When I first started posting our song lists for Sunday worship, my intent was to provide readers with a chance to a) get a glimpse at the songs we sing and that Travis picks and b) be able to worship at home, in their pj’s.

It’s evolving into something completely different.

The songs themselves are spectacular.  And if I’m being completely honest, our worship team sings them better than any recording that I’ve found (except for maybe live concert videos).   The selection of QUALITY Christian videos is, well, lacking!  I spent 15 minutes searching for YouTube videos that would present these songs in a way that people would WANT to worship to them.  FAIL!

There are either hokey powerpoints set to a poor rendition of the song, live concert feeds that you can barely hear, or ….videos that are just funny.  I’m not saying the song is funny…or that the HEART of the person singing the song is funny.  But when Brian Littrell, a former Backstreet Boy, sings worship music, it puts a little smile on my face.

So that’s how my Sunday Song List posts will be presented in the future…with a little humor.  There are hokey powerpoints, there is a Backstreet Boy, there’s even a full on Black Gospel Choir.  I pray that you can see into the HEART of these songs and appreciate them for what they are.

Because, here’s the thing, our Abba Father loves to see us smile.

All Who Are Thirsty

I Give You My Heart

Heart Of Worship


I Surrender All – Brian Littrell

Now, in our Sunday finest (jeans and t-shirts), we’re off to go sing these songs.  Enjoy today!!  And hug somebody!!

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