I went all “balls to the wall” last week and told you guys to “Bite the Bullet” when it comes to motivating yourselves.

And now, I’ve got to swallow some of my own medicine.  And that’s a hard pill to swallow.  And other stuff about prescription drugs.

Basically, I need a plan of attack if I’m going to be able to run 13.1 miles in just 68 flippin’ days!!

Right now, I’m no where near ready.  I’m in Bootcamp/Step Aerobics/Weightlifting shape.  A great fitness level – just not the RIGHT fitness level for endurance running.  I ran 4.5 miles yesterday and it just about killed me!


That’s ok.  Because Hal Higdon thinks I can do it.  He believes in me even though we’ve never met.  (Don’t worry, Travis – he’s grandpa age.  I’m your cougar, remember?)

I chose Hal Higdon’s plan to train for my last 1/2, because his name has alliteration Katy, who ran the race with me, googled “1/2 Marathon Training Programs” and Hal’s was the first one that popped up.

Since most of my readers are in “the know” about fitness, Hal probably needs no introduction.  If you don’t know him, go here to read his biography.  The man has been around the sport of running for quite some time and KNOWS his stuff!  A contributor to Runner’s World, his training programs have been used by world-class athletes for years.

I don’t consider myself a world-class athlete.  Not even really a U.S.-class or North Carolina-class athlete.

I’m just me.  And me needs a plan.

Here’s what Hal has for an intermediate runner.  I guess that’s me.


This is doable!  I’m planning to do my long runs on Saturday mornings and have Sunday as my rest day (like normal).

If you do the math, I have right at 10 1/2 weeks before the Georgia 1/2 Marathon.  Which means I’m going to have to condense this training program.  That’s fine – this week I just hopped right into Week 3, which should give me enough wiggle room if I get sick or injured.  I pray that doesn’t happen.

Another thing – I’ve thought long and hard (TWSS) about this and have decided NOT to post any of my training times or paces.  I’ll go into further detail in another post, but let’s just say for now, that I don’t need any undue pressure in my life and posting times sets me up to be hyper-competitive.

So that’s my training plan.

Thanks, Hal!  You’re the best!

QUESTIONS:  Any upcoming races or competitions that you’ve signed up for?  I’ll be your cheerleader!  Leave a link if you’ve blogged about it!


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  1. I’ve used Hal’s plans before and they are pretty good. The main difference between his philosophy and mine is I like to schedule a 14 mile run before a half, he’s a little lighter on the long runs than me. :) You know my crazy races – getting close to 3 weeks until the 50K – yikes!!

  2. I’m trying to rope my family into running a marathon relay with me in May…I think I have enough people – it’s going to be so fun! And I don’t really want to train – I think the longest distance is like a 10k, so I’ll just start running and see how I do. Hah…I don’t think Hal would approve.

  3. Hello Lindsay way to go on beginning your Hal Higdon plan! I too am training for a race, my first marathon in May!! It’s been a little more challenging than I think I had in mind, but luckily my boyfriend is also running it (1st timer as well) & it is great to always have someone around helping(pushing) you get out the door! I have 3 more months & have been training for 3 months prior. It seems like a long road so far (esp. on long distance days!) but I cannot wait to finally cross that finish line & never run again! :) just kidding I’m sure I will but it might be little while. I LOVE the shape I’m getting into, but I just need to keep my head up & keep pushing as it’s getting tougher! You too!! 13miles in no time, keep it up!

  4. I am starting my 30 classes in 40 days yoga challenge next Monday! I’m putting up a blog post on Sunday about it… I’m really excited! :) This running plan sounds totally doable by someone as skilled and awesome as yourself… getcha some, Lindsay!! :)

  5. Lee and a couple of other local runners recommended Hal’s program to me – I’m interested to see how you like it. I’ve run 2 Half Marathons without following a program and want to try one for the Nashville race in April. Debating between the Intermediate and the Novice 2… but really I’m just lazy about running intervals. :)

    Can’t wait to cheer everyone on in ATL!

  6. I have my first half marathon in mid-March (so maybe about the same time as yours!). And Saturdays are definitely my long run days — my husband and I both take Sundays as our rest day which I love!

  7. I like Hal’s plans too. I’m doing the Novice 2 because it has one less day of running. Running 5 days a week is too much for me and I know that I’ll get burned out by the end.

  8. No races coming up for me, but I’m hoping for an 18 miler this weekend! Love going long. :D And generally I’m with you on the times. One, b/c I don’t have a Garmin to break down my stats, and two because I’d worry/wonder if I was fast enough or think I could beat this person and the comparison game would start. So I respect that decision and definitely understand it! All the same, cheers to a new plan! :D

      1. Um…I’m not sure! It’s mainly the money right now – can’t justify the purchase – but I don’t think I’d ever have a relaxing run with it on my wrist. I’m sure it would help me get faster though…maybe I’m a bit afraid to really go for it? I’m not sure!

  9. I used Hal’s plan for my first 10K and liked it, now I’m using Runners World for my half marathon on April 1st. I chose that one because I didn’t like how Hal’s all start at about 5 miles for long runs since I’m already beyond that.