these are my confessions

Wednesday seems like as good as any to air the laundry out.  Let’s go.

These are my confessions….

1)  Speaking of laundry, I have a clean pile laying on my bed.  Three loads worth.  I can do SO many things with ease – why is folding the laundry so darn impossible?!?!  I seriously “fluff” them in the dryer like 3 or 4 times before I finally throw in the towel and get them out.  Then they sit until I can’t stand it any longer.  Blah.

2)  I confess that I stood in the kitchen yesterday afternoon and picked ALL the M&M’s out of the trail mix.  I also confess that I’ll go to the store today and buy a bag of M&M’s to replace the ones I ate.  You do this too, no?


3)  I confess that I want another baby.  I don’t mind being sick for 9 months again.

4)  No, I’m not pregnant.

5)  I add sprinkles to pretty much anything my kids have a hard time eating.  Yogurt.  Pancakes.  Broccoli.  For a negligible amount of sugar, Henry will now eat lettuce.  #parentwin #orfail


6)  I confess that the approaching colder weather makes me uneasy about my outdoor training business.  I’m looking for an indoor space to rent.  Locals, know of anything (I have quotes from a few different places)??

7) I had a creepy amount of fun planning out today’s Trackstars workout. I like to say “burpee” and hear the girls moan.


8)  I confess that I need a pedicure.  Like yesterday.  It’s baaaad.  I should just pull out the nail polish and my tools and do it myself one day but I kind of LOVE sitting there and letting someone else do it.  I’d rather get a pedicure than eat out or get my hair colored.

9)  I literally just went back to the bag of trail mix to search for another M&M.  I found a brown one that looked like a raisin but wasn’t.  Pretty stoked.

10)  I have no 10.  Have the best Wednesday!

QUESTION:  Confess something to me!