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thursday’s theme – REST

June 14, 2012 in Blog, Meet Your Trainer, Thursday's Theme by lindsaymwright

I truly got into the Tuesday Trainer theme for next week.

I napped yesterday.  Like a sleepytime bear.  Like my children.  Like other people and things that nap.

someecards.com - On my death bed, I want to remember the great naps I took

It was glorious and just what this tired, overrun body was craving. 

(I say give in to your cravings every once in a while.  What’s the worst that could happen?  ((you could neglect the dishes, stain your pillow with drool and show up late to your step aerobics class)).  So maybe don’t give in so much.)


The (timely) theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is REST!!

That’s right – it’s “Meet Your Trainer” time!

Meet Your Trainer submissions give us all a chance to see your personality a bit more.  Here’s how it goes:  I ask a set of questions.  You respond with your answers through a video submission.  Easy as pie (yum, pie.)

So here are the questions:

  1. What is your favorite exercise to get your heart rate up?
  2. What is your favorite workout pant?
  3. What time of day do you prefer to workout?
  4. And I’m adding one more that isn’t in my video – Show me a unique talent (ex: can you click your tongue or cross your eyes?)

Here’s my “Meet Your Trainer”:

Some helpful guidelines:

  • If you’ve never participated in Tuesday Trainer, you can still submit a Meet Your Trainer!! Anyone can participate!!
  • Don’t afraid to be yourself! Show some character!
  • Wear comfy clothes. But please, wear clothes.
  • Try not to ramble – submissions should be no more than 4-5 minutes long.
  • Remember to introduce yourself and your blog.

***DEADLINE for submitting moves is Monday night, the 18th, at 8pm EST. Again, go here to learn how to upload your video!***

That’s all I got.  Jetting off to teach Beginner’s Step, which after Monday’s class, it should be easy as pie (again, yum.  Pie.) 

P.S.  Last day to enter the p28 Giveaway!!  Two winners!


tuesday trainer – vanity moves II

June 12, 2012 in Blog, Body, Tuesday Trainer, Workout by lindsaymwright


I stepped outside my comfort area and did something for the first time yesterday.

I taught ADVANCED Step Aerobics!

Me.  The girl who trips over cracks in the pavement (real and imaginary). 

The girl who still thinks the Macarena is cool. 

To watch. 

Because she can’t dance.

I won’t lie.  My anxiety level was through the roof yesterday.


You see, teaching step is COMPLETELY different than teaching any other class.  It’s choreographed from start to finish, you must stay on beat (a very fast beat, I might add), and you’ve got to keep moving once you start.  Calling steps, listening for the 8 counts, moving your heavy legs up and down….it’s quite similar to the, “Now rub your belly and pat your head at the same time,” bit. 

And well, I CAN’T rub my belly and pat my head at the same time.  I fall over.


I overcame my fear (because I had to) and I made it through the 60 minute class.

Only to do it again next Monday. 

At least I’m challenging myself.  Feels good to be challenged.  That’s where true growth lies.


The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is VANITY MOVES!

Vanity moves don’t specifically get your heart rate up or burn a lot of calories, but are the exercises that you might do as active rest or added on to the end of a workout.  If I’m teaching Core Conditioning, I’ll often incorporate “vanity” exercises into the routine – women tend to LOVE these moves because they think they’re spot reducing.  Smile  Aren’t we all so vain?

The workout below can be added on to your traditional strength training routine – or if you’re a beginner, repeat twice through for your entire workout!

The Workout


The Moves

Plié Calf Raise – ME


Wide Arm Pushups – Jill, jillhanner


Drop and Catch – Andrea, andiandhercandy

Leg Raise Transfers – Michael, frugalfitness


SB Hamstring Curls – Tamara, fitknitchick


Scorpion – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Backstroke Kick – Rhonda, kidsrunningwild


As always, thanks ladies (and gent!) for the submissions!!  Come back this Thursday to find out what the theme for next week will be!  We love having new people!

QUESTION:  What body part are you most vain about?  What are you most proud of?  <-ME?  My traps always develop easier than any other muscle – pretty proud of them!


Enter the p28 Giveaway!!  Two winners!


tuesday trainer – kickboxing

June 5, 2012 in Blog, Love, Marriage, Tuesday Trainer, Workout by lindsaymwright

I think I’d be remiss if I forgot tell you guys that yesterday was my 7 year anniversary with my best friend. 
Seven years of bliss. 
Seven years of give and take.
He moved me across the country.
I made him move back.
He puts food on the table.
I eat the food he puts on the table.
He gave me babies.
I got super fit for him after the babies.
I got a tattoo.
He ….needs to get a flippin’ tattoo!
He got me a homebrew Kombucha kit!!
I got him…nothing (eek).
He makes me smile.
I make him smile.
It works. 
Really well.
Here’s to a bajillion more babies, tattoos, smiles and years, babe!
On to TT…

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is KICKBOXING/TAEBO!! 


I’ll be honest – aside from using some kicks and punching sequences in my classes and watching Billy Blank’s Taebo DVDs, I don’t really know that much about martial arts and kickboxing.  I know that when I incorporate kickboxing into my Bootcamps (specifically weighted punches), my heart rate skyrockets!  Good thing we have Christin as a “Contributing Trainer” to give us some tips!

Christin’s Tips for Martial Arts (video below):

  • All moves come from the core.
  • Make sure that every punch/kick is coming STRAIGHT out from the body.
  • Fight an invisible enemy.

I think the invisible enemy thing is VITAL.  And I’d add sound effects to the list – you need to make an Incredible Hulk sound as your strike.  And aim for the gullet.  Gets ‘em every time. 

The Workout


The Moves

Front Kick/Donkey Kick – ME


X-Block – Bobbi, nhershoes


Hold A Deep Squat And Punch The Air Like You’re Punching A Punching Bag – Janetha, mealsandmoves


Jab, Hook, Burpee Combo – Tamara, fitknitchick


Martial Arts Tips/Technique – Christin, christinjoyful


Skipping Roundhouse Kick – Sherice, foodieluvsfitness


KO Squat Hold – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Knee Kicks – Ashley, vibrantlifehealthandwellness


Thanks, ladies, for those submissions!!  If you want to join in on the Tuesday Trainer trainer (three t’s – I like it), come back on Thursday (another one) when I’ll announce next week’s theme!!

P.S.  Have you entered the Probar Giveaway yet?


tuesday trainer – balance

May 22, 2012 in Blog, fitmixer Bootcamp, Tuesday Trainer, Workout by lindsaymwright

The fact that you welcomed Travis’ post with open arms yesterday means that we can be friends!  YAY!  I love friends!  (And if you missed his guest post, go back and read it!  Part II will be featured next Monday!)

It’s Tuesday!

That means one thing.

Well probably more than one thing.  For me, the day holds a fitmixer workout, 2 Fitness Orientations at the gym, homeschooling H & C and Peter Pan rehearsal tonight.  I *think* we have rehearsal.

For you, the day holds Tuesday Trainer.  (I refuse to believe you do anything on Tuesdays besides wait for TT to come out, then read it over and over and over and talk about how cool LL is.  Re-fuse.)


The theme for this week is BALANCE!

Balance training is the foundation on which we build any good training program!  It’s where you start.  It’s also where you return – when you want to take your training to the next level!



In training our balance, we are training our muscles AND our minds!  Balance is FUNCTIONAL, meaning that your body is constantly using stabilizer muscles in daily tasks without you knowing.  To TRAIN for balance is to improve the body’s response mechanisms and increase training functionality in proprioceptively enriched environments.  Big words – proprioceptively enriched.  Easy to understand though.  It basically means an environment which challenges the internal balance and stabilization mechanisms of the body (NASM).  I’ve created a jpeg below that will show the variables that you can use to create a P.E.E..  (Yes, that’s the acronym.  Stop laughing.)


Balance training can occur at various levels of fitness, whether you’re currently focusing on stabilization, on strength, or on power.  We can all use balance.  It’s just a matter of knowing how to incorporate it.

I turned to my trusty NASM book to brush up.



You might fall over and bump your head during balance training, but at least YOU get to control the variables!



As often as you strength train.  More specifically, I try to include balance moves after my warm-up and initial stretch.  For roughly 5-10 minutes, try to solely focus on balance moves, then move on to your weightlifting routine.  You can also incorporate them INTO your weight sets.  Perhaps as “active rest”.  You decide what works best.


You should do today’s Tuesday Trainer submissions. Duh.


The Moves

Tree Pose – Rhonda, kidsrunningwild


Leg Circles – Christin, christinjoyful


Single Leg Deadlift – ME


Single Leg Balance Squats – Tamara, fitknitchick


Warrior III – Kristin, eathealthybehappylivewell


Awkward Airplane – Kristin, STUFTmama


Speedskater – Angela, happyfitmama


SuperSkaters – Ashley, vibrantlifehealthandwellness


Flamingo Squat – Sherice, foodieluvsfitness


Pistol Squats – Lindsay, cottercrunch


Plank Punches – Janetha, mealsandmoves


A round of applause for our TT trainers!!  Love you guys!

Come back Thursday when I’ll announce next week’s theme (and host a fun giveaway!).  And don’t hesitate to ask me any PT questions you might have – here to help!

QUESTION:  Would you say you have good balance?  Are you a klutz like me?  <-still stunned I teach Step Aerobics and they haven’t fired me yet!


tuesday trainer – for life

May 15, 2012 in Blog, Body, Tuesday Trainer by lindsaymwright

So I went and did something that’s totally not me.

I hinted at it here.

Some of you were with me when I got it done.

Others are Instagram/Twitter stalkers.

I couldn’t tell you all before now, because, well, my mom reads my blog and I had to show her in person.  It’s just what you do.

The telling of the mom.

Not the other thing.

Enough waiting….here it is:  (P.S. Travis WROTE and RECORDED the background music!)


  • Badass music, Travis!
  • Yes, Teri is so cute.  Bloggers like to talk about other bloggers.  You won’t BELIEVE what we said about you!
  • Total time: 15 min. prep.  15 min. tattoo.
  • Total cost: $60 + tip.
  • Pain level:  Tolerable…honestly not as bad as I expected.  Natural childbirth was 100X worse.

I feel like I need to justify this a little more.  (Maybe because my mom wasn’t too thrilled when I showed her. Winking smile  She had a similar reaction when I got my tragus pierced.  If you don’t know what part of the body is a tragus, just try to imagine.  Whatever you’re thinking, that’s probably it.)

Yes, that is the TT button I had tattooed.  Yes, I love my blog.  And yes, I love what Tuesday Trainer represents: health, fellowship, a dedication to self-improvement.

I certainly wouldn’t have gotten this tattoo had the symbol been, just that, a symbol.  Plus, I’m not crazy – blogging is a hobby.  Who knows how long I’ll do it.  Not me!

TT means something much more than Tuesday Trainer.

TT stands for Travis Truly.  And Tank Travis.

Childhood names that Travis was given.  (Tank Travis because the boy weighed 10 pounds when he was born and then stayed well above the 100th percentile for height and weight.  He was…a tank.)

There was even a song that went along with Travis Truly.  Travis’ mother made it up when he was 2.  I tried my best, Catherine.  Listen:

 [ca_audio url="http://lindsayslist.co/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/5_14_2012-6_28-PM.mp3"]

This tattoo has been something I’ve wanted ever since I saw the connection between the TT button and the nicknames. 

I love it. 

It makes me feel hardcore. 

And a little naughty.

tuesday trainer

Tuesday Trainer (Travis Truly) For Life!

QUESTION:  Do you have a tattoo?  How many/what of?  If not, what would you get?


tuesday trainer – yoga (bex-style)

May 8, 2012 in Blog, Colorado 2012, Tuesday Trainer, Workout, Yoga by lindsaymwright

Yesterday, I was a slug. 

Had I worn a pedometer around the house (which seems like a uber silly thing to do), I’m sure it would have tallied about 500 steps.  Maybe 400.

Oh, and I didn’t eat anything green.  Lots of brown.  Yummy chocolate brown.

It was just what I needed. 

To be present.  With my family.

Today, I have something REALLY fun for you guys!  A Tuesday Trainer guest post from one of my favorite Fitfluential friends, Rebekah Borucki.  As you’ll see in her pictures, she’s not only smokin’ hot, but vibrant and full of life. 

Thank you, Bex, for taking over TT!!  Thank you for inspiring me daily!  Thank you for having a name that rhymes with sex.


Before I take on the very honorable task of hosting Tuesday Trainer for the day, I’d like to tell a little about myself to y’all (that was me pretending that I’m from the South, in honor of Lindsay).

First, my name is Rebekah, but I insist that you call me Bex. (We’re pals, right?)


I have a little website called BexLife.com where I ramble on about my four crazy-amazing-beautiful kids, brag about my super-talented-celebrity-music-photographer husband, swoon over everything yoga & fitness related, and totally bore people to death with videos and stories about my backyard chickens. Yes, I have chickens.


Second, I’m not really from the South (I know, I know – I totally fooled you with my expert use of “y’all”). I was born and raised in New Jersey, spent my summers at the famously trashy Jersey Shore, and took off after high school to make it big in New York City. Today, I’m just getting settled into my 8-acre mini-farm in South Jersey and working full-time as a YouTuber and professional blogger. I’m having way too much fun for one girl, so I’m compelled to share my joy and knowledge (soaked up from amazing mentors and friends like Tara Stiles, Sadie Nardini, Michael Perrine, John Joseph and Dr. Fred Bisci) with the world through healthy-living/recipe/gardening/chicken/yoga videos. And THAT, in a nutshell, is Bex Life.


When Lindsay asked me to guest-blog for her, it took me about 3.2 seconds to say yes. I have so much respect for her and her blog (and I’m completely obsessed with and inspired by her adorable family). This yoga routine is the very first workout shot on my new property (you’ll see my barn in the background), so it’s extra-special for me. Lindsay also inspired me to create my own little list – My 3 Greatest Motivations For Staying Fit

1. My husband – I want to be a true partner in life, helping him every step of the way. I want to stay strong and capable and beautiful for the man I’ve chosen to spend my life with.

2. My kids – I know my kids love me, but I want them to enjoy me, too. I want them to have memories of us playing together and being active. A healthy lifestyle is something that I look forward to passing on to my children AND my future grandchildren.

3. My adventures yet-to-be-taken – It’s a big world and I want to see ALL of it. I need to live lots of healthy years to be able to fit in all the traveling and exploring I have planned for my family and myself.

Lindsay’s photo of her own six-pack abs inspired this yoga routine for the CORE. I hope you like it, and I really hope you’ll come visit me on BexLife.com for more fun workouts, vegan & vegetarian recipes, and tips on clean organic living. xo


YouTube – http://youtube.com/genghisgirl

Twitter – http://twitter.com/GirlRucki

Facebook – http://facebook.com/BexLife

tuesday trainer – pyramid sets

May 1, 2012 in Blog, Colorado 2012, Friends, Guest Post, Tuesday Trainer, Upper Body, Workout by lindsaymwright

My GP today needs NO introduction…but I’ll give her one anyway.

Janetha is my friend.  Like a real friend.  She’s one of the reasons I started blogging – to motivate, inspire and share our lives!  We have SO much and SO little in common…it’s the most perfect mix. 

Janetha, thank you for believing in me!   I love you very much!


Hey there, Lindsay’s readers! It’s me, Janetha G, all the way from meals & moves.

I am thrilled to be taking over Tuesday Trainer this week. When TT was just a (fantastic) idea in Lindsay’s brain, she came to me and asked if I would want to pair up with her to do the weekly feature. I am not a legit trainer and I also am a very good procrastinator, so I told her to embark on that endeavor on her own and I would have her back along the way. And look at it now! 29 weeks later and Tuesday Trainer is all the rage. That was my plan all along.. wait ‘til it got big and then jump in and take all the credit. That’s how you get ahead in life, folks. Take note.
This week’s Tuesday Trainer theme is pyramid sets—specifically upper body pyramid sets. I first learned about pyramid sets when I did Body-for-LIFE back in 2008. Twelve weeks of pyramid sets three times a week did wonders for my muscles:

In twelve weeks, I lost nearly 10% of my body fat while building lean muscle mass all thanks to the pyramid set workouts. Okay, and eating clean, but the muscle part was all thanks to the pyramid set-style weight lifting!
What’s a pyramid set, you ask? (Pretend you asked…) Let me tell you!
You can do a pyramid set with any exercise that involves reps and weight resistance. A standard “straight set” consists of lifting the same weight (say, 10 pound dumbbells) for the same number of reps (like twelve) for the whole time (say, three sets) and we’d call this “3 sets of 12 at 10#”.
For a pyramid set, you vary the amount of weight you are lifting as well as the number of reps per set. You start the set with a light weight and do lots of reps, then you gradually move up the pyramid and increase the amount of weight you are lifting while decreasing the number of reps in the set. Here, let me show you this rad picture I drew in Paint:

Get it? No? Need an example? Let’s take my move: biceps curls. We are going to do four sets of biceps curls: pyramid style. It would look like this:

  • 12 reps @ 10# dumbbells
  • 10 reps @ 12# dumbbells
  • 8 reps @ 15# dumbbells
  • 6 reps @ 20# dumbbells

By that last set, you should be trying SUPER HARD. It should be tough. You need to be taxing those muscles!
Let’s talk about the RPE scale for a minute. RPE stands for “rate of perceived exertion” and the scale goes from 1 to 10. 1 is no effort—like sitting on the couch watching old school reruns of Family Feud with Richard Dawson (love that man!) and a 10 is ALL OUT EFFORT—like getting chased by a lion, tiger, AND bear all at the same time and you are running for your life.

Get it?  Good.
So, when it comes to the RPE scale and pyramid sets, you want to measure your exertion for each set using the RPE scale. Let’s use the biceps curls I mentioned above for an example:

  • 12 reps @ 10# dumbbells – Level 5 or 6 on the RPE scale
  • 10 reps @ 12# dumbbells – Level 7 on the RPE scale
  • 8 reps @ 15# dumbbells – Level 8 on the RPE scale
  • 6 reps @ 20# dumbbells – Level 9 or 10 on the RPE scale

Basically, you want to be trying harder and harder as you move up the pyramid so by the time you are done with the last set you can’t even lift your water bottle to quench your thirst.
Now, you know what a pyramid set is and how to use it according to the RPE scale, but you may be wondering why you’d want to work out like this. And even if you aren’t wondering why, I am going to tell you. You saw that coming.

Benefits of Pyramid Sets

  • Muscular endurance. The first set allows your muscles to warm up for the heavier sets to come and increases endurance with the high amount of reps.
  • Quicker strength gains. It the last couple of sets—the heavy ones—you are pushing your body outside of its comfort zone by lifting a weight heavier than you usually would, making your muscles grow stronger more quickly.
  • Activates both slow & fast twitch muscle fibers.  Slow twitch fibers are activated at the bottom of the pyramid through aerobic respiration. This is good for endurance but not for strength. Fast twitch fibers—which rely on stored glycogen–are activated at the top of the pyramid through anaerobic activity which creates strength gains.
  • Prevents a plateau.  The wide range of weight used and reps completed keeps things fresh. It’s important to keep your body guessing! This prevents your body from adapting to a certain standard which can cause a plateau.
    Like I said, you can do pyramid sets with any move that involves weight resistance.


This week we are focusing on upper body pyramid sets—here’s the Tuesday Trainer workout!

The Workout


The Moves

Bicep Curls – Janetha, mealsandmoves


Rear Delt Fly – Deb, SmoothieGirlEatsToo


Lateral Raise – Tamara, fitknitchick


Pushup Progression – Lindsay, lindsayslist.co (filmed on Green Mtn, CO)


Pushup Progression – Laura, girlsgonesporty


Pushup Progression – Lindsay, cottercrunch


Double Row – Paige, runningaroundnormal


Dumbbell Skullcrushers – Michael, myfrugalfitness


Skullcrushers with Hip Bridge – Lindsay, leangreenbean


Deltoid Press – Casey, cswfityoga


Plank with Row – Helen, biscuitsarenothealthy


What a GREAT week!  Thank you, Janetha, for taking over!  And thank you, fellow trainers, for providing her with the moves! 

A few things before I go…

  • Go enter this Probar giveaway on the BLEND site.
  • Go read this post, then MAKE that ice cream!
  • Go read this post and then hire me as your trainer!
  • Join Janetha’s latest challenge for May!  MOVE MORE!  Go here for info!


tuesday trainer – traveling edition

April 24, 2012 in Blog, Colorado 2012, Guest Post, Tuesday Trainer, Workout by lindsaymwright

Sorry for the delay in posting!  My posts typically go up RIGHT at 8:15AM, it’s 9:10…I blame vacation mode.  Or as my mom would say, “WOVY”, which stands for “We’re On Vacation.”  You can get away with ANYTHING if you say WOVY after it!  Sleeping in, being a fatty, laying by the pool all day.  Or in our case, sleeping “late” (6:45AM), sneaking into a gym (eek) and eating delicious Whole Foods every day.  Hey, that’s my kind of WOVY!

Welcome to Tuesday Trainer!! 

Well, sort of. 

Bonnie hijacked my blog for the day and is bringing you guys an awesome substitution for my usual Tuesday rambles – an on-the-go Travel Workout! 

Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve fallen in love with Bonnie – her sense of adventure, her devotion to fitness, but most importantly, the love she has for God. 

She inspires me DAILY.  I know she’ll do the same for you!


Hey friends of Lindsay’s List – I’m Bonnie! I Iove Lindsay, her family, blog and her passion in life and am very thankful to be guest posting today while she enjoys Colorado! I blog over at Life to the Full where I share fitness tips, provide workout challenges, and chronicle mine and my husband’s adventures together.

I’m excited to be posting on a Tuesday because I’ve loved Tuesday Trainer from the start and try to be a part of it weekly – I love how Lindsay brings other trainers and fitness enthusiasts together to create great workouts for people! And as a personal trainer myself and someone who is about to be traveling this week, I thought a great theme for today’s Tuesday Trainer would be working out while traveling.

Don’t be deceived – I’m actually not a pilot.

Working out on vacation: do you do it? Some trips are all about relaxing and giving your body a break, while others are geared around more activity and are planned around movement. My personal rule of thumb is to take a break from the usual routine of life while being away but to keep moving, because I almost always feel better about myself and my day when I’m in motion. A short morning workout or a quick jaunt on the beach makes me feel alive and less sluggish, and usually affects my eating choices and encourages me to make healthier decisions throughout the day. (I recently posted about working out on vacation in Vegas if you’re interested in my top tips to keep a vacation healthy!) So whether your next trip is an overnighter for business and you’re short on time or you’re hiking in the Himalayas, here is a short workout you can do with only 1 prop: a towel (or band or rolled up t-shirt):


This workout works many of the major muscle groups: lower body (the powerhouse for torching fat and calories – the biggest furnace we should always fire up!), core and back, respectively. The most important aspect to this workout is that you stay intentional to pull that towel apart during every exercise This takes each move to the next level makes it a tough workout; without the pull, it’s simply a few sit ups and lower body work. #makeitcount friends!
Give this workout a shot on your next vacation, when you’re short on time and don’t have much equipment at home, or when you’re looking for something new to try in the gym! It will certainly work you if you’re intentional to push hard and keep your heart rate high. Remember, it’s only 20 minutes – so give it everything and when you get tired and hurts, keep going and enjoy the accomplishment a short while later! Hopefully you’re using that towel to dry off the sweat at the end of your workout. ;)

Have a great week, you guys. Thanks again to Lindsay for the chance to share a workout and say hi!

Live well & be well,




Bonnie Lang is a personal trainer who works at a gym in downtown Calgary and on her own training house-to-house around the city.

She is passionate about motivating others toward greater lifestyle change and loves pushing people with unique body weight and high intensity exercises. When she’s not training, you can catch up with her exploits climbing, skiing and adventuring with her husband, Mike, on her blog, Life To The Full!

tuesday trainer – core II

April 17, 2012 in Blog, Body, Core, Tuesday Trainer, Workout by lindsaymwright

Some recent observations:

1)  Broiled tofu, when reheated in the microwave, reminds me of my mom’s home cooking.  And that’s all I’ll say about that.

2) Lisa, from BodyRock, looks like a pornstar now.  Giving me no choice but to do BodyRock while Travis is at work and the kids aren’t watching.  Poor girl.  Why aren’t we ever enough???

3)  You’d be surprised at my procrastination in this whole packing thing.  Even I surprise myself.  Facetiming with Travis seems much more appealing.  I’ve got piles strewn about, but no real vision of how this will all get into the car.

4)  Yesterday, a hunger beast took over my body!  I drank my water, I did some food avoidance pushups, I walked around….even so, second breakfast and Elevenses were consumed.  Oh and post-dinner ice cream.  Even with all that food, I’m still alive and fit today.  Go figure.

5)  Two must see movies:  The Fall and The Muppets Movie.  Both great, in their own right.

6)  My friend, Bonnie, is the BEST (thanks, friend, for the sweet post!  Wish you were COMING to this retreat!)

I could go on and on, but I’ll try to stay on topic since today is Tuesday.  (I do feel like my hands are tied on Tuesdays and Thursdays – like I can’t meander and I have to stay on the topic of Tuesday Trainer.  Sometimes frustrating.  And then if I DO ramble at the start, there’s the whole segway into Tuesday Trainer, which I’ve always been awkward at.  Now I’m off on a total tangent…how to tie this in?)…


Hey Guys!  It’s Tuesday Trainer time!



oh well.)

The theme for this week is CORE!

I love working my core!  If I have extra time at the gym, I go down to the ground and do some corework.  Usually some planks.  (Although I’m nowhere NEAR the World Record holder, I can hold a plank for 6 minutes and 20 seconds!  <-actually took the time just now to go watch it and tried to do a plank for the 6:20 – I made it 5 minutes.  Bah.)

We have an entire 30 minute class at the gym DEVOTED to core conditioning.  And I never repeat anything if I’m teaching.  There are SO many core moves – I think that’s why it’s such a fun TT theme.

The Workout


The Moves

One-Legged V-Ups – ME


Butterfly Crunches – Jess, blondeponytail


Plank Jacks with Tuck – Sherice, foodieluvsfitness


Walk Out with Oblique Twist – Helen, biscuitsarenothealthy


Plank with Arm Lifts – Angela, happyfitmama


In and Outs – Ashley, vibrantlifehealthandwellness


Downward Dog Split into Reptile – Ashley, frecklesandspice


Side Bends – Janetha, mealsandmoves


Come back Thursday to see what we’ll be doing next week!! Thank you, ladies, for showing me your moves!

I’m totally doing this workout today during the kids’ naps!

No wait.  I should probably pack.

Eh..it can wait.

QUESTION:  If you had a free hour to do WHATEVER you wanted to today, how would it look?