Tuesday Trainer #37 – PROGRESSIONS

Tuesday Trainer #36 – REACTIVE TRAINING

Tuesday Trainer #35 – FAMILY & FRIEND FITNESS

Tuesday Trainer #34 – MEET YOUR TRAINERS (part VI)

Tuesday Trainer #33 – VANITY MOVES II

Tuesday Trainer #32 – KICKBOXING

Tuesday Trainer #31 – BALANCE

Tuesday Trainer #30 – YOGA (Bex-Style)

Tuesday Trainer #29 – PYRAMID SETS

Tuesday Trainer #28 – TRAVEL EDITION

Tuesday Trainer #27 – TABATAS

Tuesday Trainer #26 – My “Go-To” SUPERSETS

Tuesday Trainer #25 – MEET YOUR TRAINERS (part V)

Tuesday Trainer #24 – SPRING BREAK TRAVEL

Tuesday Trainer #23 – TANK TOP READY

Tuesday Trainer – #22 – My “Go-To” – STRETCH

Tuesday Trainer – #21 – Animalistic

Tuesday Trainer – #20 – PARTNER MOVES

Tuesday Trainer #19 – MEET YOUR TRAINERS (part IV)

Tuesday Trainer #18 – My “Go-To” – VANITY MOVES

Tuesday Trainer #17 – My “Go-To” – TIME SAVERS

Tuesday Trainer #16 – My “Go-To” – HEART RATE BOOSTERS

Tuesday Trainer #15 – LEGS II

Tuesday Trainer #14 – MEET YOUR TRAINERS (part III)

Tuesday Trainer #13 – EQUIPMENT (Trainer’s Choice)

Tuesday Trainer #12 – BOSU/STABILITY BALL

Tuesday Trainer #11 – KETTLEBELLS

Tuesday Trainer #10 – RESISTANCE BANDS

Tuesday Trainer #9 – MEET YOUR TRAINERS (part II)

Tuesday Trainer #8 – TOTAL BODY MOVEMENTS

Tuesday Trainer #7 – YOGA


Tuesday Trainer #5 -Rest week – MEET YOUR TRAINERS (part I)

Tuesday Trainer #4 – BACK AND BIS

Tuesday Trainer #3 – CORE

Tuesday Trainer #2 – LEGS

Tuesday Trainer #1 – PLYOMETRICS


Tuesday Trainer:

Every Wednesday, a couple hundred food bloggers participate in what is known as “What I Ate Wednesday.” It’s basically a “link party”, where you show readers the food that you’ve been eating, and then link back to Jen’s website, Peas and Crayons. Jen showcases each blogger’s foods and links back to them, creating an awesome mess of food and blog publicity for all parties. Jen had a GREAT idea with this theme! A virutal potluck!

But I’m not a foodie. I’m a fitness-ie. And I’m always looking for new exercises and moves to do, for myself and for my clients. So why not create a link party that did just that: showcase each blogger’s exercise moves.

Introducing Tuesday Trainer. A virtual fitness class!

Here’s how it will work:

Every Thursday, I will announce the “workout theme” for the next Tuesday and I’ll post MY move that day (Thursday). Example: Legs, Arms, Core, Plyometrics. Then, you will videotape yourself doing a move that falls under the theme. If you don’t own a video camera, take a few pictures of yourself going through the motions of your move. By Monday night, you will upload your “move” to YouTube.

Then come back to the video that I uploaded on Thursday. Click the YouTube button in the bottom right of my video:


Then, click in the Comment Box:


Click “Create Video Response”:


Then, select your video:


Finally, click “Use Selected Video”:


If you’re not uploading video, but submitting photos instead, just email them to me as an attachment. On Tuesday, I will showcase YOUR move on Lindsay’s List. In addition, I will select 6-10 moves and put together a complete workout. Every week, readers and bloggers alike, will have a place to go to get a complete workout and ideas for new moves. In your own Tuesday post, you can embed your move and next week, I’ll have a Tuesday Trainer button to go along with that.

Here’s why you should join in:

  • A complete workout, in video format. No thinking involved, just follow along.
  • New moves to add to your exercise arsenal
  • GREAT exposure for your blog
  • A way to get to know each other through vlogging and/or pictures.

To help you get an idea of what I’m expecting, here’s an example. Try not to laugh too hard.

As you can see, the setup is simple. “Hi, my name is ___________ from ____________. Today I’ll be showing you _____________.” Then the move. If you’re using any type of equipment, tell us that as well. No need to describe technique or reps. I’ll include that on Tuesday. If you’d like to give further information, you can include it in the description of your video.

Also, remember that if you post your move on your own blog, please include a link back to Lindsay’s List (Like I said, we’ll use a button for future TT’s). As T.T. gains in popularity, I’ll be able to have a catalog of various moves to select from and then we can really start getting creative with the workouts.

If you need further assistance or have more questions, direct them to me at lindsayslist at gmail dot com.

I’m REALLY excited to see what you guys come up with. And what kind of sneaks you’re rockin’. And what your voice sounds like.

Now get to work!!


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