Folk Festival 2011

I had to write “2011” in the title because we WILL be going back next year and I wanted to be able to differentiate posts.

Saturdays are usually filled to the max with things that we (a) want to do and things that we (b) need to do.  The things that we “want” to do get pushed down the list and we typically end up doing mundane chores (mowing, shopping, haircuts, etc).  Yesterday, however, I talked Travis into doing two things that I WANTED to do: Go for a run and go to the Annual Folk Festival.  The run was a pretty relaxed 4.5 miles, with me pushing the kiddos in the double stroller.  After showers and Clara’s morning nap, we headed back to the 1800s downtown.

And the grand finale….

Yes, that IS a Civil War reenactment, just like in the movie, Sweet Home Alabama – just like you’re imagining it to be.  Yes, we do things like that in the South.  No, I’m not racist.  Yes, I thought it was kinda cool to see the guns go off.  (no bullets, just gunpowder).  And yes, there were probably Nascar fans and fried Oreos nearby.

After nearly getting swallowed up in a hoop skirt, we decided to wind things up.  But not before Henry insisted upon “hice cweam”.  Who am I to deny?  He was a little disappointed when it didn’t come in a cone, but after the first bite of “Superman”, he was hooked and proceeded to hoard it.

No wait…that was me.

Blackberry Cobbler ice cream…look at that little nugget of goodness.

In all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoy this Festival.  It’s an annual event that brings the past to the present.  Wisdom and technique is passed from generation to generation.  Lost arts are reborn.  Moonshine is distilled (no, seriously).  And while I don’t really love reenacting a war that was fought over the most inhumane institution ever, I do have a respect for anyone willing to camp overnight in a linen tent.

And now I’m off to go snuggle with MY little nugget of goodness.


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