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Today, I had to decide between blogging and family.

Family will always win that battle.

Especially over the next week, so I apologize in advance if my posts are sporadic.

(Is writing a post, saying that you aren’t going to post, a real post or not?)

I’m not sure. 

But, I felt like you’d all miss me if I didn’t at least post something. 

So, on this “non-posting” day, I give you a few pictures – 1 year ago, last Christmas Adam.

We made Jesus a birthday cake.  And also, there were chickens.















Oh, and I promise to tell you about the Sandwich In A Can very soon.

Just not today.


QUESTIONS:  Do you call today “Christmas Adam”?  Any fun traditions?  Is it snowing where you are?  It’s rainy and like 60 degrees here – NOT Christmas weather!


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  1. The topic of Santa vs No Santa is an interesting one. My husband and I do not have kids yet, so we still have a few years to decide what we want to do, but we’ve already thrown around the idea of Santa and how much it detracts from the real meaning of Christmas. The interesting part is, he grew up in a home w/o Santa or Jesus and I grew up in a home with both! Do you think you’ll have troubles with your kids trying to convince their friends that Santa isn’t real and spoiling the fun for other families?

    1. I don’t think so. I think we’ll tell them pretty early on that some parents do Santa and that the parents get to tell the kids when it’s time to learn that he isn’t real. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. Great idea to bake a birthday cake for Jesus. :) Why have I never heard the term Christmas Adam? :) Merry Christmas friend! Family just won the battle over here for the next week too (well, family and the Man above). :) Love you!

  3. It took me until the end of this post to get the “Christmas Adam” joke. Haha! Slow on the uptake much? But I like it. Adam and Eve. Christmas Eve. So Christmas Adam.

    Whatever day it is, I hope you have a wonderful one with family!

  4. I just googled Christmas Adam – the definition came up in the Urban Dictionary. I have never heard of that before! What a cute thing, I will have to use that now.

    That’s a beautiful birthday cake for Jesus! We usually do a cake at my parent’s Christmas Eve party, but this year I’m pretty sure we’ll still be driving down to see my sister around that time.