What I Wear – Head to Toe:

1)  Ryder’s Solvent Sunglasses


Aside from HAVING to have a couple of Goody’s hair ties in my hair and some Burt’s Bees on my lips, these Ryder sunglasses are a necessity!  This particular pair are perfect for running because they don’t slip up and down on my nose – THEY STAY PUT!!  When I have to do early morning long runs, the polarized lenses help block the sun.  Go here for more deats!

2)  iTOUCH 4th Generation:


A USED purchase!  Travis bought this little guy for me as a Christmas present.  New, this would have gone for $300.  He got it used for $100.  It came with a cracked screen, which he repaired.  Works like a charm now. 

I have to have music while I run!!  Keeps me motivated and serves as a distraction at times.  My playlist consists of 90’s rap, Boston, some upbeat Christian, and lots of 70’s funk.  A veritable “Egg Fu Young” of music – a whole lotta everything thrown in together.

I just need to purchase an ARMBAND!  So far, the professional trick of “sticking it down my sports bra” has worked out fine, but I know I need something better than that. 

Add armband to wishlist – noted.

3)  Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Series Top

p_r_o__tops_image_ media images pearlizumi products Run Apparel RUW Tops 12221103_3FP_v1_m56577569830744868_dot_png_bm

Pearl Izumi actually sent me this top (thank you!) and I’m loving it!  It’s lightweight and it fits perfectly – not too tight or too loose.  The fabric wicks sweat away from your body, so for a “super sweater” like me, it works well for running.  I’ve also worn it to Spin class because I’m a sweat monster and it wicked perfectly!

4)  Garmin Forerunner 405:


Another USED purchase!  (Do you see a trend here?  I’m the cheapest, (hottest) mom you’ll ever find.)  If you’re into running and want to get better at this sport, BUY A GARMIN.  This seriously the BEST purchase I’ve ever made when it comes to training! 

I could write a whole tutorial on how to use it, but basically, the Garmin tracks your time, pace, distance and calories burned.  After your run, you can plug it into your computer and see a cool map of how far you went, elevation changes and pace changes. 

Ebay has these used all the time!  This one was “Factory Refurbished”, meaning that someone returned it, the factory fixed it and then resold it.  Works just fine for me!!

5)  Nike Dri-Fit Capris


These Nike pants are like a second skin!  They don’t bunch up around the knee and the waist band is pretty tight so they stay put during long runs.

Plus, Travis says I’m not allowed to wear them in public, meaning that they make my butt look rockin’ awesome!

6)  Thor-Lo Running Socks


Gotta have my Thor-Los!!!  I’ve been a loyal fan now for over 13 years! I don’t see that ending anytime soon.  Very cushy and durable. 

I have around 10 pairs of just the running ones – about 3 or 4 of the hiking ones. 

7)  Pearl Izumi Streak II

footwear_image_ media images pearlizumi products Run Footwear Road Womens 16211001_223_v1_m56577569830768801_dot_png_bm

I LOVE this shoe!!  WHY?  A few things from the company’s website:

  • 1:1 Seamless Upper creates an unparalleled fit with a seam-free interior
  • 1:1 360° Lacing anatomically conforms to the foot for a tailored fit regardless of foot shape
  • NEW 1:1 Energy Foam cushions the forefoot upon impact and then returns energy back to the runner

Aside from my Vibram FiveFingers, the Streak is, by far, the lightest shoe I’ve ever worn!  My legs don’t feel heavy or tied down – this will be the shoe I run my 1/2 in.  It’s been my training shoe for about 3 months now, and my feet are happy!  Thank you, Pearl Izumi!


There you have it!  This is what’s working for me on the running front.  I go through seasons and preferences with my gear, but when I find something I like, I STICK with it!

Now YOU tell me:  What’s your favorite gear??  If you’ve written a post about it, link it up!!


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  1. Fun stuff. I’m not a runner, but I really love my Garmin (I have the green one). Good sunglasses make biking so much nicer. Smith Optics with interchangeable lenses are my fave, so you can swap them out as the lighting varies (crucial for those early mornings!). I need to replace them…mine were stolen. :(

  2. I absolutely loved this!! You are adorable and that top looks amazing on you! Way to find DEALS!!

  3. What a good post! Does a stroller count as running gear? I love my BOB stroller. I used it yesterday in the snow with my new BOB Weather Shield and it was aaamazing. Little nugget stayed warm and toasty inside.

    If I’m running sans stroller, all I need are my shoes and some sunscreen! :-)

  4. You sure are one hot running mama! I miss my garmin! It broke like 3 years ago and I’m too cheap to buy another, even use :(. It’s on my list of things to get again… eventually :).

    I run in big sunglasses that slide down my nose. At least I look fashionable, right?! Imma dork.

  5. You’ve got some good stuff my friend. :)My old Garmin is HUGE and I don’t like wearing it. My favortie running gear are my Mizuno shoes. They’re the only ones I can run in. :) Yours are pretty awesome though. :) And… Travis is really impressive, not only with what he did to “fix” your computer, but he can fix and broken iPhone screen too. YOU’re a lucky gal. :) (I put the TT button in today’s post. Sorry I forgot yesterday.)It was a great workout!

  6. Favorite is such a hard question – but either my garmin (although it’s getting really old and doesn’t always work…) or visor. I have to have a visor to keep my bangs out of my eyes and the sweat off my face. I did a post on winter running gear a while ago – although I haven’t really needed to bundle up too much this year: http://betterwithveggies.com/2011/11/tuesday-training-resistance-bands-cold-weather-running-gear/