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Sometimes I think that we can be our own worst critics.  Nix that….I am definitely my own worst critic!  As much as I battle it, I have an inner voice that makes me feel less than perfect.  I’m constantly trying to be BETTER.  I think that this is something all people battle, but women more than men.  And to make matters worse, not only do we battle ourselves, but we often COMPARE what we’re doing with others.

WHY do we do this?!  I’m perfect just the way God made me.051

Whether I believe that or not, is up to ME!  I often feel like I SHOULD be doing something to make life/myself/my family/my home BETTER.  I realized….I’ve been SHOULD’ing all over myself.

I SHOULD have gone to bed last night RIGHT when we got home from practice, instead of staying up, watching Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads Guitar Festival” and eating ice cream.

– Eric Clapton makes me swoon.  Ice cream makes me weak in the knees.  And sleep is overrated.  Wait, that last statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Sleep makes my world go round. 


I SHOULD have prepared my family a decent meal this week, instead of relying on smoothies from the gym or quickly grabbing trail mix and Clif Z Bars.

– It’s ok to have a week of lazy meals.  It doesn’t mean we’re all going to die or that our health is deteriorating.  Just that Henry and Clara might be scarred for life.

I SHOULD have let a professional cut Clara’s hair, instead of just taking my fingers, grabbing a handful of hair and cutting it as straight as I could.

– I really have no defense for my actions.  Poor kid.

006013Wonder where she gets it from?

I SHOULD have taken the time to write a thoughtful and coherent post, instead of waiting until Friday morning and typing whatever came out of my fingertips .  I’ll probably lose reader’s due to poor content.

– My reader’s aren’t that shallow.  And, let’s face it, most of us just jump to whatever’s highlighted, bolded or near a picture.  Your eye was drawn to that bolded bolded word, wasn’t it?!

I SHOULD have strength trained this week, instead of doing all cardio-based classes and runs outside.035

– My muscles aren’t going anywhere.  And it’s WAY TOO nice not to be running outside.  My hair is again, WAY TOO crazy.

I SHOULD have told Henry NO when he wanted to watch Star Wars for the THIRD time yesterday.  We SHOULD have stopped, sat down and done some schooling.

– Star Wars is a valuable series that teaches life lessons and promotes good overcoming evil.  Plus, every time he watched it, I made him count the number of times Luke whines.  That’s about 3,209.  Math = check.

I SHOULD have listened to Travis’ reply when I asked him if I could name this post, “Shoulding all over myself” and he said, “Umm.  No.”

– I’m an independent woman who snickered a little when she thought it up.  In my defense, I DID listen to his NO answer when I asked if I was allowed to write, “Ice cream gives me a hard on” earlier.


Lessons learned:  YOU are in control of those voices, both positive and negative.  YOU make decisions everyday that will either a) make life better or b) make it harder.  YOU can control the SHOULD’s.

And the last one:  Always listen to your husband.  But also, yourself.  Life if too short to worry about who you might offend.

Happy, happy FRIDAY!!   And tell me – what are some of your SHOULD’s?  How do you overcome them??


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  1. Oh myyy. I would kill for a bowl of that ice cream right now…how sad is it that I can’t remember the last time I ate ice cream? I need to take care of that. Happy Friday night!!

  2. Of COURSE you should watch Star Wars numerous times! My husband and I saw three Ewalks (sp?) strolling through down town today, and we were able to share a very cultural discussion regarding the film. Splendid.

  3. Aw Linds- LOVE this. I SHOULD be on the treadmill right now. Instead I’m eating this huge apple bake thing with gobs of PB and reading your blog. Oops. You are just fabulous! Love that your husband told you “no” about the ice cream line, but you snuck it in there anyway.
    I SHOULD have won your giveaway. Ha ha! Just kidding! Congrats to the winners!
    Happy Friday!
    Now I want ice cream!

  4. HA! Love this. You wanna know why?

    This morning, I thought to myself, I KNEW I SHOULD have done laundry last night. Why, you ask? I had no clean undies. I had to dig to the bottom of the drawer and found an old, ratty pair of thongs. I’ve been digging wedgies all day.

  5. SHOULD have written a thoughtful post!!?? you did, lady, you did. this is a HUGE life lesson!! life is for living, and that sometimes means to bend the “rules” of what you think you “should” be doing. and stay up late when it’s for Clapton, for sure!

    XXO you rock my socks.

  6. I love this! Why are ladies always so hard on them selves? I know I do it too. I should have prepped my meals for the day last night instead of couching (wow my phone changed couching to douching… That is not right) it up and then scrambling to get everything ready in the morning… but I didn’t :)

  7. You made me love you even more with this post! I am the queen of saying SHOULD and this post was just what I needed. I am glad you didn’t listen to Travis:)

    PS the part about ice cream making you weak in the knees made my day!

  8. don’t lie. ice cream & eric clapton make the world go around. there’s plenty of time for sleep um some other time? i SHOULD be doing work right now instead i’m reading your blog and thinking about my tuesday trainer move

  9. I SHOULD have stuck to my meal plan and not let myself get a little crazy with the food… but then again… food makes me happy so I might as well enjoy a few weeks of freedom… right?

    I think your right, we should ourselves to death. I know I do. Daily. Hourly even. I love this post. Your daughters hair is rad. You should (ha ha ha) have seen my daughters hair when she was little. It stuck straight up no matter what I did. So cute!

  10. I should have done the dishes last night, because now I have 2 days’ worth of dishes and I really DON’T want to do them. But at least…ummmm…I have dishes? Oh, I’m not so good at this Pollyanna stuff. Ha! I laughed out loud at the picture of Clara. She’s so stinking cute!

  11. I should have made my bed properly this morning, but I was too tired…I just threw the comforter over the whole mess

    I should have made myself oatmeal because it was cold…but I was lazy and had greek yogurt with dry Kix…again

    I should clean my poor goldfish’s bowl…the water is kinda orangey…but I think he likes it that way :)

    I should stop reading blogs and answer emails…but that can wait, right?

    Happy Friday!

  12. So many shoulds for me that I don’t know where to begin…Here’s a sampling:
    I should be doing laundry rather than reheating my coffee and losing myself on facebook
    I should clean the school room, but the longer I leave it a disaster, the less time I have to spend schooling. Bad, bad…but I’m so tired, therefore, more coffee.
    I should make Samuel stop playing his DS. I will. Soon. When my coffee is gone.
    I should not be thinking about bagging up my laundry and taking it to the Chinese laundry in town…however, I have three full trash bags waiting in the garage. It’s just a one time thing, right?
    I should do my hair.
    I should see Lindsay and give her the present I bought her in CA :)

  13. Did you really post the same picture twice?
    Thats ok. I’m not really one to say what you “should” do. ;)
    In fact the only thing you “should” do is stop thinking what you should do and just do what you can.

  14. Yay!!! You just made my week – can’t believe I won! I actually have ne’er tried Erin Bakers before so I am very excited to get such a great sampler of all their best!

    I think “Shoulding All Over Myself” was the title of a Sex and the City episode, which to me makes it an awesome title.

  15. In the spirit of Should Of…I should have stopped eating the buffalo chik’n dip last night, but it was so delicious and I didn’t want it to go to waste. :) I figure my 12 mile run will help even out the scales this afternoon! Happy Friday – hope you have a great weekend!