7 things

I was recently tagged by my good friend, Kristin, as a Blissful Blogger (thanks, love!).


In return, I have to confess 7 things about myself.

Open up??  Share my life with the world wide web (which btw, I hate when people say that.  World Wide Web.  Just say internet!)  Tell my secrets??

OK.  I have no problem with that.

7 things – Here goes…

1.  Burt’s Bees is the ONLY chapstick I use.


I’ve been a loyal B.B. user for over 10 years now (childhood – it was Blistex or Carmex).  And I only like the classic kind that comes in the yellow tube, not their newer lines with tints and stuff.  A year or so ago, I found B.B. on sale for $2.00 (normally $3.00), and I bought about 20 tubes.  We’re almost OUT of them!!  Yeah, if that isn’t love for a product (and a testimony to how dry our lips must get), I don’t know what is!

Bonus – the stuff is made in Durham, NC…right near UNC, where Travis and I went to college!

2.  I have an eating disordered past.


Both anorexia and bulimia actually. I promise to do a longer, more in depth post on this soon! 

But for now, I’ll tell you that my ED consumed 3 years of my life (high school and some college) and that meeting Travis was my “therapy” and way out of that hell.

3.  I have to sleep on the right side of the bed.

With a pillow between my knees and ankles.  And one arm between the sheet and comforter, so that the sheet acts as a barrier between my arm and my side/underarm.  You already know that I’m crazy.  Now you know that I’m a crazy, anal sleeper.  I’m surprised I have ANY friends.

4.  There are days when I wish I didn’t have children.

It’s true.  It isn’t always roses and candy corn over here.  Some days, I count down the minutes until naptime and bedtime, when I can finally get a second to myself.  Some days, all I want to do is sleep in, workout whenever I want to, and eat without tiny hands grabbing at my plate.  Some days, I don’t WANT to have to clean poop out of the bathtub (that some day was yesterday, btw!).

BUT (isn’t there always a BUT!?! – Thank you, God, for the “But”).  BUT, I know that God has put a calling on my life to be a mother.  And not only a mother, but a mother to Henry and Clara (and who knows who else).  Every mother has rough days, but the benefits of having children DEFINITELY outweigh the negatives for me!  It was worth losing my freedom to gain something even greater – laughter, love, legacy.


If anything, having children makes me turn to God for guidance and grace more often than not….and that can never be a bad thing.

5.  I don’t like to cook, bake or really even be in the kitchen.

Pick your jaws up off the floor, foodie friends.  And Travis, quite nodding along like you already knew this because I serve you burnt and tasteless food more often than not.


Ya’ll, I just wasn’t born to cook.  My parents must have known this because they quickly looked me over and passed all of their cooking knowledge on to my sister.  I follow a recipe.  I can even make tasty dishes.  But THE DESIRE and the YEARNING that I often read about that other blogger’s have for cooking and baking, well, it just isn’t there.

PLUS, you have to clean up after you do all baking and the cooking.  I don’t have a dishwasher (I know!).  Give me a bowl of cereal and I’m good.

Wanna read more about my cooking misadventures?  Go read this guest post I did for Holly.

6.  There are FOUR opened bottles of shampoo in my shower.

All different brands.  I like to rotate between them.  I like to have choices – so it should come as no surprise when I also tell you that Sweet Tomatoes is one of my favorite restaurants!

Currently in the rotation:  Neutrogena Clean and Clear, Suave Rosemary something, Pantene Classic, and Dove Cucumber Green Tea.  Nothing expensive or “all-natural”.  I’ve got a Blogger’s Retreat to save up for!

7.  I might have to start coloring my hair soon.

This worries me.  Which, in turn, will just give me more gray hair.


I’m kinda proud of the fact that while some of my friends were forced to color their hair because of premature graying, I was left with long, brunette locks.  Not the case anymore.  Actually, it isn’t THAT bad yet.  I’ve probably got a 1:200 gray/brunette ratio going on right now.  Katy likes to pick them out for me.  I let her.  For the sister bonding time.

I’m not vain.  Just crazy.


Now I get to tag 5 of you!!  But since this is a 7 things survey, I’m going wild and tagging 7 friends.  Gotta go with some of my TT partners in crime – I could only pick 7 so I wrote down names and drew them out of the seat of Henry’s firetruck toy – true story!

Can’t wait to learn more about you guys!

Question:  If I didn’t tag you, tell me something about yourself that I might not know!  Share those secrets!