I’m an American who has been abundantly blessed.

I eat three meals a day, with snacks in between.  Fresh foods, organic foods.

I drink clean water.

I sleep in my queen-sized bed, perfectly comfortable from the many blankets I own and the electric heat that warms my house.

Speaking of my house, I have one.  It’s roof and walls protect me from the rain, wind and bugs.

My children are pudgy, having been given anything their little hearts have desired.

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So when I saw these starving children on my sister-in-law’s blog today, I knew I had to do something.  Help spread the word somehow.

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Camila’s words – “The photos in the article are absolutely horrifying. I just finished a book entitled Nothing to Envy about conditions inside North Korea and it was strikingly similar to conditions inside the Nazi death camps that I last read about in Hunting Eichmann. However, unlike the Holocaust which happened during our grandparents generation, this suffering is happening as we read.

Go here to read the rest of her post –  she has a way with words that I will never have, probably because she’s a lawyer!

At this moment in time, I am unsure of HOW to help.  Or rather, WHO to send money to.  North Korea is such a closed off country.

I’m asking that we PRAY!  Pray for the children.  Pray for the devastated families.  And pray for the government and it’s dictatorship.  Also, please help spread the word about evil in this world!  Even if it’s not this particular issue, speaking out and acting out against evil brings these issues to light – showing that NO, it is NOT ok to allow children to starve, people to be sold into slavery, for rapes to occur.  It’s never ok.

If you happen to know of any good organizations or underground churches (Voices of the Martyrs) that might be able to help, leave info in the comments!


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  1. Breaks my heart. I have missed your posts this past weekend and am catching up! This is beautiful, Linds. I see things like this, and feel so helpless too. But what we can’t touch, prayer can :) Joining you !

  2. While I’m not sure that you can earmark money for a particular country, I think that Oxfam is one of the best charities out there when it comes to using donations to actually save lives. I often struggle with the divisions that exist in the world. I’m so lucky…and other people are watching their babies starve to death. It’s wrong, at such a basic level.

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