Hello you nice, beautiful people!!  I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday afternoons.  What’s nice about today, aside from it being my most favorite day of the week, is that we have ANOTHER day off tomorrow!  Three day weekends should be mandatory.  No wait, four day weekends…no wait….

Let’s just all be stay-at-home moms so we don’t have to work…..oh wait.  That IS a job.

I digress.

To celebrate my favorite day, Oat’s In A Jar were a must.  There is something about oatmeal that screams FALL (which coincidentally, is my favorite season).  If you’ve never made OIAJ before, you should.  It’s a great way to scrape all the peanut butter from you jars BEFORE YOU RECYCLE THEM!  (and yes, I did just scream that…please recycle guys).


Today’s OIAJ had:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1/2 cup water
  • Cinnamon
  • Raspberries

This was goooood.  With each bite, you get a little bit of peanut butter.  I would follow each bite with a sip of my Hazelnut K-Cup.  It was a great way to start the morning!  I think I may have taken a little TOO long savoring this jar, because I was late for church.  Worth it!


Here’s how we worshipped this morning.  If you only have time to listen to one, make it “Your Love Never Fails”!

Come, Now Is The Time To Worship

Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture – best band ever.

Unfailing Love

The Solid Rock

Steadfast Love – A Cappella style…plus ROUNDS…man, I’m glad I stumbled upon this beauty!

On the agenda for the rest of the day?  NOTHINGNESS!  OIAJ, Hazelnut coffee, great worship, a day of rest, Fall!?!

…as Ronald would say, “I’m Loving It.”


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  1. I feel like you were screaming at me:) I have seen them before but never actually thought to try it…..but you have finally convinced me!! I hope you enjoyed your nothingness:) Okay, your book should be sent SOON!!! You are going to love it!