First off – Thank you!  Thank you for your kind words.  Thank you for sharing your OWN struggles and journeys with disordered eating.  Thank you for being so welcoming and supportive and wonderful.  I didn’t respond to comments because I really didn’t know exactly how to say thank you some 30 odd times.

Writing that post (and next week’s Part II) was extremely hard, while at the same time LIBERATING!  Like I said, I’m still a work in progress, but it feels good to be embraced by a community that is so inspiring and supportive!

So thank you, thank you, thank you!  Virtual hug time.

That felt good.  Now onto:

Thursday’s Theme

I went back and forth about what I was going to do this week.  I REALLY wanted to do a Kettlebell series, but I don’t own a Kettlebell.  In fact, I don’t know a ton of people who have them at home.  If you’re like most, you use them while you’re at the gym, because well, that’s why you pay for the gym – to have access to cool gym equipment that you might not otherwise have access to.  And I wasn’t about to smuggle my video camera into the gym and film.

So I improvised.

You see – you don’t have to have own a Kettlebell to do many of the Kettlebell exercises – you just need a dumbbell (or a bag filled with sand).  Or a really heavy pocket book. Winking smile

And, well, I have one of those – a dumbbell.

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is KETTLEBELL MOVES!!

Here’s my move:  A Kettlebell Swing, minus the actual Kettlebell

Travis, I SWEAR I don’t wear that tank top to the gym!!  Only to film videos that can been seen by anyone on the internet.

Don’t misunderstand: the theme IS Kettlebell’s and I welcome any and all moves that utilize actual Kettlebells. BUT if you don’t own one, improvise and do something with a dumbbell or sand bag.  I surely don’t want to exclude anyone from submitting a move because they don’t own a certain piece of equipment!

A few guidelines on submitting your move:

  • Make sure to introduce yourself AND your blog!
  • Feel free to give tips on proper execution and technique.
  • DON’T include a number of reps. I’ll do that part.
  • If your move isn’t correct, meaning improper form or instruction, I will not be able to feature it. Do your homework and get it right!!
  • On Tuesday, grab the Tuesday Trainer button, to provide your readers with an easy link to the workout! Simply copy the text in my side bar and paste it into your HTML code.

**DEADLINE for submitting moves is Monday night, the 21st, at 8pm EST. Again, go here to learn how to upload your video!***

As always, I can’t wait to see what you have!!  Bonus points if you use an overstuffed purse as your Kettlebell.


Before I bid you all a good Thursday, I thought I’d put a little smile on your face first.

Or at least give you the chance to win something.

You see, after I announced that Katie, marathonwiner, was the winner of my Chobani giveaway, she told me that she was actually doing a Chobani giveaway of her own and that I needed to pick another winner.


What a nice girl!!

THEN, Chobani chimed in.


Not only are they shipping Katie TWO free cases, but they’re giving me the chance to pick a new winner!?!? I wasn’t lying when I said Chobani was good to bloggers. This company seriously impresses me!! I don’t mind one bit saying that I’m more apt to buy their yogurt simply because they do nice things like this!! Thank you, Chobani!!

Because I think it would be super anti-climactic and honestly boring to draw a new winner from last week’s comments, I’m going to draw one from TODAY’s comments!

So leave me a comment below – whatever you want to comment about will be fine. I’ll announce the new Chobani winner tomorrow! (And remember, YOU get to choose your flavors!)

So comment away!  And now I can say it – Happy Thursday!!


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  1. This will be my 3rd time at hitting a win and my first time I was so close. I want to win some chobani!! My fridge is out already and I need another stock full!!

  2. So my gym does not have kettlebells but I have been dying to try them! I’ll see what I can wrangle up this week but it might not be happening… Um Chobani please? Thank you again for sharing yesterday, you are in my thoughts.

  3. Yay! Chobani is the best! I honestly couldn’t complete my day without my Chobani breakfast! Thank you Chobani for keeping me on my feet and on top of my bust day!!!:-)

  4. Wow, Chobani has once again impressed me with their incredible generosity and commitment to “nothing but good.” I would love to win the case this time because I absolutely love Chobani!
    Have a great day!

  5. Mmmm, I love me some Chobani! What is really great is making mint-chocolate-chip protein “ice cream” with it:
    1 cup 0% plain Chobani
    1/4 tsp peppermint extract
    2 T cocoa powder
    2 T ground flax seed
    1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
    …mix it all up in a bowl, cover it, freeze for about an hour, then stir to break up frozen bits, and nomnomnom!

    Go ahead, try it. You may fall in love.

  6. To say that my children and I love Chobani would be an understatement of the century! When we walk into Costco, my girls immediately break into song, “Chobani, Chobani, oh, we eat Chobani; we just came here to get some Chobani….” (sung to the tune of “The Bunny song” from VeggieTales)

  7. Mmm, chobani! I love how they keep the fruit on the bottom so you can stir it in yourself or save it for the end as a treat hehe

  8. I own a kettlebell. My husband has a mini heart attack every time I use it, because he’s convinced that it’s going to go flying from my hands and crash through a wall. And…well…seeing as how I’m the image of poise and grace…I could see why he’s concerned.

  9. I would love some Chobani! Nom nom nom.
    ALSO I’ve done a few kettlebell classes. I think the instructor stuck me with one that was too heavy, because it was a week before I could walk normally again. And I felt the need to qualify my awkwardness with even more awkward comments, like “Yall, I’m so sore, I can barely sit down! Not cuz I had a fun date last night, either.” THANKS, KETTLEBELLS.

  10. I’m visiting your blog for the first time and I’m glad I found it! Also, I love Chobani!! If only it were cheaper, I could eat it more often.

  11. I actually won a kettlebell several months ago in a raffle and can’t wait to see some options for using it!! Thanks!!

  12. they are the nicest everrrrrrrrrr. and so is lindsay! its been a fun week in twitterville :)
    dont worry blogger friends–ill be posting a similar giveaway in the coming weeks.
    chobani for everyone!
    my sisters been trying to get me into kettleballs for a while now…maybe i should finally try!!

  13. I so want to be a winner but I don’t think they will ship to NEw Zealand, or will they? hehe.
    Love the kettle moves, i use the dumbbell too! Great tushy work! hehe.

  14. See, not only does Chobani have delicious Greek yogurt, they also have a very giving heart!! I’m excited for them that they are so willing to do things like this and are becoming so popular!

  15. How awesome is Chobani! That was too cool of them!
    I actually have kettlebells at home – I need to use them more but I’m scared I’ve forgotten my training and will end up hurting myself. That’s the thing with kettlebells – its best to have RKC give instructions on proper form. I had one show me the correct way to do swings (I was doing more squat action with my legs) so I hope I can remember my good form (hinge at the hip and snap!).
    Thanks for the TT!

    1. Mmmm, I love me some Chobani! What is really great is maknig mint-chocolate-chip protein ice cream with it:1 cup 0% plain Chobani1/4 tsp peppermint extract2 T cocoa powder2 T ground flax seed1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder mix it all up in a bowl, cover it, freeze for about an hour, then stir to break up frozen bits, and nomnomnom!Go ahead, try it. You may fall in love.

  16. When I got to the bottom of your post and saw Katie as the winner, my heart skipped a beat and I thought holy cow I actually won something…HA! Just kidding..Sigh! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that maybe it will be me. Have a wonderful Thursday! :)

  17. Awesome! On many fronts: you sharing and being well-received, :) the kettlebell TT coming up (and you TOTALLY don’t need to own a “real” one! So glad you pointed that out and are still doing it anyway!), and for another chance to win! Chobani just made it to Toronto, Ontario but I think that’s the only place it is currently in Canada, so it would be awesome to win to really get a taste of the stuff! Think I’ve only had it once or twice in the states…fingers crossed for some more awesomeness with a win! ;)

  18. Chobani is Yummo! I love all of the flavors and can’t wait for the new announcement of the 3 new flavors! :)

  19. AWESOME!!! I wanted to win that Chobani sooo bad!!!!! Here’s my second chance. I’ve done kettlebell moves with a butternut squash before. That was fun! Since it’s still sitting in my pantry I may have to bring it out for this weeks TT. :)

  20. That is so awesome that Chobani is doing this – I will definitely be purchasing their products more often!

  21. Chobani is awesome, not many companies would offer that. I don’t think my life was nearly as tasty before I discovered their greek yogurt, it’s the only kind I buy!

  22. Still enjoying reading your blog! Thanks for being some of my morning entertainment! ;) MmMmmmm, Chobani….. :)