You might be a gangster if:

You refer to yourself as a gangster.

You lick sunflower seed butter off the kitchen floor.  Worth it.

Your computer looks like this:



Travis saved the computer!!  Well most of it.  The keyboard no longer works, so what you see above is an innovative combination of laptop and desktop keyboard.  We’re straight up professional over here.

My pictures are still there – that’s all I care about!  I don’t care how he did it, but Travis’ intelligence pays off yet again.  Thanks, babe!  All that geeking out you did yesterday really paid off!

Moving on….

Ok…are you guys ready for a sweet and sweaty workout?!?!  How about one that will hit ALL of your muscles, burn tons of calories and save you time.  Time that you can spend online shopping for a new non-ghetto laptop!
The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer was “My Go-To Time Saver”!!  Compound moves that target multiple body parts and burn tons of calories! 

Gone are the days of isolating and targeting single muscles.  We just don’t have time.  If you’re like me, you want to get IN, tear some muscle fibers, break a sweat and GO HOME! 

{Home to bake Garbanzo Bean Brownies.  Then throw them away because garbanzo beans belong on salads and in hummus, not brownies.  Sugar and white flour belong in brownies.  That recipe will NOT be making the blog!}

Forget Build-A-Bear.  Here’s Build-A-Superset!

The Workout – “Super Set ME!”

Build 3 supersets by pairing a Column A exercise with a Column B exercise.  Supersets should be performed in 3 sets, 12 repetitions each.  Rest for 60 seconds before beginning the next set.  After completing one superset, rest for 90 seconds.  (Active rest may be taken if fitness level allows.)  Be sure to choose weights that are challenging enough to perform each exercise WITH CORRECT FORM.

Bent Row with Shoulder Press Pushup/Row/Twist
Squat, Curl & Press Tricep Pushups into Side Plank
Curtsy Lunge with Side Leg Lift/Shoulder Press Jump Lunge with Side Sweep
Driver Lunge to Push Press Burpee to Pull-up

The Moves

Plié Squat with One-Armed Row – ME


Bent Row with Shoulder Press – Rebecca, bexlife


Squat, Curl & Press – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Burpee to Pull-up – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Curtsy Lunge with Side Leg Lift/Shoulder Press – Kristin, STUFTmama


Pushup/Row/Twist – Tina, bestbodyfitness


Driver Lunge to Push Press – Tina, bestbodyfitness


Tricep Pushups into Side Plank – Lindsay, cottercrunch


Jump Lunge with Side Sweep – Allie, colourmehappy


Thanks to everyone who participated!!  You ladies ROCK and inspire me to push forward!  If you’d like to join this group, come back Thursday, when the next “Go-To” theme will be unveiled!

Happy Tuesday!

QUESTION:  Did you workout today/planning to?  What did you do?


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  1. Awesome set!
    Burpees to pull ups are my total go-to move. When I don’t have much time, intervals of these
    Lindsay C., you’ve reminded me how much I like side-lying tricep press ups — I’ve never tried combining them with a side plank though — great idea!
    Lindsay W., chickpeas in brownies? Sounds sketchy. Black beans. Black beans go in brownies. Pure (fudgy) awesome.

  2. Oh man, ladies are stepping up their videos. :) He he. Love how this workout came together and the Superset idea Linds. Lord knows we all need to maximize our workout time. There are some awesome moves in here that I’m totally going to use in my classes. I bombed on posting the TT button, but will get in in my next post. Eeek. Thanks for letting me be a part every week and for all your work putting together such amazing workouts for us!!!!! Love ya!

  3. OMG. This is seriously amazing. I have to say, what I like most of all is that the amazingly fit, beautiful women on here are really trying to balance it all – especially the ones with the little ones running around =)
    I’m definitely going to be back on Thursday to see if I can contribute anything for next weeks!! =)

  4. Your laptop is hilarious! I love it! haha At least it still works though!

    Those moves look like a killer! Most days of the week I am crunched on time between school and two jobs, so this would be perfect to squeeze in a good workout!!!

  5. woo hoo!! glad your laptop is usable again! nice job travis!

    looks like some great moves this week! i dropped the ball again and didn’t get to videoing my move, but i’m looking forward to trying out this workout. today was a cardio day for me… i went to a spin class and got my butt kicked – it was awesome.

  6. My term for your computer rig is “ghetto fabulous.” Love it, and so glad Travis was able to save the day!

    I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience making garbanzo brownies… I’m telling ya… chickpea cookies are where it’s at! ;)

  7. Kristin, how are you moving so freely after your marathon? youre amazing!! Bonnie is bad ass, as usual. And Bex, coolest cartoon gravatar ever. You make me want to be super woman! cause you are!

  8. I am the WORST. You should send me a text every Monday so I know that TT is due the following day. Sorry I’m such a huge flake.

    I am going running with a friend in an hour and going to crossfit with Meeker when he gets home from work. :-) Happy Tuesday my friend!

  9. Great moves everybody! Can’t wait to try this one out.

    Yesterday was a rest day and so is today because of all day work obligations (ugh). While I started to feel guilty, I realized that my body deserves some good ole rest. Then it’s back to business!

    Lindsay, I’m glad you enjoyed my boy meet girl story! I enjoy it myself…

  10. I hate missing a week of Tuesday Trainer, but these moves look great! I’m going to be careful about adding workouts to my normal routine this week, but I think I can at least work some of the upper-body moves into my schedule. Today is bike + run day – an early morning trainer ride (starting Season 2 of Dr Who) and tonight is a run!

    By the way – I’m really enjoying the book you recommended to Lindsay C that I butted into the conversation on twitter about. Really long free sample on Kindle, I think I’m going to have to buy it soon. :)

    1. That warms my heart to hear you say that, Heather!! The Helpmeet book has saved SO many marriages! It’s a little stringent at times, so use what God has for you and leave the rest! Hope you enjoy it!

  11. I love love love all these videos as Im a supersetting machine.
    I always be in a hurry :-)

    Im also sending my sister your way—she will adore the vids too.