This is like my 13th post with “Thursday’s Theme” in the title!  (It’s going to come in real handy when I want to search by post title for something specific.)

Which means we’ve been doing Tuesday Trainer for quite sometime now. 

Wait…just went back and checked.  This will be the SEVENTENTH Tuesday Trainer!!  Geez louise!!  If you can’t find something to use out of all of those videos, you’re just lazy. 

I love that this little idea of mine has blossomed into something pretty big!!  The community support, the retweets, the Facebook “shares” – I’m loving it!  


Not only that, I get numerous emails from readers, telling me that they did a TT workout and how the VISUAL aspect of having every exercise there to see, was what helped them push through!

I have only you guys to thank!  So thank you!! 

I have such a LOVE for fitness and helping others that this is a REALLY fun and fulfilling thing for me.  Don’t get me wrong – I was happy before the blog and I’ll be happy after I’m done writing, but I’m truly enjoying this time in my life.  I hope everyone reading can say that about their lives.  We all deserve to be happy and enjoying LIFE! 

That was a weird tangent.  Steer the ship back, Linds.

The theme!
Because I’m having SO much fun with this “My Go-To” theme, we’re gonna keep chugging along with it!  The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is “My Go-To Vanity Move”. 

So last week, we tried to save time.  This week, our moves will be those that, when we have extra time at the gym, we do.  What exercises or body parts do you focus on when you have 5 extra minutes to spare?  What are your “vanity moves”?

I always go for the core or legs!  (and it shows)

Here’s mine:  A Leg Burner!

A few guidelines:

  • ANYONE can participate – blogger or not.
  • If you do blog, be sure to introduce yourself AND your blog.
  • Feel free to give tips on proper execution and technique.
  • DON’T include a number of reps. I’ll do that part.
  • If your move isn’t correct, meaning improper form or instruction, I will not be able to feature it. Do your homework and get it right!!
  • On Tuesday, grab the Tuesday Trainer button, to provide your readers with an easy link to the workout! Simply copy the text in my side bar and paste it into your HTML code.

**DEADLINE for submitting moves is Monday night, the 30th, at 8pm EST.  Again, go here to learn how to upload your video!**

I’m off to the gym.  Story of my life. 

Really loving life.

QUESTION (request, actually):  I’m trying to get more subscribers to my YouTube channel.  Would you mind clicking here and subscribing?  If you have a YT channel, leave the link in the comments and I’ll subscribe back!  Thanks!


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  1. I have to hop on the bandwagon and say I am LOVING tt! As a PT, it’s a great resource for me to keep my workouts fresh and break things up. One idea (not sure if this would work since it’s pretty specific) would be a theme of avoiding problem areas…like moves for people with bad knees or bad shoulders. I’m always looking for those ;-) Happy weekend!

  2. you are bad ass and motivating. Can i give you a K+ in that? hehe. I will some day come to your step class. I have no skill but i like it. Nice vanity move, love the legs.

  3. Annnnd I’m subscribed! :D My channel is bonnielang1 – would also love the mutual subscription! :D

    So glad you’re loving life right now – God is good! And I’ll be thinking of my vanity move… :D