d@mn, it feels good to be a gangsta

(TRUTH – if you take a symbol or character and replace a letter in a cuss word with it, you can turn cussing into an ok thing and not get flack for it.)


I didn’t write a post for today.  Between preparing my speaking points for tonight’s presentation and dealing with BLEND Retreat registration last night, it just didn’t happen

Oh and yesterday was a “rest and boost my metabolism” day.  Which loosely translates into laying on the couch all day and eating KitKats and Sweet Potato Kettle Chips dipped in hummus. 

You should boost your metabolism AT LEAST once a week.  It’s science.

So instead of coming up with something health or family related, I thought I’d grace you with an exhibition in, what the French have termed, “Straight Gangsta Stylz”. 

Or this:

Haphazardly, she pops a cap with her glock.

Haphazardly, she starts dreaming in “foshizzles” and quoting, “Hustle and Flow” (a quality film, sure to be on AFI’s “Top 100”.)

Haphazardly, she blogs.

And for some reason, unbeknownst to her, you guys keep coming back.

QUESTION:  Have you ever shot a gun?  Thoughts?  Have you ever been fishing?  (not sure where that question came from – just run with it.)

**Don’t forget to film your Tuesday Trainer “Heart Rate Booster” video today!**