1.  Vibram FiveFingers are the bomb stankity.

Just don’t wear them to Advanced Step Aerobics.  I promised a follow-up review …and I usually deliver on my promises.  Just ask Travis about the time when I begged and begged him to join me in a week-long  sugar fast.  And then bailed the next day.  He actually finished out the week just to throw it in my face.  Good marriaging.

Quick review: FiveFingers are awesome.  I’ve worn them to multiple fitness classes, running on the treadmill and outside, and weightlifting.  I think I like them most for weightlifting.  With the minimalist sole, you don’t have cushion to absorb the weight, so you can really PUSH off the ground (for squats or any leg work).  I just feel like I can lift a little heavier and with better form.

Running in them has been great as well.  I’ve had to re-train my body and mind to run with a flatter foot, instead of the usual heel-to-toe motion.  My longest distance in them has been 7 miles and I’ve had very little soreness.

FiveFingers have my vote.  Wish I’d known about this user-made video before now – I would have submitted a video of myself doing backflips or something.

2.  I might be am addicted to coffee.

And candy corn.

And Reese’s Pumpkins.

But I’m also addicted to exercise…so I have that going for me.

We’ve been out of K-cups for the past week.  I never knew how much I CRAVED caffeine until I could no longer rely on my easy fix.  I was in the habit of drinking 2 cups a day: one in the morning and one around 4pm to fuel my workouts.  Let’s just say this week has been a bit harder than I had expected.  The new shipment of K-cups is expected on Monday.  Maybe I should just continue not drinking coffee???  I don’t like that my body was so addicted.  hmm…something to think about over the weekend.


3.  Hello, my name is Almira Gulch and I’m a meanie.

Remember when I made a bunch of hoopla over auditioning for our town’s production of the Wizard of Oz.  No?  Well I did.  And for good reason too.  I happened to steal the spotlight and caught the attention of a casting agent.  After some term negotiations and wage demands, I was cast as Ms. Gulch.  Don’t know who she is?  Yeah, I didn’t either.


Ms. Gulch is basically the Wicked Witch, in Kansas.  She’s the one who rides the bike and steals Toto.  THAT’S GONNA BE ME!!!  My voice is hoarse from practicing my cackle.  Travis is tired of hearing me say, “And your little dog too” (even though that’s not my line).

The best part?  I get to FLY!!!    I’ll be hooked up to wires and get to fly on my bike during the tornado scene!!!  I’m going to be the best Ms. Gulch this town has ever seen!!  Since it’s the town’s first production, it should be an easy feat to pull off.

4.  Your first birthday is important.  Your third, not so much.

Case in point:  Clara’s homemade chocolate cupcake.  Complete with secret recipe buttercream frosting (piped beautifully), and multi-layered fondant flower.  Oh, and fondant lettering, cut out by tiny little elves.

Just kidding.  Katy cut them out.  Elves can’t be trusted with knives.




Henry’s 3rd birthday cake. Made by a frazzled momma, who try as she might, can’t write in pretty cursive to save her life. Notice the skilled craftsmanship on the H and B. 9×13 baking at it’s finest.

5.  TGIF

Ending mine the same as Chelsey.  Mostly because I really love Fridays.  But also because I just don’t have anything else left to say.  Probably because it’s Friday and there are better things to be doing than blogging.  Like practicing my evil cackle.  Or my cursive.

**Tuesday Trainer’s theme for next week is LEGS!!  Have your submissions to me by next Monday, 8pm EST!***


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  1. OMG I am SO jealous of you right now. Wizard of Oz is my favorite, and I LOVE her!! well, I love to hate her? more often than not, when I see someone riding a bike while sitting up tall? I sing out loud “na Na na NA na na Naaah!”

    I have been a barefoot runner since middle school. I don’t know WHY I don’t get me some Vibrams.

  2. I saw someone running in those Vibrams and frankly I just couldn’t imagine how they’d be comfortable. I am so intrigued by these!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend my friend! Find some time to get your K-cups for sure. :)

  3. Elves can’t be trusted. bahaha.
    I have been wanting Vibrams…but not really for barefoot running. I hadn’t thought of wearing them for weight lifting. Now I want them even more. Don’t they have a bunch of cute colors now too?