Today, we pawn the kids off onto my parents and Katy.  Katy picked Clara.  I’m thinking that’s the smarter move.

Today, we drive down to Atlanta.  Travis will be begging for a massage after 2 hours of me belting out “Jingle Bells” in the car. “Owhatfunitistorideinacarwithasingingwiiiife.”

Today, we get to eat lunch.  Alone.  At a restaurant that doesn’t start with “Chucky” or end in me having to scrape mac and cheese off of Clara’s back.  Don’t ask me how it gets there.  It just does.

Today, we get naked and have other people touch our bodies.  And we pay them to do that.  That’s not weird at all.

Today, we shop Trader Joes.  The very reason I need a second job.  #joejoesftw

Today, we battle swarms of shoppers at the mall.  Because guess who hasn’t bought a SINGLE, solitary Christmas present.


The same girl who hasn’t brushed her hair in a coon’s age.  I’m thinking being face down in that massage donut thing will only help the situation.

Today, we get to be us.  The “before” us.  And I like those people.

Happy Saturday!  Kiss your husband.


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  1. Okay. So jealous. Couples massage and Trader Joe’s just might be the perfect day ever. You deserve it. So glad you got the opportunity. PS- I always think your hair is gorgeous. Washed, unwashed, whatever. :)

    1. lol..loved both of these questions – and I’m always (too) honest.
      1) We’re “before us” really anytime after the kids go to bed. We get to sit on the couch and talk or just zone out and watch tv. They go to bed around 7:30 or 8, so that leaves us with a couple of hours each day to be us.
      2) i honestly prefer the me (and us) TODAY. When you have kids, you have to become more selfless, aka, a better person. I’ve grown SO much during this time. And watching Travis play and laugh and parent Henry and Clara, makes me love him more. I honestly think we were boring before kids…not as fulfilled.