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Last week, I told you that we consume a lot of protein powder, then had a giveaway.

This week, I’m telling you that we eat A LOT of fiber.  Oh…. and I’m having another giveaway!


When the nice people at GNU foods offered to send me some of their Flavor & Fiber Bars for review, I couldn’t say no!  Not only because, hey, it’s free stuff.  But mostly because this was a product that I had already fallen in love with many years ago!!


I’m not going to list off the MILLION reasons why getting more fiber in your diet is a good thing.  I will tell you two stats though.

  1. According to the FDA’s newly revised dietary guidelines, adults should be getting a minimum of 25-30 grams of dietary Fiber a day.
  2. Gnu bars are packing 12 grams of fiber into one 140 calorie snack!

Plus, not only do they give you almost half of your daily recommended fiber intake, Gnu bars taste AWESOME.  Not cardboardy or dried out AT ALL!  I’ve tried every single flavor they make (7) and they are all wonderful.


My favorite flavor, Cinnamon Raisin:


See – all clean ingredients!!  I eat mine crumbled on top of plain Chobani yogurt.  Or just as a quick snack before Oz practice.  The fiber holds me over until I can get back home for dinner.

You can buy these bars at most health food stores.  Click on the Store Locator to find retailers near you.

OR you can order them online from Gnu’s website – Lindsay’s List readers can use the code “INTRO10” off their first order!


OR…you could just enter my giveaway and get them FOR FREE (thank you, gnu!)


What will I win?

A case of GNU Flavor N Fiber Bars (14 count) – a $27 Value!!

To enter:

Leave a comment below telling me how you incorporate fiber into your diet.

Bonus Entries: (PLEASE leave separate comments for each one you do!!!)

  • Like Gnu foods on Facebook and post on their wall that Lindsay’s List sent you. Leave a comment below telling me that you did.
  • Tweet the following: “I’m trying to win @gnufoods bars from @lindsays_list: http://wp.me/p1Mp21-CW “. Leave a comment below telling me that you tweeted.
  • Like Lindsay’s List on Facebook. Leave a comment below telling me you like me. ;)

This giveaway will be open until THIS Thursday night, October 13th @ midnight EST. I will announce the winner when I post on Friday.  Best of luck!


Last call for Tuesday Trainer submissions. New to Tuesday Trainer?? Check it!


*Items for review and giveaway were provided for free by gnu foods. All opinions are 100% mine and I was not paid for this post.*

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  1. I have to really think about eating more fiber.. But if I am more conscious about eating more fiber I get more fiber!

  2. I can a fiber crazed woman! I’m always making sure I get some at every meal – Kashi Go Lean cereal, beans, edamame, raspberries, apples….I love it all!

  3. Lots of fruits, veggies, dry roasted edamame (my latest addiction), and oats! I <3 fiber haha

  4. A nutritionist once told me to get a rainbow of colors in my diet everyday. Adding color not only made my food more eye-appealing, but truly so much healthier as well! Colorful salads and sides inspired me to try so many new fibrous fruits and vegetables.

  5. I eat a lot of espresso chip gnu bars. (And I like gnu bars on Facebook, although this has been true for a long time…)

  6. I eat my fruits and veggies and add chia seeds and flax seeds to my smoothies and oatmeal.

  7. I looooove these bars! I’m obsessed with fiber, sometimes I even grind up chia or flax seeds and add them to just about anything I bake to replace some of the empty carbs with fiber!! I love it, great find!

  8. I incorporate fiber into my diet by eating oatmeal along with lots of fruits and veggies!!!! And I love Gnu bars!

  9. two of my favorite snacks are nuts and carrots. they’re both great sources of fiber.

  10. After visiting a nutritionist to lower my bad cholesterol, I aim for 10 grams of soluble fiber and watch saturated fats. I split a GNU bar, my favorite is orange cranberry, with my husband each morning and proceed to meet soluble fiber grams by counting grams in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. So far very good results.

  11. I eat lots of apples (with the skin on) for fiber. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  12. I incorporated fiber in my diet by eating oatmeal ALL THE TIME! I also like to mix wheat bran in it. I also eat whole grains like barley for dinner quite frequently, along with edamame and vegetables. Another favorite way to get fiber is whole foods fiber bagels, with 10 grams of fiber per 210 calorie bagel!

  13. I get most of my fiber from fruits and veggies thoughout the day . Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway! Love gnu!

  14. I am trying to add fiber by nutritional supplements because I just cant get enough through food. Unfortunately, the pills are huge and I dont really like them. I think these bars might be a good option for me! :D

  15. These bars sound delicious! I love the idea of crumbling them over yogurt. Normally I am old-school and add Fiber One twigs to my yogurt in the morning, plus have a few sweet potatoes a month. I’m going to have to check these out!

  16. I incorporate fiber by eating Holy Crap. I also put hemp hearts in my salad, have hemp protein shakes on the days I don’t eat Holy Crap and incorporate Salba into items a well. I fell in love with Chia seeds too! So neat how they gel up when soaked up in water for a few minutes.

  17. Wahoo! Great giveaway, friend! Well, Mikey would say I have NO problem getting fiber in…for some reason it shows its affects in my body EVERY night before bed…poor husband. He really is great. Not sure where it comes from – all the grains in the a.m. and beans throughout the day? I think I get enough in either way. ;)

  18. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway! Love gnu!

    I incorporate fiber into not just my diet, but my family’s diet, by eating tons of fruits, veggies (I sneak all the green things into my kids’ meals!), and whole grains/legumes.

  19. Oatmeal, flax seeds, fruits, veggies, etc. make their way into my stomach daily. When I visited China, the crazy lack of fiber in their food (think veggies slathered in oil and white rice) made my body out of whack. Let’s just say it was not pretty. Fiber is good!

  20. beans! I love beans. also, flax and psyllium mixed into my fresh juice.

    and I LOVE gnu! I have not bought them in a while, but I used to, Jason and I both love them! when I win this ;) I’ll get back in that habit…


  21. I eat fiber by incorporating lots of beans into my diet: black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo, and lentils! I make batches of them on the weekend to have ready to use during the week. I throw them on a salad, in chili, or in a wrap.

  22. I incorporate fiber by eating whole grains, fruits, and veggies as much as possible and by having a Kellogg’s Fiber Plus bar as “dessert” after lunch every day :) I definitely would like to up my intake, though!