Before I get into the rambling, here’s my Tuesday Trainer move for next week.  The theme is RESISTANCE BANDS in case you missed yesterday’s post.  (FYI, I also embedded it into that post, so when you go to upload your video, you can come to either post.)

Yet ANOTHER unsightly screenshot. Thank you, YouTube.  You’ll receive no Christmas gift from me.

Ok…onto some Friday fun

Recent Observations – It’s NOT Ok Edition

1.  It’s NOT ok to simply skip over Thanksgiving and move straight into Christmas.


Halloween is over.  November 1st, I walked into Walmart and there are Christmas trees lined up and the greeters and checkout ladies are all wearing elf hats.  ?!?!?  What tha?!?  I’m not “Grinchish” and I LOOOOOVE Christmas, but Thanksgiving comes first in the calendar year.  And Thanksgiving is a GOOD holiday!  There’s turkey and strawberry pretzel salad and yeast rolls and Mamaw Dot’s Google Gaggle.  Google Gaggle needs to be celebrated, ya’ll.

We own all of Transiberian Orchestra’s Christmas albums.  Travis refuses to let me listen to them until the day after Thanksgiving.  I used to get angry at this.  Now I embrace the tradition.  Christmas can have it’s fun in DECEMBER, where it belongs.

2.  It’s NOT ok for my 3 year old to play the fun, but humbling, “Tweeze the Gray Hair” game.

Begin scene:  Travis sits on the floor, wrestling around with Henry.  Henry stops playing, stands up and leers at Travis’ hair.  Then he says, and I quote, “We gotta get these white hairs out, Daddy!” and starts grabbing at random hairs.  End scene.

And end my hopes of ever doing ANYTHING that my kids don’t see and immediately parrot.

3.  It’s NOT ok to lose the romance in your marriage.


That’s why you need to “date” one another.  And set aside time for one another.  And make out like horny teenagers.

4.  It’s NOT ok that I ate THIS MANY Peanut Butter Chocolate bars.


By myself.  With a fork.  Little bites taken over a two, alright, one day span.  Actually, it’s perfectly OK.  Just meant I had to work harder in the gym.  Or “make out” more vigorously.

5.  It’s NOT ok for me to have never heard about Kimbra before now.

Allie had this video featured on her blog yesterday.  It gets super good around 1:35.

Heavy lyrics, but such great voices and vibe!  I listened to probably 4 more Kimbra songs on YouTube after this one.  Another great one:

Love her melty, smooth voice. Ironically, SHE didn’t have ANY bad screenshots.  Hmmm.  She probably gives great Christmas presents.

6.  It’s NOT ok to covet these shoes as much as I do.


or this dress…


Thanks A lot, Lisa and Pinterest!  Good thing I have almost no desire to get out of my workout clothes.

7.  It’s NOT ok to love you guys as much as I do.

No wait…that’s perfectly ok.

QUESTIONS:  What is NOT ok?  Recent pins?  Plans for the weekend?  Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?

We’re having a family photoshoot today.  Outfits are pressed and ready, I’m actually going to do something with my hair.  I’ll try to post some sneak peeks as soon as I can.


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  1. I’ve never heard of Kimbra either. Thanks for sharing. It’s NOT okay to be caught out and about with the kiddos without any diapers or wipes on hand. What was I thinking? :) It’s NOT okay to forgot to take time to thank GOD for each amazing day. I need to remind myself of this.
    PS- I’m scared of Pinterest. :)

    1. I swear, we share brains. Henry had an accident while in Kid’s Care at the gym today. I walk in and he’s standing there in a GIRL’s pullup. Not only did I forget to bring him a pull-up, but his pants were unwearable and I didn’t have an extra pair. All I could do was go get a blanket, wrap it around his legs and go straight home.

  2. Ooooh…I love Kimbra. That first song is always getting stuck in my head. She’s so gorgeous. Major girl crush.

    OK, I have to ask you: did you post about making out before you started or after you finished kissing? Or did you just type one-handed in the middle of it? Inquiring minds need to know.

  3. Ooh, I want that dress. It’s so flattering for a long sleeve. Yikes, $500. May as well have the shoes to go with it then.
    Isn’t that a great part? I am just in love with her voice now; I’ve been listening to her a lot lately too.
    COMPLETELY agree with the early Christmas thing. I saw a pin I love: “Dear Christmas, WTF MAN?! It’s not your turn yet. Sincerely, Thanksgiving”
    Oh, & you should always eat that many pb bars when they are around. How can you not?

  4. I just came across your blog and I love it!! NC bloggers represent! My little sister lives in Asheville, and I love it like a second home (I’m holding it down in Durham). I always try to wait until after Thanksgiving for the Christmas music, but I caved a little a couple days ago before deciding it just didn’t feel right yet- and put it away again.

  5. I love Thanksgiving, but I LOOOOOVE Christmas! I must admit that I’ve been listening to Christmas music and will be getting the decorations out next week, because December only is jut not long enough to enjoy the decorations :)

  6. my first job out of college was as an accountant at Saks Fifth Avenue (talk about temptation!)… I became friends with many of the people in the visual department – each Halloween night they stayed all night, after the store was closed, to decorate for the holidays. crazy. November first at 10 am, it is Christmastime at Saks! :D

    I agree with you – it’s way too early. although it does sneak up quick! can you imagine working in an industry where you needed to be prepared for things like that? they probably start talking about Christmas in the summer – so November first must seem normal to them!

    those shoes! yes!

    happy Friday! XO

    1. The thing is – I’ll totally start buying Christmas presents now (or in October)…I just don’t like it when they skip over all the great in Thanksgiving.
      Happy Briday to you (that’s right, I typed Briday…I almost fixed it, but chose not to.)

  7. HILARIOUS!!! Loved the make out tweet…you are so right. It is okay that you ate that much of the pan of dessert:) I love Thanksgiving and it bothers me too that it just gets skipped over. It is definitely okay that you love me so much:) Have a great day!

  8. 1. I covet those shoes too much too…I just stared at the picture for like a minute and half before I actually read your post. (so not okay)
    2. I distinctly remember making fun of my mom’s gray hairs when I was little…and she warned me my day would come. (so not okay tat I didn’t believe her)
    3. It’s supposed to rain all weekend here…it was sunny all week when I had to work. Not okay :(

    But that’s why hot cocoa exists, so all is okay after all… :)

  9. Ugh – Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving is such a pet peeve of mine! I am Christmas crazy, but one holiday at a time PLEASE!!! I feel like it’s a rush from one holiday to another already this time of year, but Christmas stuff in November is like skipping right over Thanksgiving. Slow down people. :)

  10. Happy Friday!!! 11-11-11 !

    Youtube just gives the most unflattering screenshots! Mine are always bad, your s was not bad at all!

    LOVE those shoes, super cute! Im a sucker for a cute pair of heels!

    Those peanut butter bars look damn good! Glad those are not near me, haha!

    Have a great day girl!