well actually, SUSAN won!!!

Go here for yesterday’s auction results!  $26,432 was raised to go towards Susan’s medical bills.  Isn’t that awesome!?!

Here is what I had the highest bid on!  (copied straight from Janetha‘s blog)

Homemade Lavender & Tea Tree Deodorant with Cocoa Butter

Description: Natural, aluminum-free deodorant with anti-bacterial tea tree oil, healing (raw) cacao butter, nourishing vitamin E & scented with lovely lavender.  I will include the recipe.  Can be made with or without baking soda per winning bidder’s preference. ~3.5 oz

Contributor: A Road More Balanced

Heading over to A Road More Balanced to thank her for donating this item!  I can’t wait to see how great it smells!


  1. Allie Finch says:

    The deodorant I’ve been making for a few months now. I just made dish soap about a month ago & laundry soap a couple weeks ago. I prefer my own homemade products. :) (I’ll be updating posts in the near future about these.) Do you make any of your own?

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