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reebok skyscape – because #styleneverstops

April 7, 2014 in Blog, Fitfluential, Review by lindsaymwright

**The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.**

Alternative title:  “Reebok Skyscape….because I need all the help I can get.”

Seriously though.

I’m about the LEAST stylish person I know.  Chalk it up to the fact that I haven’t gone shopping for myself since before I got pregnant (…with Henry…) and that I pride myself in not caring what other people think about my clothes (my fitness level, my parenting, my cleanliness…those things I care about what others think).  All in all, when it comes to style…I need help.  Bad!


As part of my ongoing relationship with Reebok and Fitfluential (remember these adorable shoes!?!), I was recently sent a pair of Reebok’s new Skyscape’s to try out.  When I opened the box, my honest first reaction was, “That’s a whole lotta pink!”  But then I tried them on!  I realize I over use the word, “SOOOOOO,” which really isn’t even a word but the Skyscape’s are SOOOOO comfortable.  Made from the same materials and soft molding process used to create lingerie (!?!), these 5.0 ounce shoes are ultra lightweight and flexible.  The pink has grown on me (they come in a few other fun colors like gray, purple and blue) AND I love that you can easily toss them into the washing machine when they get dirty (which I found out after wearing them to the park on a rainy day)!



Other Skyscape features…

  • Foam material in the upper for softness and flexibility.
  • Low cut design for added mobility.
  • Seamless construction for minimized rub and irritation.
  • Minimum rubber accents only where needed for traction.
  • Skyspring technology – features a unique design architecture designed to help support the foot and provide all day comfort.

I kid you not….these shoes might come with me to the hospital for labor-walking!

Many thanks to Reebok and FitFluential for the review opportunity!!  If you’re interested in buying a pair of your own Skyscapes, go here to purchase online or they can be found in stores (Reebok FitHubs or outlet stores, and select Kohls – find a store here).  If you need help styling the shoes (because don’t we all), Reebok set up a cute page to help.


QUESTION:  When’s the last time you bought a new pair of shoes?  Do you have any tennis shoes that are functional AND stylish?


what’s in your gym bag (apera review + giveaway)

January 22, 2014 in Blog, Giveaways, Review by lindsaymwright



Congrats, Marie!  Please email me at lindsayslist at gmail dot com!


**I received a free product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.**


Confession:  Up until Apera sent me a (fabulous) new gym bag, I was using whatever I could find to haul my stuff to the gym.  Plastic grocery bags being among the mix.

Not trendy.  Not cute.

Just bag lady bad.  I was your typical pregnant, bag lady.

Thank you for saving me from myself, Apera!!!!


A few facts about these bags -

  • The company is relatively new, founded in 2012.
  • Each Apera bag features antimicrobial product protection – inside and out – to fight bacterial odor.
  • Most bags have a special shoe compartment (that’s wipeable!)


  • Each bag has ventilated compartments, wipeable linings and washable inserts, ensuring that the bag stays clean, odor-free and most importantly, healthy.
  • The company GIVES BACK!! –> Apera donates one bag to a Special Olympics athlete for every three bags they sell.

Apera sells SEVEN different styles of bags, each geared toward the “social athlete” aka your typical gym goer, each with something a little different from the next.  After looking through their products, I chose the Sling Tote!  My initial (bag lady) thought was this:  DIAPER BAG!!  Ha!  I plan to use it as BOTH – for the gym but pack it with some essentials for Porter too!  I absolutely LOVE all of the little compartments (especially the side panels for my shoes!).  So far, I’ve received several compliments and inquiries from people at my gym – they all want to know who made the bag!


I know that people like to see the products/gear that other people use, so I thought I’d show you what I put into my gym bag!


Clockwise from L to R:


Apera Sling Tote


 Handful bra, Cross Training Couture Tank, Avia capris, Mizuno Wave Rider 17s, Thorlo socks


Goody elastics, Burt’s Bees chapstick, Redken’s Ringlet cream, Organix Moroccan Argan Oil lotion,

BioOil (for the belly), Burt’s Bees face wipes, Dove Clinical Strength deodorant, Yes To Carrots Face Serum



Apera has offered to give one LL reader their very own Sprint Pack!

The giveaway will run through Saturday!  Enter below!

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running while pregnant

December 5, 2013 in Baby, Blog, Fitfluential, Pregnancy, Review, Running, Workout by lindsaymwright

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own.

Me + Running = A pretty great relationship.

Me + Running + a heavy pregnant belly = Look AWAY, LOOK AWAY!!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m getting it done (and have run during all three of my pregnancies).  But as the belly grows and my body starts to crack down the middle, running just doesn’t FEEL that great while I’m doing it (always great afterwards!).  A few things happen.  I a) immediately need to pee and b) immediately start to feel like the baby has dropped down to my ankles and will come out.  Fun times.  Pregnant running takes some planning and special maneuvering for sure, but the benefits are VAST so I’m aiming to continue running for the next 10 weeks or so (just at a much slower pace).

Benefits of Running While Pregnant

1)  It’s super healthy…for mom AND baby!

A recent study published by the Institute of Movement Sciences and Sports Medicine at the University of Geneva, in Geneva, Switzerland, found that “regular physical activity has proven to result in marked benefits for mother and fetus.” Maternal benefits include improved cardiovascular function, limited pregnancy weight gain, decreased musculoskeletal discomfort, reduced incidence of muscle cramps and lower-limb edema, mood stability, and attenuation of gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension (source).

2)  Running can speed along labor and postpartum recovery!

Women who exercise during pregnancy tend to have shorter labors, easier deliveries and a shorter postpartum recovery time.  Running is among the best cardiovascular activities that a pregnant woman can engage in – opening the hips and strengthening the lower lumbar!

3)  You just feel like a BOSS!

I know that for me, I get a huge high off of engaging in exercises and activities that I enjoyed PRE-pregnancy.  My energy level is higher, as well as my body image.  I enjoy maintaining my fitness level throughout my pregnancies and I’m convinced that my postpartum body thanks me for getting to the gym throughout those nine (ten) months.

Mizuno 01

Mizuno recently sent me a new shoe to review – the Wave Rider 17.  This neutral running shoe has A LOT going for it:


  • U4ic midsole delivers lightweight, resilient cushioning.
  • Dissolving upper fit with new DMF execution and soft, supple mesh materials.
  • SmoothRide Engineering for a brilliant run.
  • Lateral Forefoot Sculpting for smooth touchdown and transition.
  • Blown rubber forefront with deep flex grooves for optimal flexibility and cushioning.

What I love about the Wave Rider 17 is that it feels like a lighter version of my ALL-TIME favorite running shoe – the Wave Rider 15’s!  I trained for and ran my last half marathon in the 15’s – an amazing shoe all around.  In fact, I still wear those shoes even though the tread is starting to wear – they still just feel good.  The toe box is perfect for my wider feet and they provide great arch support.  These new 17’s are nearly identical to the 15’s except that they WEIGH LESS, meaning that turnover is greater (aka – my cankles can move faster).

Mizuno 2

A few more things that I noticed:

  • I wear a size 9.5 and I feel like these shoes run true to size.
  • The material is super breathable but not so much that you couldn’t wear them in winter weather.
  • The tread would make for a good winter running shoe – not necessarily “trail-like” but these have a good grip!

All in all, another spectacular shoe by Mizuno – rivaling the 15’s and surpassing my Wave Sayonaras.

The Wave Rider 17 will be unleashed to the public on December 5th for $114.95 MSRP.  Go here to get a pair of your own!  Oh!  And they’re available in WIDE and NARROW (great news for my hubby as he often has a really hard time finding wide shoes.)

QUESTION:  What brand of running shoe do you prefer?  Ever tried Mizuno?  Prefer lightweight or something a little heavier?


playing dress up with reebok

November 27, 2013 in Blog, Fitfluential, Kids, Review, Sillyness by lindsaymwright

One of the (many) perks of having this blog is that I get to review products for free (and usually get PAID to do so)!!  I’m always thrilled for the opportunity to try new stuff out and I hope I present it in a way that is natural and not too “sales lady.”  I’ve had a great many products sent to me that don’t get on the blog, either because they turned out to be a fail or they included an ingredient that I couldn’t endorse.  When I started blogging 2 1/2 years ago, I NEVER thought that I’d be getting these opportunities (which come only because of my pageviews and online reach – so YOU!..thank YOU!)….and I especially didn’t think that my children would benefit much, if at all, from Lindsay’s List.

Welp.  Color me wrong.


Thanks to Reebok, Clara has some (adorable!!) new shoes to show off… so, naturally, she HAD to do a little fashion show.   Just for you guys!  (but mostly for herself, as she LOVES playing dress up.  And looking in the mirror.  And calling herself “boot-i-ful”.  Which she totally is.)







Reebok’s VentureFlex is just for toddlers – girls and boys sizes 2-10.  With an incredible flexible outsole and a wide toe box (us Wrights need this!), the VentureFlex is a great option for any active toddler (so every single toddler. ever.).  You can find these shoes at Finishline locations across the country, as well as online.


**I received this product, as well as my own pair of Nano 3.0’s for free through a partnership with Fitfluential and Reebok.  All opinions are my own.**

QUESTION:  Have you tried Reebok shoes before?  What’d you think?  <-I personally have two pairs of Nanos – one pair I bought myself – and love them for lifting and Crossfit-style workouts!


introducing ISIS and the Verizon 4G LTE network

November 18, 2013 in Blog, Blogging, Review, Verizon by lindsaymwright

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Verizon Wireless.


I have something exciting to share with you guys today.

Exciting for ME because I was recently chosen for a spectacular campaign with Verizon Wireless and received a new iPhone 5s!! (for which I’m BEYOND grateful!!)

Exciting for YOU because you get to hear about a new way to be awesome with your current smartphone.

A win-win.  So grab a cup of coffee and listen up.

First let me tell you about the iPhone 5s.


Before this upgrade, I’d been using an iPhone 4.  Actually, let’s go back further.  Just a year and a half ago, I was using two phones: one non-smart phone for making/receiving calls and a faulty iPhone 4 that I didn’t pay for data on (meaning it only connected to Wi-Fi and was super slow).  Cheap.  Frugal.  Pick one – that’s me.  I carried around two phones for about a year, juggling them back and forth, trying to look cool (and failing miserably).  Last September, I finally bit the bullet and got a new phone, just one, and now I (kinda) feel like an adult.

So you’ll understand that the gifting of a brand new iPhone 5s is just truly amazing (and undeserved)!!  The first thing I noticed was how FAST everything was – Verizon’s 4G LTE network helps with this!  The increase in speed makes it easier to browse all of my social media channels (especially FB), but it also makes application downloads way faster (we download at least one kid’s game every day).  The CAMERA is leaps and bounds better too!  I don’t take my Canon anywhere – the clarity that I get from the iPhone 5s rivals any DSLR!  Oh and the phone KNOWS MY THUMBPRINT and I get to talk to Siri and try to stump her.

I’m extremely pleased with this phone – if you yourself are looking to upgrade anytime soon, consider the iPhone 5s!!

Now to ISIS!

Verizon Wireless has just debuted a new mobile app – ISIS.  Having just been on a conference call with Verizon, here’s what I came away with.


What is ISIS??

ISIS is a new mobile wallet app that has just launched for all Verizon users.  It’s an extremely SAFE solution to replace your wallet!

How it works:

Once you download the ISIS Mobile Wallet (through Google Play Store), you create an account and password.  Enter any compatible credit cards and bank accounts that you’d like to withdraw from.  During this process, you can also sign up for an American Express Serve card that will save you money (more on this below!).  You can use ISIS at any location that you see the approved symbol (over 20,000 locations nationwide!).  When at the cash register, enter your pin (that you choose), choose the card or bank account on file that you want to pay with, hold your phone up to the terminal and it will process your payment automatically!

Bonus:  You can also load loyalty cards – the ones that are gunking up your keychain – and store your rewards online!  Locations that accept ISIS are easily found with the built-in “Find Places Nearby”-feature.

How safe is it??

A couple of features make ISIS an extremely safe and secure solution for mobile payment!  First, your credit card and bank account information is encrypted automatically and stored inside your device (rather than online somewhere).

Second, every transaction will have a dynamic CVV (that’s the three digit number on the back of your credit cards).  The GREAT thing is this – no one can figure this number out because it changes with EACH transaction (compared to a static CVV that your current credit card has, this is a wonderful safety feature!)

Lastly, if you lose your phone, someone would need to know your 4-digit pin.  You can also call Verizon or go online to the ISIS site and FREEZE your mobile wallet.

Who can use ISIS?

Currently, only ANDROID devices are compatible with ISIS (go here for a complete list of approved devices).  ISIS has NOT YET been made available for Apple devices.  I’m told that this will happen very soon though and I’m excited to actually try it firsthand.  Android users can download ISIS for free at the Google Play Store.

Additional savings!

ISIS has paired up with American Express to provide savings through their Serve component.  When you sign up for a Serve account through ISIS, $10 will automatically be added to your Serve account.  Oh, and get this – when you use your Serve account now through January 31st, you’ll receive a whopping 20% back on all purchases!!  That’s a HUGE savings, especially considering Christmas is quickly approaching!!

ISIS also provides it’s users with exclusive offers from participating retailers.  This video sums it up pretty well!


Now your coffee is cold but you’re cooler having found out about ISIS.  You can expect a few more posts (and FB/Twitter shares) as this partnership with Verizon carries on.  I’m thankful for the chance to share!

QUESTION:  Would you use the ISIS app??  Have any questions (I’ll try my best to get provide an answer or direct you to someone who knows more)??


**TWITTER USERS!!  There is a Twitter Chat hosted by Verizon and FitFluential on November 18, 2013 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time on the hashtag #VZWFF. 

Participants will have the chance to win a Samsung Note 3 or a Samsung Galaxy S4.  I’ll be there!**

thinkThin review and #giveaway!!

November 14, 2013 in Blog, Food, Giveaways, Review, Snack by lindsaymwright

I’m not sure I’ve been upfront enough about my LOVE for nutrition bars.

I could seriously eat them once (or twice) a day.

In college, I remember trying the Zone diet (among a zillion other diets.  The cabbage soup one was probably the most ridiculous.  And, OH SO stinky.).  Anyway, you’re instructed to eat a diet with a macronutrient breakdown of 40/30/30 (protein, carbs, fat).  I actually really love that breakdown and it works well for me now, but in college, I was ALL ABOUT THE ZONE BARS.  I remember eating like a box a day and calling it good.  Meaning that I ate NO real food, no cooking – just gobs and gobs of bars.

I know better now.  Thank God.

These days I practice a whole foods diet with an 80/20 breakdown.  80 percent real, whole foods (one ingredient foods) and 20 percent of anything else I want to eat.  Nutrition bars fall into that 20 percent for me and I use them for post-workout refueling or while traveling.  The convenience factor is huge for me – we’re generally out of the house for 3-4 hours every morning and I like to have something that’s easily accessible.


Recently, thinkThin sent me some of their high protein/low sugar bars to try out.  I’ve seen them in local grocery stores and at Trader Joe’s but never tried one.  First, I loved the taste and texture of these bars.  I’ll be completely honest here – taste comes FIRST for me when purchasing and is even slightly more important than the nutrition stats.  If a bar claims to be the healthiest/vegan/all-natural/most-amazing-thing-on-Earth but still tastes like dirt, I probably won’t be buying it multiple times.  Taste wins.  Always.  (it’s a good thing I think vegetables taste amazing!)


In addition to the taste factor, the thinkThin bars also met some of my other requirements:

  • High protein (I usually look for something over 15 grams)
  • Low sugar
  • Short ingredient list with ingredients I’m familiar with


All in all, a great nutrition bar that I’ll definitely be purchasing for myself!  Thanks thinkThin!


thinkThin has offered to give TWO Lindsay’s List readers a box of their own bars!  Use the rafflecopter widget to enter below – winners will be announced NEXT TUESDAY!  Best of luck!

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on teaching responsibility

November 8, 2013 in Blog, Blogging, Family, Giveaways, Kids, Review by lindsaymwright

We (try to) run a pretty tight ship over here at the Wright house.

Let me tell you – parenting can be a truly tricky thing.  One minute you’re completely enamored (and distracted) by these little people who are just SO DARN CUTE – you just want to give them everything.  And then at other times, you’re wondering how in the world did they get to be so old and so bossy and SO loud in public.  A good mix of love, responsibility, GRACE, discipline, and affection go into making good kids truly GREAT ones.

And I think Henry and Clara are pretty great.

Travis and I try to teach responsibility the HANDS ON way, through involvement in daily tasks and chores.  If they need something, anything, we’ll teach them how to do it for themselves (example: Henry can now buckle himself in and out of the car and we’re currently working on teaching him to bathe himself.) If it’s a task that takes time out of my day and could teach my kids better habits and self-improvement, I’m going to take the time to make sure they A) know how to do it and B) know how to do it properly so that I’m not constantly coming behind them and “fixing” it. <-this is a huge no-no for a child’s self-esteem. Go here to find out my philosophy about that.

Some of our current age-appropriate chores include:  making beds, sorting laundry, cleaning up and organizing toys, brushing teeth, putting away dishes (the ones that are down on their level and NO SHARP KNIVES) and dusting (again, things on their level).






When ChoreMonster contacted us about trying out their web and mobile apps, I knew it was a natural fit.  Through ChoreMonster, kids can earn points by completing chores that they can turn in for real life rewards like ice cream, an hour of Xbox or even a canoe trip.


The app is geared toward ages 4-12 so Henry and Clara are a little on the young side BUT in having used it for the past few months, I’ve noticed one thing: they LOVE technology (specifically, they love my iPhone (I’ve downloaded about 15 different apps for them – some educational, some fun games).  They also LOVE being rewarded for completing chores.  With ChoreMonster, I assign points to specific tasks (example: making your bed equals 5 points) and then I assign a reward for completed points (example: earn 50 points and you get to pick out a toy at the store).  Henry and Clara are LOVING this (we hadn’t really implemented a reward system before trying out the app and even still, I have them do some things that are NOT rewarded because we still want to teach them selflessness and teamwork).

The company also has a companion app called ChorePicker, that helps parents identify chores for kids (based on age), and shows the kids how to complete the chores.  We use this companion app to keep things interesting for Clara since her chores are more limited (cleaning up toys, brushing teeth, etc).  After exploring ChoreMonster for a couple of months, we’re using it on a daily basis and love the outcome that it’s produced in our kids!  If you’re interested in exploring this app for your own family, ChoreMonster is giving away FREE 1 Month Subscriptions to all Lindsay’s List readers!  Go here to get started!

QUESTION:  If you’re a mama, how do you teach your children responsibility??  What types of apps do you have on your phone (I love sharing these good ones like ChoreMonster.  Some of our other favorites include: DoodleBuddy, Endless ABC, Escape Challenge and 123 Tracing)?


** I received this opportunity through Canopi to partner with ChoreMonster and review their product for compensation.  All opinions expressed are my own!

soli beat dance dvd review

September 26, 2013 in Blog, Fitfluential, Review, Workout by lindsaymwright

Confession:  I don’t really love working out at home.

It’s the kid thing.

Without fail, every time I pop in a workout DVD, be it p90x or Billy Blanks, they come SPRINTING!  Literally clamoring to see A) just what exactly mommy is doing and B) to come up with a strategy of how to be as annoying as possible.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.  Try doing a pushup with a toddler around.  Bet you a million dollars that they come over and sit on your back and poke your face.  So unless it’s pouring snow, we go to the gym.  Where kids can climb on other kids’ backs and mommies can collect their sanity.

All that to say this: DANCING DVDS ARE DIFFERENT!

And it took me reviewing Soli Beat to grasp this concept.


What IS Soli Beat??

Soli Beat is a high-energy cardio dance class designed to have you moving to the beat of the drums! Literally.  Class is accompanied by live drummers who deliver energizing beats and rhythms while you shake your groove thang!  Soli Beat takes you all around the world with various rhythms including West African, Afro Brazilian, Latin, Belly Dance and more!  With easy-to-follow moves and awesome acoustics, you’ll achieve the “dancer’s high” while getting an amazing workout.  Soli Beat is about enjoying the music, the freedom to move and having fun.  (source)

As you know, I’m not feeling the best these days thanks to a little bean (which I’d take any day over the alternative!).  Lately, exercise has consisted of pared down boot camp classes and walks.  I do something active once a day, as it takes my mind off of the nausea for just a little bit.  I wasn’t sure how dancing would make me feel, but I LOVED it!

A little glimpse of the action – that’s Sasha and Gina – the creators of Sage Dance Fitness:

Soli Beat is composed of various dance songs, all upbeat and cast to LIVE drums!  When I popped the DVD in, I was pleasantly surprised that there was a “Dance” option and a “Learn” option.  Under the “Learn” option, Gina and Sasha go over all of the moves that you’ll see during the dance.  <-VERY HELPFUL for this not-so-graceful mama.


If you’re comfortable, you can skip ahead and “Play All” of the dances one right after the other.  After a little practice, that’s exactly what I did.  All of the dances were different and unique.  I was surprised how much of a core workout I got.  Oh, and the sweat!  I was dripping by the end (not surprising as I’m a beast of a woman.  Clara’s words, not mine.)

So you’re asking what my kids did during this time?  They DANCED!  The entire time.  I just made rules.  I literally put a piece of string down on the carpet and told them not to cross the line – that they could dance and move but they couldn’t get in mommy’s space.  It totally worked.  Great family fitness!

OVERALL VERDICT:  Soli Beat is a super fun, sweat-inducing, dance party!  It will definitely come in handy this winter when we’re all going stir crazy!  Thanks so much, Gina, Sasha and Fitfluential!

Go here to purchase Soli Beat for yourself ($26.99)!  This would actually make an awesome Christmas or birthday gift for your sister, mom or girlfriend, as well as a good rainy/snowy day DVD to add to your collection!


QUESTION:  Do you use workout DVDs?  LOVE/HATE?  Ever tried a dance one?


**As part of my ambassadorship with Fitfluential, I was sent Soli Beat Dance DVD to review. No compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.

loving lately

August 16, 2013 in Blog, Lists, Review by lindsaymwright

Woot woot for Friday!!!  Today I’ve got some more products that I’ve been loving on lately!   Maybe I’m naïve but I usually trust people’s word that something is as good as they say it is – in fact, I’d guess that over half of what I buy, whether it be food, drinks, shoes, athletic wear, etc, comes from a positive product review I’ve seen on a blog, Facebook or Instagram.  Just like with selling my personal training, WORD OF MOUTH seemed to win most of the time.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’m loving lately – some bought with my own money and some given to me for free.

6 Things I’m Loving Lately

1)  Handful Bras

Oh my word!  I love these bras!  After I corresponded with Jody (the owner) about donating to the Blend Retreat raffle, I decided to buy one for myself.


I wear this bra way more than I probably should (and I fail to launder it way more than I probably should).  You can wear them as a sportsbra (it’s original intent) or as a regular bra.  I just bought a second one in gray so now I can switch them out when they get uber sweaty.

2)  The Good Bean Snacks

Salty.  Crunchy.  Salty.


I could eat a bag every single day.  Oddly enough, eating these makes me CRAVE Diet Dr. Pepper in the worst way.  I’m torn between buying more and caving for the aspartame juice.  First world problems.

3)  ReNew Life Probiotics


ReNew Life sent me some of their probiotics to try out recently.  As I’ve talked about before, I’m constantly trying to heal my gut through the most natural of ways and probiotics do just that (cutting out dairy and regular acupuncture have also helped tremendously)!  ReNew Life’s Ultimate Flora is a high potency, all natural probiotic that is designed to replenish the healthy bacteria in your gut.  Some other perks:

  • High culture count – far greater than competitors Culturelle, Align, & Trubiotics  <-good to know as I’ve tried these in the past!
  • 10 beneficial probiotic strains in every dose including Bifidobacteria (bowel health, gut immunity, and toxin elimination) and Lactobacilli (optimal nutrient absorption, intestinal defenses, and digestion)
  • Unique delayed release system helps with maximum absorption
  • Potency guarantee (active cultures)
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and free of artificial ingredients

ReNew also sent the kids some of their own probiotics to try!  They’re chewable and Henry and Clara love the taste (is it bad that I call them candy??)  I can’t say that I’ve noticed a huge difference in the children’s bowels, but then again they never really had trouble.  I like knowing that I’m only helping their health by giving them these candies!

I will definitely be buying these with my own money – particularly the Women’s Care line (as it helps support vaginal health – who DOESN’T need that!?! <-Men).  You can buy ReNew life here<-NON-affiliate link

4)  Custom Kicks

Label me a dork if you want, but I ordered some custom Reebok Nano’s…..



….with Blend 2013 on the side.  I suppose I really love this Blend business.  Smile


I haven’t worn them enough to give the Nanos a proper review, but I still wanted to share the customization process.  On, you get to essentially make your shoe from scratch – you pick the colors and the design.  It took me quite a while to make these because I had so much fun mixing and matching different color schemes.  You even get to pick out the color of the shoelace eyelets!!

I love how they turned out (<-funny side note: I was hoping to wear these at Blend 2013, but waited a little to long to order them.  They arrived in NC on May 17th, the first day of Blend.  Wah-wah).

5)  New glasses from Glasses Direct


Jess from Glasses Direct contacted me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing a pair of their glasses.  OF COURSE I jumped at the chance – I’m super blind and hadn’t updated my glasses in several years.  After browsing the site, I got a little overwhelmed by all of the choices then I found the site’s easy “Style Finder” guide.  You simply input your preferences (style, material, and shape) and Glasses Direct narrows down the selection for you.  I finally settled on the “Belladonna” in black.  They are easily the BEST pair of glasses I’ve ever owned (which is saying a lot because I’ve been in glasses since I was 7).


The site offers great discounts all the time for those signed up for email and FREE at-home trials so you can try the glasses on before buying them!

6)  Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

Best. Smell. Ever! <-aside from “new car” and “new baby”  Since I live in North Carolina, aka the sweaty-humid-wet-swamp land of the South (Clara’s words, not mine), I don’t really use all that much lotion.  I was just wasting time in the lotion aisle at the store, smelling all of the products (you do this too??) and I found this one.  It does a great job at moisturizing – I apply it after ever shower and before bed.  Hop in your car and go buy this!



QUESTION:  Any latest product(s) buys that you just have to share??  Tell me about something I should spend my money on.

*Some of the products listed above were given free of charge for me to try out!  However, I was not paid for my opinion on them.