Today is one.

A national holiday.

Or maybe just a Wright family holiday.  You won’t find correlating Hallmark cards, so don’t go trying to buy one.  Just yet.  Because I’m thinking that after today, women everywhere will want to celebrate this day.

Travis told me yesterday that today would be pretty special.

I even marked it on the dry erase calendar on the fridge (which needs to be replaced – scrub as I might with my Expo eraser, that “non-permanent” marker, was, well, permanent.)

Anyone can celebrate this holiday!!

You just need a selfless husband and some rad parents.  Oh, and you’ll need a cool version of yourself too.  Don’t want to waste the day doing or being who you normally are.

Today is about YOU!  Or rather, taking a vacation from normal YOU!

It’s “ME Day”!

My “ME Day” looks like this –   Format: Me (behind the scenes)

I sleep in until 8:20!!!  (Travis has been up since 6:45, keeping Henry and Clara quiet in the living room.)

I wake up and start stripping the sheets off the bed to be washed.  (Travis helps then proceeds to WASH, DRY and re-make the bed!)

I go to the gym to teach 9AM Bootcamp class.  (Travis watches the kids and makes sure that when I get home, no mess or food crumbs are to be found!)

I come home (to clean house), shower, eat breakfast.  (Travis takes kids out to play at the Fun Factory for 3 whole hours!)

That’s where we are now.  Jaw has not come off the floor.  Flies and mosquitos have made home in my open mouth.  I get to do whatever I want. Watch tv. Read blogs. Read my Bible. Eat Blue Bell “Spiced Pumpkin Pecan” ice cream.

I’m told that for the rest of “ME day”, Travis has arranged for my parents to babysit, while he takes me to dinner and a movie!

Dinner Out

Fuzzy, OLD picture of the last time we went out on a date…circa 2010.

Remember how I said you aren’t allowed to be boring You on ME day…yeah, you aren’t.

You can’t clean.  You can’t obsess.  You can’t complain.  You can’t try to take control.

And you certainly aren’t allowed to be ungrateful.

You just have to smile.  Breath in all this decadence.  Remember the WHY’s to life and leave the HOW’s until tomorrow.

Enjoy this national holiday.

I like to akin it to a SNOW DAY – you’ve got a million things you need to be doing, but try as you might, all you can do is sit around on your couch, in your comfy pajamas, coffee in hand….

And stare, in complete shock, at the utter beauty that is falling into place all around you.

Thank you, Travis, for the snow.

Couple in Love


QUESTION:  How are YOU celebrating this National Holiday??



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  1. A ME Holiday?! Love it!!! And love Travis for being such a great husband and bestowing this holiday on you, which you totally deserve – duh! I was unaware of this holiday, but I had a pretty nice little ME day anyway that included running, a little spontaneous boutique and thrift store shopping, and an afternoon movie with one of my best friends. Happy ME day to me, too. :)

  2. What a lovely day! Was it a surprise? Starting the day with a butt-kicking workout, capped off with dinner that someone else prepared sounds pretty darn awesome.

  3. LOVE you! I’m so happy you had a break today! You must be one good helpmeet for your man to adore you and pamper you like that. :-) Enjoy your date tonight!

  4. Ahh… Lindsay. I am so happy for you and your special day. LOVE IT! Travis is the best! Hope you’re enjoying EVERY second of it. You soooo deserve it! Cyber hugs (I forgot to give them on one of your previous posts, but now I just want to give you more). :)
    And.. that last picture is AWESOME! You two are perfect!

  5. hmmmm this is kind of OVERLY AWESOME. i’m amped for you. i hope your YOU day continues past dinner ma friend ;) on my julME day hahahahaha i went to trader joe’s got in a fabulous workout, having fresh & amazing salmon for dinner and about to curl up with the bundle of mags that found their way into my mailbox today. woooo hoooo :)

  6. Seriously, this Travis character? A keeper!!! He is so sweet to you! I love to see that in a marriage – that trust and love and adoration, especially when it lasts over time (and with kids, too!). My husband and I work very hard to keep that spark, that passion, that love alive every single day. So far, it’s served us pretty well, 7 years and counting. :-)

    But anyway, back to YOU! Enjoy the rest of your YOU day and an awesome date night with your awesome husband :)

  7. This post made me smile, Lindsay! Travis is one giving, selfless, example-setting husband. Enjoy your day! It’s not necessarily a “me day,” but the house is quiet and I am solo for a few hours. I started with coffee and reading my Bible – something I’ve admittedly neglected too much this week/recently, and had some good breakfast. It’s COLD outside… -19 (C) that feels like -27 with the wind chill. Thinking of pushing my run off until tomorrow when the temps raise! Until then, it’s paint-my-nails time, blog, and phone my mom. Maybe it is a “me day” or “me morning” after all. :D ENJOY!