I’m usually right on top of things.  (Namely “your mom” jokes.)

Obviously, you can read.  So you know that my blog was named after my love for being a Type-A/anal/crazy/overscheduled person.  Lindsay’s Unorganized List just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  I’m pretty good at administrative tasks and I can multi-task with the best of them. 


My third hand is rubbing my belly.

But I kinda dropped the ball recently.  On your mom.  <-what?

It has officially taken me three weeks (since Ashley first tagged me) to get this 11 Things post up.  And during that time, I was tagged by this girl and this girl and this girl!  I was a little unsure as to how to approach this whole survey thing since all of the tagger’s asked DIFFERENT questions, all interesting and unique and I could have come up with brilliant answers for all of them. 

That’s just what brilliant people do.

But I decided since Ashley was the first person to tag, then I should stick with her!  Sorry it’s taken me SO long, but here goes!

Here are the survey “rules”:

  • You must post these rules.
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.


11 Things About Me

1.  Given the choice, I’d rather lick poop off the bottom of a stranger’s shoe, than try to come up with cute outfits for my children to wear.  I just don’t have that fashion gene.  Or the “caring what other people think” gene (watch this video if you don’t believe me!).

2.  I sometimes take 2 showers a day, depending on how much I’ve worked out.  And I ALWAYS have to get my hair wet – the whole head must be dunked or I feel crusty or something.

3.  Blogging just kind of happened one day.  I’m actually surprised it’s lasted this long.  I often wonder how long I’ll do it.  <-as long as it’s fun and rewarding.

4.  My perfect day:  A great workout, hot coffee, steamy sex, undercooked brownies and wearing fuzzy socks, while watching 30 Rock.


5.  Travis and I want to get pregnant again.  Right after BLEND!  It would be before, but I want to look HOT while teaching Bootcamp on Saturday.  Vanity.

6.  Things that I love but shouldn’t:  shampoo that suds (aka Pantene or Dove), the peace and quiet of naptime, convenience snacks for my kids (Z bars), and Burger King onion rings.

7.  I must eat a night snack before bed.  Usually cereal or yogurt (or ice cream).  If I’m having cereal though, I start with a “good for you” kind and finish the milk with the “sugary, sugary goodness” kind.  Balance.


8.  I’ve gone to a professional hair cutting place maybe 4 times my entire life.  My mom always cuts it for me.   


It’s currently nice and long. And split-endy.

9.  I have a piece of pencil lead stuck in my left ring finger.  Remnants of a childhood knife pencil fight.

10.  The only reason we moved back to Franklin (from Denver) was to be close to family.  I love my family, but I miss Denver on a daily basis.


11.  If I didn’t know more about physiology and training dynamics, I’d workout 10 hours a day.  When people say they don’t like to exercise, I just don’t get it.  Addicted.

Questions I’m supposed to answer:

1. What is your favorite food of all time?

Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate brownies with Reese P.B. Chips.  Underbaked by 10 minutes.

2. How did you discover the healthy living blog community?

I actually wrote a post about this very thing, but it all started when I found Peas & Thank You last January.  Love at “first read”.

3. What inspired you to start your own blog?

Again, go back and read that post.   I loved the sense of community – especially after participating in Janetha’s fundraiser for Susan, “The Great Fundraising Act”.  The way everyone pulled together really made me want to meet these people!  (That was what also sparked BLEND!)

4. Sweet or savory?


5. Cooking or baking? Or neither?

Neither.  Cereal for dinner is acceptable, right?  Right.

6. Describe your “perfect day”.

See #4  in the list of 11 things above. 

7. How would you describe your personality?

Witty, honest, gracious, outgoing, clumsy

8. What is your favorite store?

Clothing:  Banana Republic or any outfitters store.  Grocery: Greenlife (like Whole Foods) or Trader Joes.

9. Would you rather get new workout clothes or everyday clothes?

My workout clothes ARE my everyday clothes.  So both.

10. Treadmill or outdoors?

Outdoors.  With fast legs and a good song list that includes some U2 and The Donnas.

11. Tell me a funny story.

When I was in, say 3rd grade, my friends and I formed an Environmentalist club, called Plan It For The Planet (and yes, I’m sure we stole that name from someone else).  We would ride our bikes around the neighborhood and go door to door, asking for money to help save the planet.  People would give us money!!!  I honestly don’t remember what we did with it – bought candy?  Looking back, through our efforts and our thoughts, I think we DID save the planet.  You’re welcome!

Now I’m supposed to tag some people.  But since I’m pretty certain that EVERY.SINGLE.BLOGGER under the sun has already been tagged, I’m “mizfitting” the rules (like Bonnie did in her survey) and asking my readers a question instead.

QUESTION:  Tell me one thing that is unique about yourself.  Something most other people can’t do or don’t know about.  Sharing is caring!  Spill those beans!

Happy Friday!


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  1. ugh i have been tagged by like 18 people. i think i am just gonna veto the whole thing. i am glad you started a blog and that TGFA helped push you to. i love you!

  2. I love these! So much fun getting to know the people you read about daily a little better! :) I love your comment about nightly snacks. I am the SAME way! I usually go with cereal as well, or some greek yogurt topped with cinnamon and banana! I have been currently addicted to the peanut butter cherrios, so that is my current nightly snack! ha

  3. I just found your blog, obsessed with it already. You are hilarious :))

    Random thing about me… I really don’t enjoy cooking, even though I do it a lot in attempt to be ‘healthy’. I might try your cereal for dinner idea, it sounds much better

  4. firstly, I miss you. SO much. I miss being online. :) but especially you.

    also? I have a piece of pencil in my leg, from the same thing! well, someone bumped into me when I was scoring a tennis match – had a pencil in my hand :)

    #4 is a pretty dang good day, and #5 – YEEEE! I love this :)

  5. I love reading these things…even though I never actually put them up on my own site. (Apologies to anyone who’s ever tagged me) Hmmm…one weird thing about me…I like to go to bed 20-30 minutes early so that I can make up stories in my head before falling asleep. And I’m usually a superhero of some kind..

  6. hahahahaha i love how steamy sex comes AFTER coffee.

    hmmmm something interesting about me? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i hate wearing flats and i’m 5’10. heels or nothin.

  7. haha, i just tagged you in my post thats going up later today. i even thought to myself, how weird that lindsay hasnt done this since shes all about lists. :) now i know why.

    my mom cuts my hair too!! i got it done professionally a few times (especially this last one when i donated it) but even when i lived in nyc i waited til i visited my parents in ca to have my mom cut it. im cheap.

    ps i really hope you parents read this blog and see the steamy sex part of your perfect day.

  8. Linds- You one up on me. I have yet to do my 11 things post. Oops. :) You go lady! :) Andrew has pencil lead stuck in his back, I want to come over and eat those brownies right now (love that they’re undercooked)and thank you for saving our planet. :) One of my legs is longer and fatter than the other. :)

  9. Hi Lindsay! I know I kinda fell off the blog planet but I still read your blog through my good ‘ol google reader ;)

    but just sayin hello and hope all is well!

    Something interesting about me is that I have 2 state titles and a national title in the USKA karate championships…from when I was a teen :) I could kick ass (emphasis on ‘could’) lol

  10. You crack me up. :)

    I got an acorn stuck in my nose when I was 3. That’s pretty unique, right? Umm… I don’t feel like I’m very unique, but I do love my ability to try to stay positive in the face of adversity. Especially right now, when everything is going to crap around me. This too shall pass.

  11. Loooove the “perfect day” (esp the undercooked brownies and the hot sex haha).

    Hmm one thing that not many know about me?? Well – my husband’s best friend just had their first child and after reading the text he sent my husband, it actually (for the first time EVER) made me kinda/sorta/maybe want to have kids someday afterall. He wrote “Em did great, the baby is awesome, I am so proud to be her father and I love Em Even more than ever…” It melted my heart – the love and adoration he shared in that text, especially coming from him (he’s usually not the sensitive type), was so beautiful. I thought to myself “I want that.” Which kinda scared me.

  12. Love it! :D Always fun to find out new tidbits of info about people we “know” so “well” isn’t it? …as for me, I often DON’T shower after workouts. I give it some time, dry off, and ALWAYS avoid dunking my head…these dreadies are washed maybe twice a week…maybe. Often just once. I’ll hop in and out of the shower but mainly to shave because I LOVE the feeling of smooth legs – more than Mikey does! It motivates me to shower more than my post-workout sweaty stage. ;) …that’s me!

  13. Ah! Your randoms make me like you even more!! First of all- licking poop off a stranger’s shoe?? :)
    I often shower twice (since I workout mostly in the afternoon) and never get my hair cut professionally (I cut it myself). And uh- yeah, I don’t get people who don’t like to exercise either. I hate to NOT exercise (and force myself to take a rest day).
    I’m dying to move to Colorado. My husband and I talk about it every single day and how we can make it a reality. We’ll be out there in May (for BLEND!) and again in July, so for now, that will have to suffice. :(