song list – 7/31

Last day of July!  What?!?  Which means only THREE more days until my birthday, August 3rd!!  I’ll be 29, which means almost 30.  Why do most people fear turning 30?  Age is just a number.  Ask me again when I’m 50 and I might have changed my mind, but for now, I’m under the impression that life can only get sweeter as I continue to find myself, grow our family and learn to laugh at my faults.  I’m looking forward to it!!

Yes, I want more of these guys! 

Like I said, it’s July 31st, a Sunday.  So you guys get the song list that we’ll be playing at church today.  For anyone just now joining, my husband, Travis, is the worship leader and I sing backup.  Just like the “have more kids” calling, we’re also called to be in the worship ministry!  

Check the songs out.  Have your own worship time in your pj’s.  Recieve God’s love for yourself.  And then spread that love around this dark world.  He can make things beautiful.



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