house rules

Sitting here sipping an iced coffee, basking in the nap time quietness.  Kids are amazing, and mine are doubly amazing.  But there’s something about having a few moments to yourself.  I often count down to 2pm and 8pm, when I don’t have anyone but myself (and Travis) to worry about.  I sometimes miss that about life before kids…savor your freedom, childless friends!

On to today…

Today did not start out as well as yesterday.  Today was yesterday’s bipolar step-sister.  As the day progressed, it got better (or maybe my attitude did) but getting out of bed was hard.

I think it all started with the humidity on my run.

The summer months in North Carolina are BRUTAL!  I’m not sure which is worse: the humidity or the bugs.  No, it’s definitely the humidity – it makes my hair crazy looking.  Frizzy and kinky.  It’s one of the reasons why Travis and I moved to Colorado.  To escape the humidity and bugs, not so my hair would look better.  Even John Freida can’t do that.  Oh, how I miss Denver…but that’s a story for another day.

It was just me and mine this morning, so I decided to run our regular loop.  Even got to use the spiffy new IPOD that Bekah gave me (shout out to Bek!).  Worked like a charm – I don’t get people who don’t exercise with music.  I get a kick out of making up playlists and even go so far as to hunt down certain songs with BPM that match my pace.

The run helped my mood.  Henry pooping on himself DID NOT!  Lots of clean up, lots of deep breathing on my part.  After baths for he and I, I got to work on breakfast.  A bowl of oats/natural peanut butter and an Hawaiian Hazelnut K-cup (definitely helped my mood).

The day got better when we headed over to my friend, Susanna’s house (shout out to Susanna!).  I watched three of her four children for a few hours today.  It was wonderful – who wouldn’t want to look at sweet faces like these:

Susanna is one of those “vintage-crafties”.  She’s an oldie, but a goodie.  She’s a homeschooler, seamstress, organic foods, hippy mama.  Her home is almost as warm and inviting as her personality.  House rules:

Some rules I can get behind!!

  • Be kind and respectful
  • Obey Mama
  • Be honest
  • Do not whine
  • Clean up your mess

(and yes, that is her own needlepoint work)

The kids and I played with toys, spun around in circles, ate pizza and macaroni and cheese (them, not me), and read gobs of books.  It was hard not to pick at food while I was there, especially this blackberry cobbler just sitting out on the counter.

But I refrained and came home to eat some of my own food instead:

This x2.  Which brings us pretty much up to date.  The kids should wake up anytime now.

Tonight, we have our small group gathering.  Some churches have Wednesday night church, our church has small group meetings.  We get together in one another’s houses and have fellowship (over food – tonight I’m bringing Buffalo Chicken Dip) and a study of some sort.  Our particular group just finished the Love and Respect series and tonight we’ll decide on what our next study will be.

I guess today wasn’t all that bad after all.  In fact, it was pretty great.  Humidity and all.  So I’ll stop whining – it is a House Rule, you know.


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