I’m honestly not sure HOW I’ve not used this post title before.  Because I utter this statement nearly every day.

Coffee is my friend.


Now, this wasn’t always the case.  I remember the first time I tried it.  It was before church one Sunday, during the “coffee and donuts” time (do all churches have that?  if not, they SHOULD!  Jesus loves donuts.  It’s in the Bible somewhere.)

Anyway, I tried coffee, probably because a boy was drinking it.  Tween Lindsay filled that white Styrofoam cup all the way to the top.  No cream.  No sugar.  Black as all get out.  Probably because that’s how a boy was drinking it.  One sip.  Yuckola!!  Tasted like tar.  And old people.  Like tarry, old people.

Adults liked this stuff?!?!  I was really confused.

coffee poster


  • Until I needed to pull an all-nighter in college.  Straight A’s, baby!  umm…and maybe a couple of B’s.  And one C.
  • Until I needed to stay up for the 2-hour drive from my wedding reception to my honeymoon cabin.  I kinda wanted to be awake for that awesomeness.
  • Until I needed to function as a living person after Henry was born.  A normal and nice, living person.
  • And now, I use it to fuel me before hard workouts AND insane days running after two savage toddlers.

In the word’s of my dear friend, Julie, coffee is “dependable, inspiring, thought provoking, warm & fuzzy, great to cuddle up with on a warm wintry night, yet flexible in the iced version that can chill you out on a hot summer day”.

Yep, that just about sums it up.

The fine people at Green Mountain Coffee also tend to agree.  They actually kinda ROCK at making coffee. GMC_logo_3color_small

You can read their “Behind the Bean” story here.  In summary, Green Mountain cares about the beans it uses, the ecosystems where the beans are harvested AND the farmer-partners who harvest their beans.  It truly is a company that cares about it’s product from START to FINISH!


Luckily, they offered to let me sample the FINISH part*!  Last week, I received a box of their Limited Edition – Holiday themed, “Spicy Eggnog” K-Cups.


Did I mention they were FAIR TRADE Certified?!?  That means that Green Mountain pays their farmer-partners a fair wage for their coffee.  This act promotes healthier working conditions and greater economic incentive for the coffee farmers.  Win-win.

And the coffee tastes phenomenal!  Like cinnamon and nutmeg and Christmas and Bing Crosby. Coffee Maker

I could write an entire post about how much I love my Keurig (put one on your Christmas wish list…seriously!!)  Combine my Keurig and a Spicy Eggnog K-Cup, and you’ve got me “mmmm-ing” and tightly gripping my favorite mug and drinking FAR too much coffee over the past weekend.

Maybe I should share a little.

Green Mountain Coffee has offered to give ONE L.L. reader the choice of either a box of 24 K-cups or one 10 oz. bag of coffeeYOUR flavor choice!!  (Flavors listed here)  So even if you don’t own a Keurig, you can still try this wonderful coffee in bagged form!!  Thanks, Green Mountain!


Leave a comment below telling me your favorite coffee flavor or how you “take” your coffee.  (Hazelnut, straight up BLACK for me!)

BONUS ENTRIES: (PLEASE leave separate comments for each one you do!!!) – A Total of FIVE ways to enter!

  • Like Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook. Write on their wall that Lindsay’s List sent you!
  • Like Lindsay’s List on Facebook and share this post (just click the FB Share button at the bottom of the post). Leave a comment below telling me you did.
  • Follow Lindsay’s List and Green Mountain Coffee on Twitter. Tweet the following: “I entered @lindsays_list #giveaway for some @GreenMtnCoffee!!  You should too!  “.
  • Blog about this giveaway! Leave a comment telling me when you do.

This giveaway will be open until Friday night, November 25th @ midnight EST. I will announce the winner (randomly chosen) when I post on Saturday.

Enter the giveaway THEN you can get back to drinking that second cup.  #coffeeloversunite


*Green Mountain Coffee sent me FREE samples of their product.  All opinions are 100% mine and I was not paid to write this post.*

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  1. Great giveaway! My favorite coffee changes all the time but I always choose some type of flavor, usually involving chocolate. Right now, I’m loving chocolate peanut butter – so delicious! I like it with splenda and either skim or soy milk (currently on a chocolate soy kick).

  2. I LOVE my keurig!! Now that I have one I could never go back. My fav is Dunkin Donuts but I have to buy them online because I can’t find them in Seattle. I use a little fat free vanilla creamer. Mmmmm. Can’t wait to wake up and have some coffee tomorrow!

  3. My boyfriend bought me a Keurig a few months into our relationship, because he couldnt stand the instant coffee I was making anymore ;-)
    I take my coffee with a dash of creamer. Hazelnut is my choice right now too!

  4. Coffee reminds me of my grandpa. I love it, & while I’m pretty particular, I don’t drink it that often. I’m one of those strange people who is not effected by caffeine; so it doesn’t work as a “pick-me-up”. It’s like a treat though; every once in awhile after a dinner out. I take my coffee black. LOVE that you are supporting a Fair Trade Coffee Co. They are rare. (Don’t include me in the giveaway. We don’t even have a coffee maker at home.)

  5. My favorite Keurig coffee is Green Mountain Hazelnut decaf!!!! With one packet of sugar in the raw and a splash of milk :)

  6. I like strong, bold roast, especially with chickory =)…I’m a native of South Louisiana and I think I bleed coffee w/ chickory ;).

  7. My favorite way to drink coffee is with a bit of foamed skim milk on top…has a creamy finish, cuts down on the “bite” a bit, and feels indulgent.

  8. I love my coffee sweet and vanilla-y. I use my Keurig and pick French Vanilla, then I use vanilla creamer! It’s so artificially delicious!

  9. Tweeted and already follow you on Facebook! My favorite coffee is Hazelnut with unsweetened almond milk and either cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. :) Sometimes I like to froth the milk, to make it a little special.

  10. I take my coffee any flavor as long as it’s “leaded” with nonfat milk, and then sometimes with a packet of hot cocoa if it’s a chocolate-is-necessary kind of day :)