Neti Pot – check.

Cough drops – check.

Vitamin C-packed fruit – check.

Soothing Throat tea – check.


Two cuddle bugs – check.

I foresee a lot of Fox and the Hound in our future. 

And Scramble With Friends.  (I’m lindsays_list if you want to play.)

My nose is running faster than I can lick it. 

I’m calling in sick.


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  1. Darn it! I am sorry your sick. I hope you feel better soon, and those are two little snuggle bugs that are too cute NOT to snuggle with. Enjoy your sick day!

  2. Oh bummer! Mikey’s been sick all week; had to cancel our backcountry ski camping trip with friends this weekend because of it, and I got it towards the end of the week. Sniffling and sneezing. No flu (thank goodness!), but those head colds kind of wipe you out, you know? Take it easy with those two cuddle bugs today! Love you, L!

  3. Boo! So sorry your sick! I woke up and it felt like a cheese grater had been to town on my throat all.night.long. I hope it’s just a fluke…but I’ll stockpile my snuggle bugs and tea anyway.

    Hope you get a lot of rest today!