Speak that title across the room to someone.  They’ll be super confused, because let’s be real…as much as we’d like to think that saying “olive” looks JUST LIKE saying “I love”, it really doesn’t.  It just looks like you’re saying olive.  And that’s just confusing.

How about this? I LOOOOVE Chobani!

That’s better.  And no one’s confused.  ‘Cept the Spelling Nazi’s.

My love for this greek yogurt started about a year ago, when I started reading Meals and Moves.  Janetha spoke about Chobani with such fervor and excitement that I knew I needed to try it (she’s also the reason why I love Contigo Water Bottles)!

Now, I eat it almost daily.  Travis eats it.  Henry and Clara eat it.  We are a Chobani family.  It’s my “go-to” snack and I can bulk it up enough to act as breakfast.  Protein out the WAZOO!

Yogurt and Granola

Non-fat Chobani + 1/2 scoop Chocolate Whey Protein Powder + 1 heaping spoon of cashew or almond butter + granola

And while I may LOVE Chobani, it’s no secret that I DON’T LOVE to cook.  Or read recipes.  Or be in the kitchen.  So when Emily at Chobani asked me to come up with a recipe for their new feature, Chobani Kitchen, I may have snickered and rolled my eyes.

This new Kitchen feature is intended to highlight GOOD recipes that incorporate the yogurt (plus cooking tips, videos and demonstrations) – surely not something I could concoct!  Doesn’t she know?!?!  Maybe she hadn’t read about the time I made Crock Pot Oatmeal or tried my hand at Vegan Pudding.

I went along with it though.  Because while I may not be smart in the kitchen, I’m super smart when it comes to working with companies.  And Chobani is a company you WANT to please – it’s the truth – they LOVE working with blogger’s!!  They contacted me, sent me a sampler pack of TWELVE different flavors AND have offered to give you guys a little something, something.

Assorted Greek Yogurt Flavors

But first – the recipe.  It actually turned out to be both delicious AND easy to make (there are only FIVE ingredients!).  Definitely suited for anyone short on time or with a bare bones pantry (aka, this worn out housewife who needs to go grocery shopping!)

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

Squash Recipe


  • 1 Butternut Squash, peeled and diced
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 sweet onion, peeled and diced
  • 1 13.5fl oz. can Coconut Milk
  • 1 6 oz. container Chobani Greek Yogurt – Plain (0% or 2%)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Peel your butternut squash – the most tedious task of the entire recipe.

Peeled Squash

Cut peeled squash in half.  Scoop out seeds and goop.  If you’re industrious, save the seeds to roast them to give as presents.  If you’re me, throw them out because you don’t need another “To-Do” List item.Split Squash016

Dice peeled squash.  Peel and dice sweet onion.  Place on greased cookie sheet.0211024

Lather in olive oil.  The squash and onions, not yourself, however tempted you might be.


Bake at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes, flipping halfway through.  When the onions get a little brown on them, you know it’s time.  Scrape cooked squash/onion into blender.


Pour in coconut milk.


Add Chobani.

Butternut Squash and Yogurt

Blend on high until smooth.  Add extra coconut milk if you need help getting things going.  Blending process will take about 2-3 minutes.

Serve hot – sprinkled with nutmeg.  This soup is creamy, full of protein and great as a stand alone dish or to be served alongside some roasted chickpeas or baked chicken.047053

Easy, right?



Chobani was gracious enough to offer one Lindsay’s List reader a 12 pack of 6oz. Chobani’s of his/her choosing!!  You read that right – YOU get to pick the flavors of the 12 pack!!  (I’d go with half Plain and half Mango if I were you – but that’s just me!).


To enter:

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite way to eat yogurt.  Or tell me how you’d use it in a dish.

Bonus Entries: (PLEASE leave separate comments for each one you do!!!) – A Total of FIVE ways to enter!

  • Like Chobani on Facebook.  Write on their wall that Lindsay’s List sent you!
  • Follow Lindsay’s List and Chobani on Twitter. Tweet the following: “I want a case of @chobani from @lindsays_list!!: http://wp.me/p1Mp21-SN  “.
  • Like Lindsay’s List on Facebook and share this post (just click the FB Share button at the bottom of the post). Leave a comment below telling me you did both.
  • Blog about this giveaway! Leave a comment telling me when you do.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday night, November 13th @ midnight EST. I will announce the winner (randomly chosen) when I post on Monday.  Best of luck, my yogurt loving friends!


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  1. Hi: I did both! Love Chobani yogurt.. they’re opening a new plant in Idaho :)
    Sonia H

  2. My favorite way of eating yogurt is in 1 of 2 ways actually. I usually like pouring it in with my protein shake to change the texture a bit and also add a fruity flavor to my protein shake. Or I LOVE to pour my Cheerios into a cup of yogurt and mix it in good to eat. Delicious!!

  3. pom chobani…pom arils…granola…almond butter. gah, deliciousness.

    and obvs, i follow you and chobani on all levels.

    love you mama – getting to work finishing your header today!


  4. I’m following both you & Chobani on twitter liked Chobani on FB & said you sent me.
    My fab way to eat Chobani is plain on berries or in smoothies. My husband loves it with granola & berries.
    I also use it In cooking

  5. My favorite way to eat yogurt is in a yogurt mess! My favorite combo is Special K Strawberry Cereal with Strawberry Banana flavored yogurt…complete with fresh strawberry and banana slices!!!!!

  6. I can’t wait to try the squash soup receipe. We can’t keep enough Chobani in the house. My athlethic 14 year old daugher eats it sometimes 2x per day. We love the plain blended with frozen berries, spinach and a splash of water. Amazing!!

  7. I LOVE this stuff and so do my dogs. So That is how I eat it–with two spoons, one for me and one for my dogs!!

  8. I can’t lie – I love it for breakfast! That is definitely my favourite way to eat it. :) Some granola (or cereal with nuts) and fruit on top, with cinnamon… The perfect breakfast in my books!

    For using it in actual dishes, though? I like to use it in curry sauces (stirred in at the very end) to make them creamy, or to make cooling condiments/sides when eating spicy Indian food.

  9. I love Chobani! I have it evryday morning for breakfast. Its great with some homemade granola, a banana and oj! I liked Chobani on facebook and Lindsay’s list! :-)

  10. How many fave ways to love Chobani? The plain is gr8 as a sour ceam substitute. Lemon is good on fruit. I liked and shared your FB post. I did tweet.

  11. My favorite way to eat yogurt is with bananas and Kashi’s Toasted Berry Crumble cereal on top. best breakfast ever, no matter what flavor the yogurt may be!

  12. Awesome! Yogurt is a huge staple in my diet. Can’t imagine life without it, and for it to FREE… Don’t mind if I do.

    Just liked their FB page and commented on their wall :)

  13. Wow, thank you and Chobani for such a generous giveaway! My favorite way to eat Chobani is topped with frozen a Banana Nut VitaTop!

  14. I love eating a cup of plain 0% chobani with a spoonful of pumpkin puree and some cinnamon mixed in…yum!!

  15. I love my Chobani so many ways, but right now I’m have 1/2 blueberry, almond butter, chai seeds, flax seeds, and raisins! So yummy!!! My frig is stocked with Chobani all the time! I would love to win!!!

  16. I love adding pumpkin or banana to my chobani. I use the plain yogurt as sour cream in just about everything. Veggie dip, chili, and tacos.

  17. My favorite way to eat Chobani is with a spoon! Traveling across New Mexico & Arizona my sister & I kept an ice chest will Chobani right behind the front seats and spoons in the console. That way, we didn’t waste calories on junk food at travel center/rest stops. Worked great!

  18. I did all of the above! How were the Healthy Bites? Cannot wait to have my blog back up and running, it’s been forever and I miss it. HA! Happy Hump Day!

  19. I love to savor Chobani yogurt pure and simple. My fave so far is the strawberry banana and the pineapple! So delicious and a great snack in between meals.

  20. I’ve been showing people in Iowa about Chobani for the last 3 months, since I first saw it at Fareway. My kids don’t realize that I haven’t used sour cream in that time frame, and I’ve been showing my colleagues how thick and creamy it is at school.

    I love the pineapple yogurt, and I’m thinking I’ll be mixing that with a little bit of marshmallow fluff to replace our holiday apple dip. Yum!

  21. Ooops, I forgot the 1st entry. I love using plain greek yogurt mixed with lemon pepper as salad dressing. It’s so delicious!

  22. Prepare small, sugar free Orange Jello. When jiggly, but not totally set, Whip in 1 container of pinapple Chobani yogurt. Drain thoroughly, 1 can of mandarin oranges. Fold into jello/Chobani yogurt mixture. Allow to set. Enjoy ! Yum !

  23. My fave treat this past summer was fresh berries and peaches topped with almond slivers and plain Chobani. Heeeeeaaaaaaaaven-sent!! I love most of the flavored variety and snack on those daily. I also have been known to use plain to top a potato or chili as opposed to sour cream. I also love some crunchy cereal, like Kashi, tossed in some Chobani. Mmmm. So good. In a smoothie. Gosh, the list just goes on and on!!


  24. Oh how I would love to win this. I eat yogurt every day with my lunch. And I mean EVERY single day. People at work ask “don’t you get tired of yogurt?” Nope! Never. It’s so satisfying. I eat it as is, or sometimes with honey and granola mixed in. Yum!

  25. Oh man, I would like to win this! I love greek yogurt, and Chobani has the best flavors. I put yogurt in a lot of stuff – to replace oil in baked goods, in smoothies etc. But I eat it on its own most frequently. I’m going to try your soup soon!

  26. I LOVE Chobani, it’s my favorite kind of flavored greek yogurt! I would just die of happiness if I won this giveaway! I love to crumble up a granola bar on top and mix it in, or top with fruit! Sometimes chocolate chips are involved… Depends on the flavor and my mood!

  27. I loooove Chobani, and stocked up today at Bi-Lo (they’re 10 for $10)!!! I like the use the Pineapple Chobani in my overnight oats (old fashioned oats, splash of milk, Chobani, 1/2 banana, 1 Tbsp. Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter, 1 scoop chia seeds, 1 pkt stevia)…delish!

  28. I am way excited about this! Once I got pregnant I no longer had issues with dairy so I’ve been loving flavored Greek yogurts. You can’t beat the protein punch. Lately I’ve been mixing yogurt with uncooked rolled oats, but I love using plain yogurt as a marinade for chicken with spices too.

  29. Lastly: my favorite way to enjoy yogurt? Simply on its own with some granola/cereal, banana, almond butter, and cinnamon all mixed together. Satisfaction guaranteed. :D

  30. Whoo! Okay – HOW do you get in with all these giveaways, my friend? Do you ask them? (Hope it’s okay if I ask – just wondering how all the best companies find out about you.) :)

    I “liked” them on FB and said you sent me! :D

  31. YUM! My favorite way to eat yogurt is to add blueberries, almonds, strawberries and a banana. Mix all together and enjoy!

  32. My FAVORITE way to eat yogurt is to melt 1-2 T of PB or Nutella and mix it in and add in teddy grahams or granola!

  33. My husband and I love Chobani yogurt! My fave way to eat it is right out of the container with a little bit of honey.