Schools are closed and pools are open.

If you’ve heard that song, we’re destined to be best friends.  If not, well, I’m not all that picky about who I’m friends with.  And after listening to this, you might not want to be MY friend.

Has a nice scream to it, right?

I’m in love with this day so far!  I had planned to go for a long run, early, before anyone got up so that I could spend the rest of the day just relaxing inside.  Around 6:30am, I peeked outside and it was pouring rain!  Sometimes, I’m totally in the mood to get drenched and have my hair plastered to my face, but I just wasn’t feeling it today.

So I rolled back over and fell back asleep.  Around 8:20am, I heard Clara cooing in her crib.  8:20!!   I think that’s a post-baby record for Travis and I!  Sleep is way underrated!  Sad to say that it’s something I LOOK FORWARD to doing…just like exercising or kissing Travis.  I function best when I’ve had 8-9 hours.


After a little cuddling and coffee, I headed to the gym to get my workout over and done.  If Travis is going to have the day off, I want to MAXIMIZE the time that we spend together.  So I had one thing on my mind: Intervals!!

Here’s what went down:

Warm-up – 5 min. – 4.5mph

Minutes MPH
5-7 6.0
7-9 7.0
9-10 8.0
10-12 6.1
12-14 7.1
14-15 8.1
15-17 6.2
17-19 7.2
19-20 8.2
20-22 6.3
22-24 7.3
24-25 8.3
25-27 6.4
27-29 7.4
29-30 8.4
30-32 6.5
32-34 7.5
34-35 8.5
35-37 7.5
37-39 6.5
39-40 6.0

Cooldown – 5 min. – 4.5mph

As you can see, it was really simple for me to see what was coming next.  Everything was done in 5 minute increments.  Soon, I’ll write a whole post devoted to high intensity intervals, but for now, just know that they are the PERFECT fat loss tool and easy to perform when short on time.  Also, they are easily adaptable for any fitness level.  For instance, I could have started off at 4.0 and gone from there, making it a walking routine.  The point is just to get MOVING! 

I finished up with about 10 minutes of abs and stretching, then made my way home.  After nursing Clara, I quickly made this beauty to refuel:


  • 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
  • 1 handful spinach
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • Guar and Xanthan Gums
  • 1 tbsp. cashew butter
  • 1 cup ice

Hit the spot!

This afternoon, Travis’ friend is coming over so they can work on guitars.  Eyes rolling.  After I write a post about intervals, I’ll do one on all of Travis’ guitars.  I think I counted EIGHT the other day!!

Anyhow, while staying here and working on guitars sounds like a BLAST, I’ve conjured up a group of friends to go see The Help.  I’ve heard only great things, so I’m looking forward to it.  Plus, sitting in a dark space and shooting back smuggled-in candy corn and Teddy Grahams sounds absolutely wonderful.

Questions:  How are you celebrating your Labor Day?  Are you a “sleeper”?  Am I the only one who smuggles in their own movie snacks?

P.S.  Gah – I worked forever to try to get this table to appear correctly.  It looks great in Live Writer, but not here.  Any suggestions?


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  1. Sounds like a ‘labor-less’ Labor Day! We did much of the same, being lazy while it downpoured!

    And I totally sneak my own snacks to the theaters! Pack my own drinks, too. Shhhhh! I’ve heard ‘The Help’ is fabulous :)

  2. mmm mmm! i’ve never had cashew butter but i imagine that taking the smoothie to the sewious next level. i miss xanny gum so much! its the total recipe for such a thick smoooothiieee but it hurts my stomach too much! wah

  3. No..your not the only one that smuggles in their own movie snacks ;) I do it all the time! I rather take my own snacks than pay 30 bucks for some poporn or candy :)