You thought we’d do Chest, Shoulders and Triceps this week, didn’t you??  I’d even go so far as to bet that at least one of you thought of your move…maybe you even videotaped it in advance??

Well, I went all sorts of crazy and decided to switch things up on you!  Gotta keep you on your toes.


Which means, no moves…

Don’t cry.  We’re still doing videos.  Just not active ones.  You can even stay in your pj’s if you want.  Just hide the chocolate chip cookie pie out of the camera’s view.  Or heck, keep it.  Adds flair.

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is Meet Your “Trainers”!!  Holla!  (what?)

Basically, you guys are going to submit vlogs of yourselves answering some questions I’ve come up with.  I tried to keep them fitness related.  (Although, I really DO want to know how much wood would a woodchuck chuck.)  So in your vlog, you’ll answer the following:

  • What do you wear while working out?
  • What is your favorite footwear?
  • Favorite post workout meal/snack?
  • What’s your next fitness goal?

Here’s my “Meet Your Trainer” video:

Any Carolina fans out there??  Coincidentally, that was the very shirt that I wore the day that Travis fell in love with me.  Side story:  In our early days of dating, I took him on a vigorous hike in WNC.  This was during that period of time when you’re still trying to impress the other party (those days are long past).  By the time we summited the mountain, I was schweating profusely and so embarrassed.  Travis told me then and there that he loved that I would feel so comfortable as to sweat in front of him.  Then he hugged and kissed this naturally sweaty girl.

I like to think that my sweat smelled so attractive that he was cast under a spell.  Present day, he still does the dishes and tickles my back.  And I make SURE to sweat in front of him on a regular basis.  It’s the little things.

Back to Tuesday Trainer….

Some helpful guidelines:

  • If you’ve never participated in Tuesday Trainer, you can still submit a Meet Your Trainer!!  Anyone can participate!!
  • Don’t afraid to be yourself!  “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” — Steve Jobs (R.I.P. Steve)
  • Wear comfy clothes.
  • Try not to ramble on – submissions should be no more than 4-5 minutes long.
  • Remember to introduce yourself and your blog.

***DEADLINE for submitting moves is Monday night, the 10th, at 8pm EST. Again, go here to learn how to upload your video!***

P.S.  LAST CALL for entering the O.N. Casein Powder Giveaway!  Go here to enter!


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  1. love the theme this week! i definitely think i can manage to pull another video out haha. also gimme some of dat spaghetti squaaaaaaaash! i have one in my pantry and wish i pulled that sucker out tonight! i’m obsessed with cinnamon on spag squash strands haha

  2. I loved your video and hearing you talk! I hope I don’t get too twangy when I do mine :) I love this idea and I will definitely research how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if he could!

    ps- I have never heard about the rules of workout style with the tight top and baggy bottom and vice versa….I guess I’ve been doing it all wrong!!!

  3. Oh my word, I’m in love with your accent (and you) – I’ve never heard it in your short TT videos!

    Also, just so you know – this is like my worst nightmare to talk in front of a camera, but I’ll doing it for you anyway.

    1. Britt, I don’t know what kind of computer or camera you have, but I use my Macbook Pro to make my videos. I just set it up and use PhotoBooth (a program it comes with). Then, I load it onto iMovie (another program on the Mac) and I can upload the video directly to YouTube from there. I hope that helps!

  4. Love this idea! How fun to include a rest day and a give everyone the chance to lean a little more about one another! Also, the “schweaty love story” made me smile. Love you two!