Well, it’s official…I’m SORE!

Not in a bad “I wish I hadn’t done that” sort of way, but rather in a, “I can totally feel my abductor digiti minimi today” sort of way.  (Yes, that’s a real foot muscle.  And no, I didn’t know that already, I had to look it up.  Even I surprise myself by the measures I’ll take to make a mediocre joke.)

I’m just happy that today is Sunday and I get to REST!  My feet, my body, my mind.  I’ve said it before, but it might need to be repeated, Sunday’s are my favorite dayThursdays, my least favorite.  I’ve also got a baby shower to attend this afternoon, so while those can be boring, they almost always have yummy cake.  Double score, because I happen to know the baker of today’s cake – my sister!  Her cakes are legit.  I’m pretty sure she went with White Almond Cake with Lemon Curd filling and Buttercream Icing.  A mouthful to say….and later, to eat!  Yum!

Here’s what were singing today at church:

Be Near – Shane and Shane – an awesome duo!!

Knowing You Jesus – Cheerio, Mate!!  You can’t see his face, but his singing is better than his teeth.


Take Me In 

More Love, More Power – This clip is a rare gem – unfortunately for the Backstreet Boys, they’re hiring out for Christian YouTube videos.  Unfortunately for you, jabbing a Q-Tip deep into your ear won’t remove the song you’ve just heard.

Did you just have a little dance party?  I did.

Have a wonderful Sunday with family and friends!!  And dance a little.



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  1. It’s funny because Thursdays are my favorite day, and Sundays are my least favorite. We go to church on Saturday night (which I LOVE), so Sundays are a true “day of rest” – but I always get restless . Must work on that.

    1. I’m the SAME way, Katie!! On rest days, I really battle mentally with just giving myself a day to do NOTHING!! Some Sundays, I just have to go for a long walk to get out of the house, but even that isn’t really rest! I need help too!

  2. I love that you list songs every Sunday. Today I had to stay home from church to let the little one take a nap so she will be rested and happy for an outreach we are doing this afternoon. It is so nice to have a little at-home worship time while she is asleep. Thank you for your Sunday posts! :)