ll randomly select a winner on Thursday night and announce he/she on Friday!!  Good luck!!

Oh, and just for fun, I’ll show you the outfit I wore on my first “mud run”, the Warrior Dash, last year!  I was going for an 80’s theme…turned out more “trashy-chic”.  I was home alone, so these were the only two pic’s I snagged with the self timer.  <-good thing.


P.S.  Even if you don’t win the giveaway, you should DEFINITELY run one of these races!!  I promise you, they are hilarious!  You’ll laugh, you’ll get a great workout…you can wear a trashy-chic outfit and no one will judge.



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  1. My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer, underwent a mastectomy and made it through chemo, she is currently undergoing radiation. While I’ve participated in the Susan Komen Races, I’ve never done an adventure race. My friend doesn’t like to get dirty, BUT, I figure she’s gotten dirty enough with chemicals and radiation, so I’ll get dirty for her! I will do this race regardless if I win in HONOR of my beloved friend who continues to fight the BIG FIGHT!

  2. My husband and I ran Muddy Buddy in Buffalo last spring and it was my first adventure/mud race. Prior to that, I’d just done road races. I loved it. So this fall, we ran the Mudslog, an 8 mile cross country/obstacle race in Rochester, NY (that was only 25 bucks to register for, btw!!!) It was one of my favorite racing memories. It’s cool to mix up the “serious” road racing with “just for fun” adventure stuff. I tweeted ya and facebook-ed because I’d love if my friends did things like this with us! I REAAAAAALLLLLLYYYY want to win!!!!!

  3. Awesome! I’d love to try the Denver race – I’m gearing up for my first mud run this year as it is and an all-women’s race (that supports breast cancer survivors!!!) would be extra icing on the cake. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  4. I love adventure races and like the idea of a female only one. I did the female division of the Muddy Buddy with a girlfriend 2 years ago and we dressed as “Q-Tips” as a take on the rapper and cotton swabs since we had to wear helmets the entire course. We wore white running skirts, white tanks, and white fuzzy covers on our helmets with gold chains… we were dirty at the end of it.

  5. I have never done an adventure race but I am DYING to try one! and I live in Chicago, so this would be so awesome to do! Messiest? I was babysitting my cousins when I was in High School, the baby threw up all over her crib and when I finally finished cleaning her and the mess up, I heard a crash downstairs… The oldest had dropped her lava lamp and it broke all over the carpeted stairs…

  6. I have never done this before but it sounds fun! I live in Thornton CO which is pretty close to Denver :-)

  7. me me me…pick me!!! i’m not really into the whole muddy racing things because i hate finding mud in places you never dreamed, but i did do a few “cross country challenge” races several years ago. the last time i did this race it was probably about 35 degrees and the course had you swimming through a pond that was shoulder deep after crawling in the thickest mud i’ve ever seen in my life.

  8. I have wanted to do one of these for awhile now but timing has never been on my side. Now I see one in Chicago and I am going to do it! Thanks for sharing this, I have never heard of this series before. Messy story: my daughter was playing in her room and pooped on the floor and also tore apart the inside of her markers, hence markers and poop EVERYWHERE. All over her, the walls, the floor. On her 3rd birthday.

  9. ooooh, I wanna race Scranton! My messiest story has to be… (brace yourselves)… the time my 8-year-old (then, a toddler) found dog vomit in the dining room and started to eat it. That’s it. I win! xoxo