Where did the weekend go?  I swear it was just Friday and I was sending “TGIF” emails to Travis – “Thank God I’m Frisky”.  With Clara’s birthday party and this head cold from hell, I’m majorly lagging today.  Hopefully, my 5:30 Step Class will help remedy that.  No matter how tired I think I am, exercise ALWAYS gives me energy and I’ve never once regretted a workout.  But I’ve regretted NOT working out plenty of times.

I’m hoping not to fall off the step today.

Nope, not gonna happen.

Seeing how it’s Monday and all, I thought I’d start the week out right with a list of goals. Something to hold myself accountable to throughout the week so that I can’t back out of them.  If it’s written on the internet, it must be legit, right?  Plus, if you’re a crazy control freak like me, maybe you’ll enjoy it too.

I’m not including anything that is already easy or routine for me to do.  Every single item on the list NEEDS attention.  That’s why it’s on the list.  And you better believe I’ll be printing this sucker out and putting in on the fridge.  Behind my Travis magnet.


  • Floss teethI do this maybe every other day. 
  • Drink 120 ounces of water 
  • Eat one salad My greens intake has been lacking as of late.  I’m blaming it on my failure to plan ahead.  So today at the grocery store, I bought organic spinach, brocolli, and cauliflower.  Add homegrown tomatoes and green peppers and I’ll make a huge salad and dip out of that all week.
  • Read Bible  My bookmark is in Acts, but it’s been probably two weeks since my last read.  Major fail!
  • Attend at least one fitness class I’m not sure if I even made this “blog public” yet, but I got the fitness instructor job that I applied for last week!  I’ll be teaching a couple of classes per week and doing personal training.  Just part-time.  I’m super stoked!
  • Brush Henry’s teethSadly, this needs to be made into a better habit.  We usually have something going on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and by the time we get home, we rush through bedtime chores and Henry’s teeth suffer the consequence.


  • Clean off back porch – It’s as if a small angry wombat was let loose out there.  Not pretty.
  • Bleach teeth – boy, I’m obsessed with teeth.  Thanks, hygienist Mom.
  • Take car to have it cleaned
  • Put all of Clara’s presents away
  • Finalize new website – More on this to come…

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  I’ll try to check back in with these goals next Monday to see how it went where I failed.  Even if I can get half of these things accomplished, it will feel like a success. 

Plus, I’ll get to look at this pretty little face every time I go to mark something off.

My first ever question:  What are your goals for the week? 


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