Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have love handles?

An unsightly beer gut?

Do your arms wiggle to and fro?

Can you tie them in a knot?  Can you tie them in a bow?

Do you ever look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What the heck happened?!!?”  And “Are THOSE my knees?”

Have you ever wished you were thinner, but didn’t know where to start?  You WANT to get in shape, but don’t want to hassle with driving MINUTES to the gym or fiddle with automated drafts.  Weights make you nervous.  The treadmill seems daunting.  Bosu what-ie?

That’s a whole lot of questions.  And fitness guru, Lindsay Wright has some answers!


From the creator of the worldwide phenomenon, Push Mower Power Sculpt, comes CHAPTER TWO in Lawn Maintenance Fitness:

Rake Away The Fat!!

SIX years of scientific development went into this groundbreaking workout regime!  (Six years ago, Lindsay thought she was signing her marriage certificate.  Little did she know, she was agreeing to a life of servitude and lawn care.)  Bested, tricked.  Tired and worn out.  Lindsay KNEW that there was something to raking.  She knew that she could help people.  To impart her raking wisdom to others.  She knew she could take this tedious chore and turn it into PURE GOLD.  And that, my friends, is how “Rake Away The Fat” was born.

A Sneak Peek of this AMAZING full body workout:

You’ll work your shoulders…


Your back and core….


Work on those pesky saddlebags…


Get calves of steel….


You COULD be lazy and use a leaf blower to do the dirty work….ahem.


OR you could purchase this incredible workout and have the body you’ve only ever DREAMED about (AND the nicest lawn on the block!)  All you’ll need to get started is a lawn, a huge pile of dead leaves, a rake, some old dirty clothes, ratty shoes, and a two hour window.  Lindsay will provide the rest!!

There’s no time like the present.  Don’t hesitate!  Comment now!

But wait….

There’s more!

If you comment in the next three minutes, you’ll receive a complimentary Inspirational Poster of Lindsay Wright in action*  You can hang it on your wall, a visual reminder of just WHY you’re raking all those leaves!!

Don’t delay!  Comment today!

*Results not typical.


Yes, I really AM this ridiculous.  Yes, you did just waste the last 2 minutes of your life.  Two minutes that would have been better spent getting the crusties out of your eyes or perfecting your toe touch.  Now who’s ridiculous?!?

I actually really enjoyed raking (and other lawn maintenance chores).  I worked so hard that I gave myself a blood blister.


And yes, just like last time, I “paid” my photographer very well – with a little roll in the leaves. 

Too much?

Oh…and the winner of the Chobani giveaway is….#42 – Katie


CONGRATS!!  Email me your address and your flavor choices and I’ll get you some Chobani!!

**Get those Tuesday Trainer RESISTANCE BAND submissions into me!!  And come back tomorrow for a way cool workout!**


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  1. Hilarious.

    But wait! There’s more! You, too, can get blood blisters…and for the next ten minutes they are FREE!!!

    Sign. Me. Up. I love a good blood blister.

    Thanks for linking up with #ShowYourWork. :)

  2. I must say, I get the feeling that the real fat-burning power of this workout might come from the “cool down” ;) Heck, I’d say forget the raking and just…uh, “play”…in the leaves!

  3. Mahaha! Too funny. You always crack me up. Thanks for letting me know that the results aren’t typical, so that I don’t chase you down if I don’t look like you after 2 hours of raking.

  4. this is awesome, and it IS a great workout!! I did some of this a couple days ago – first sweeping all the leaves off our deck (which seems HUGE when doing this job!) and then raking them from the yard!

    the other workout I LOVE this time of year – stacking fire wood! we borrow our neighbor’s trailer, hitch it to my car, go pick up the cord of wood and then I help Jason stack it in our shed. that is an awesome workout, and it’s usually so cold out – I LOVE those kind of workouts! :D

  5. You crack me up, Lindsay! Raking really is no joke though! I raked and shoveled mulch at a local park for community service for a class last year, and man was I sore the next day…it really gets into your shoulder blades and finger joints, doesn’t it? :) Makes me glad I don’t have a lawn…hehe

  6. Oh man – a classic insight-into-Lindsay post! Love it. :D Since we live with the in-laws and they have people who do their lawn, I actually miss raking – great memories watching my mom do it, joining her, and ALSO hearing her coming in from (push) mowing the lawn and saying, “I will NEVER use a motorized lawn mower – ever! This is the BEST workout!” :)

    My last resistance band snapped! So I’m afraid contributing will be hard to this week’s TT…but I’ll see if I can get creative. :D Have a great day!