healthy road trip snacks (featuring eggland’s best)

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Packing for a 3 week long trip (for five people) is just the worst.

I mean I can think of much worse things, like the Black Plague or global warming, but packing is right up there on the list of “things I just don’t want to deal with.”  We leave in just 5 short days!!  I’ve started an extensive list (me?  a list?!?) but I’m sure Friday night will roll around and the only thing I’ll have laid out for our trip to Colorado will be the snacks.  ;)

Speaking of road trip snacks – they can get really unhealthy if I’m not careful.  Hours on the road, bored and tired.  I automatically reach for the big ol’ bag of peanut butter M&M’s and a diet coke at whatever gas station we happen upon.  And my kids?  They’ll want milkshakes and Sour Patch Kids.  I’m not against a few treats along the way but for this trip, I’m trying my hardest to pack HEALTHY, protein & fiber rich foods that will energize us (<–we’ll need it – we’re driving for 22 hours and a lot of it overnight).

Here’s a list of everything I’ll be packing!

Healthy Road Trip Snacks

I’ve divided the snacks into a two different categories:  Dry Goods & Cold Goods

Dry Goods

  • Blue Diamond Almonds (honey roasted cinnamon & lightly salted)
  • Quest bars (Smore & chocolate chip cookie dough flavors)
  • Detour bars
  • Fruit leathers
  • Original cheerios (for Porter)
  • Veggie straws
  • Bananas
  • Pork Jerky (we love this Krave Black Cherry BBQ )
  • Sunflower seeds (Travis requests these every road trip – hulling them with his teeth helps to keep him awake on night drives)


Cold Goods

  • Edamame hummus
  • Organic baby carrots (bagged)
  • Cut celery & broccoli
  • Fresh fruit (kiwi, blueberries & strawberries)
  • Earth’s Best baby food pouches
  • String cheese
  • Kombucha (nothing worse than an upset “carsick” tummy)
  • Eggland’s Best Hard-Cooked Peeled eggs


Can we talk about these hard boiled eggs for a second?  Eggland’s Best hard-cooked peeled eggs are selected and produced from Grade AA farm-fresh medium EB eggs.  They deliver all the same benefits of their fresh shell eggs (vs ordinary eggs) but are SO convenient (and especially when you’re in a car and don’t want to have to deal with peeling an egg!!).  Each egg has 60 calories, zero carbs and 5 grams of protein, meaning you can snack on a couple and be satiated for a few hours.  Everyone in my family adores eggs so these definitely had to be included in our cooler for the van.  Thanks Eggland’s Best!



QUESTION:  That’s all I have written down so far.  What else should I include??  What are your favorite healthy road trip snacks?


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Eggland’s Best.

10 foods I eat every single day

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My friend and fellow blogger, Heather recently posted about the ten foods she eats every day and I just had to steal it.  I am a great many things and a “creature of habit” just happens to be one of them.  When I shower, I have a washing routine and if I deviate from that tried and true routine, I’ll forget something and end up with hairy legs or dirty hair for the rest of the day.  I get out of bed the same way, I tie my shoes in an odd (but fine-to-me way) and I like eating the same foods day in and out.  I crave routine.  I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Anyway, here are 10 foods I LOVE and eat every single day!  Feel free to post some of your most-loved foods down in the comments.

My Favorite Foods



Cereal might very well be my favorite food of all time.  It’s the thing I look forward to all day – sitting on the couch with Travis and eating my cereal.  I have a method too (of course she does) – Fill the bowl with the “healthy” cereal first (i.e. bran flakes, TJ fiber twigs, Grape Nut Flakes) and then, with whatever milk is left over, I eat the “unhealthy” stuff (i.e. Honeycomb, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch).  Doing this gives me SO much joy.  I’ll never ever stop.



As an tastemaker for Blue Diamond Almonds, I get fun stuff in the mail.  They recently sent me their new Honey Dijon and Honey Roasted Cinnamon almonds and man-oh-man are these good.  I think the Honey Roasted Cinnamon might be a new favorite.


Almonds are packed with all sorts of healthy fat, Vitamin E and other nutrients.  They have staying power too – a handful will keep me full for much longer than any other snack.  I just checked and we have FIVE canisters of various flavors in the house.  Variety is the spice of life, I suppose.  Go here for the full Blue Diamond flavor list!  (and if you see one that your local grocer doesn’t carry, just ask!  I did this with the Sea Salt Caramel flavor and the store manager got them in the next week!  Never hurts to ask.)


For the last two years, I’ve made it a personal goal to eat a salad every day.  I’d say I hit that goal about 6 days out of the week.  The base is always spinach.  I also throw a handful or two into smoothies – you can’t even taste it.



I’m a 5-year-old and like to dip my food into stuff.  Hummus, guacamole, ranch, ketchup – they’re almost always on our table.  Hummus is a great healthy fat and we usually get the Tribe “Everything” flavor.  <-Quick tip – I also sub in hummus for recipes that call for mayonnaise.  Still creamy but a tad healthier.


I think I’ve blogged about my Crockpot chicken recipe before (if not, 7 breasts + 1/2 cup BBQ sauce + 1/4 cup Texas Pete – cook in crockpot on low for 4 hours, shred with fork) but I make it every week.  It’s a great lean protein source that you can throw on top of a salad, in a quesadilla or use as your main dish.  Now that it’s getting warmer, we’ll be grilling once or twice a week so I’ll marinade the chicken in the same sauces.  006


Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries.  I love them all.  We actually have a couple of raspberry plants in our backyard that I’m hoping will produce this year.

7.  EGGS

Eggs and egg whites make their way into my belly every day.  I make my morning protein pancake with an egg and two whites and often have cheesy eggs for dinner.  We typically buy Eggland’s Best.


Yeah, most of this list is healthy but I also love junk food.  (Thank you Father for that freedom!!!).  I love love Teddy Grahams (that’s one level up from just love).  They’ve been a favorite snack food since I was a little girl (replaced by Dunkaroos for a short time but then I went back to my roots).  I only buy the Honey or Cinnamon flavors and grab handfuls of them at random times throughout the day.  YUM! 041


Not really a “food” but still something I have often.  Protein keeps me fuller for longer and helps with muscle growth and recovery.  While I try to use whole foods as my primary protein source, supplementing with a protein shake or smoothie helps me to meet my goals (~130 grams a day).  My favorites: Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Natural Whey and PlantFusion (vanilla bean).


Of course chocolate had to make the list.  Like any normal American household, we have a junk drawer (or five).  I keep all sorts of weird, random schtuff in there but always have some sort of chocolate on hand.  When I’m bored, I’ll sneak in there and get some.  I get bored every day. Smile  All time favorite –> peanut butter M&M’s.

QUESTION:  What foods do YOU eat every single day??  Do you crave routine or embrace change?


**This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.  All opinions are my own (and we go through a canister or two every week!).**

how to perfectly poach an egg

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I think I told you that we celebrated my mama’s birthday on Sunday with a special brunch.  A new (fabulous) restaurant opened in town and I’d been dying to check it out – her birthday seemed like the perfect occasion!  The Bowery’s menu is a fun mix of eclectic and traditional, all inspired by LOCAL ingredients.  The food was amazing – the company and fellowship even better.


When I was deciding what to order, the Appalachian Benedict popped out at me.  A cornmeal biscuit?  Locally-sourced country ham?!  And lastly – A POACHED EGG!!  I’d never poached an egg by myself but I LOVE them.  The dish was amazing and I walked away with a mission – learn how to poach an egg.  (Biscuits would have to wait for another year day)


As I’ve written about in the past, I’m partnering this month with Eggland’s Best to help shed light on their incredible egg.  March is National Nutrition Month and Eggland’s wants to show people how making the simple switch from an ordinary egg to an EB egg is going to give them SO MUCH MORE nutrition.  Compared to an ordinary egg, an EB egg has:

  • 10 times MORE vitamin E
  • 4 times MORE vitamin D
  • 3 times MORE vitamin B12
  • More than DOUBLE the Omega 3
  • 35% MORE Lutein
  • 25% LESS saturated fat
  • 60 Calories per large egg

You can find Eggland’s Best eggs in most any supermarket – I bought mine at Walmart.  With fresh eggs in hand, I got started.  Since I’d never poached an egg before I googled.  Naturally.  I found a million different recipes but landed on this one from Jamie Oliver since you can never go wrong with his advice (plus that accent….).  I LOVED this video tutorial and the tips that he included (I’m a visual learner).  10 minutes later, I had a couple of perfectly poached eggs.  I served mine atop some cheesy Ezekiel bread – an easy and nutritious breakfast (or lunch…or dinner)

The Perfectly Poached Egg

via Jamie Oliver


The best poached eggs are made with FRESH eggs!  Based on an independent study, Eggland’s Best eggs were shown to maintain freshness longer than ordinary eggs.  Jamie suggests getting the eggs towards the BACK of the line – they’ll be the freshest!  (also look for the “Best by” date on the side of the carton)


Poaching is NOT boiling.  Boiling will smash the eggs all around.  Bring the water to an almost boil then reduce the heat.  <-Jamie does NOT suggest using vinegar (most recipes call for it) – he says it makes the eggs taste vinegary…makes sense.


After your water is simmering, crack your EB egg into a bowl and THEN ease it into the water (rather than plopping it right into the pot).

Cook for 3 minutes at a low simmer.  Use a slotted spoon to retrieve your egg then gobble it up however you wish!

Egglands Best Poached Egg-1

Egglands Best Poached Egg-2

Egglands Best Poached Egg-3

There you have it!  The perfect (non-intimidating) poached egg!

QUESTION:  How do you like your eggs?  <-any which way!  Scrambled with cheese on top is my go-to though!


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Eggland’s Best.

creamy smokehouse chicken dip

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This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.  For more Game Changing Snacks, visit Blue Diamond Almonds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Wednesday!

Since the big game is this coming Sunday, let’s talk football today, shall we?  Or rather, let me tell you how little I actually know about the sport.

Lindsay’s Football Facts

1)  Football was invented in 1609 when two dueling countries decided to fight over an actual pig.  Hence the name, “pigskin” when we’re talking about the football*.

2)  The quarterback on every team must meet the following criteria or be kicked out of the league:  1) be “Nebraska-handsome”, 2) must date a super-model or actress and 3) must use the phrase “my hands are my work” in at least one conversation a day*.


Two facts.

*I actually have no idea how football got started or if “Nebraska-handsome” is a thing…(but it should be).  My mother uses the phrase, “My hands are my work!” when she doesn’t want to do manual labor.  She’s a dental hygienist so I guess it kinda makes sense.


Blue Diamond Almond recently sent me some of their Wasabi & Soy Sauce and Smokehouse almonds to try out.  Umm…YUM to both flavors!!  Then they challenged me to come up with a GAME DAY snack in preparation for the big game on Sunday.  True to my core, I chose the easiest recipe I could and made some fun substitutions.  After playing around for at least 5 minutes in the kitchen, Creamy Smokehouse Chicken Dip was born.  It’s PERFECT for your football crowd – tangy, creamy and packed with protein!  The finely chopped almonds add flavor and a little bit of texture.  We ate our dip with Blue Diamond Nut Thins and celery sticks.

Give it a go (and then get over here and fill me in on this football stuff).


Creamy Smokehouse Chicken Dip


  • 1 rotisserie chicken breast, shredded
  • 1/2 can of Blue Diamond Almond Smokehouse almonds, finely chopped
  • 2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened (I love using greek cream cheese – higher protein content)
  • 3/4 cup light ranch dressing
  • 3/4 cup pepper sauce (such as Texas Pete)
  • 1/2 cup barbeque sauce
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Heat chicken and hot sauce in a skillet over medium heat, until heated through.  Stir in chopped almonds, cream cheese, ranch dressing and bbq sauce.  Cook, stirring until well blended and warm.  Mix in half of the shredded cheese, and transfer the mixture into an 8×8 pan.  Sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top, cover with aluminum foil and bake for 12-15 minutes.  Before serving, top with any remaining almonds you have.  Serve with celery sticks and/or chips.  <-Blue Diamond happens to make a SMOKEHOUSE Nut Thin but I couldn’t find it at the store I went to so I used their Sea Salt flavor – still great!




QUESTION:  Will you be watching the big game on Sunday?  What are you making as far as food goes (and can we come over?)?


the asics gel-fit sana: a review

January 5, 2015 in Blog, Fitfluential, Review by lindsaymwright


As part of my ambassadorship with Fitfluential, I recently got to try out the new Asics Gel-Fit Sana shoes.  I was immediately drawn to this shoe because the last five (?) pairs of shoes that I’ve reviewed have been RUNNING shoes.  The Gel-Fit Sana is different – it’s meant for cross-training, not running.  Specifically, they’re PERFECT for lateral movements and jumping movements.  What do you think we do in Trackstars the most???  We sprint, we jump, we pivot.  A lot of my training is speed and agility in the gymnasium so I was excited to see how the Gel-Fit Sana performed.  I love my running shoes but sometimes my toes slide around when we perform drills or they feel loose around the ankle when I’m changing direction.



To test out the shoe, I’ve been wearing them for the last week or so at Trackstars and on a couple of walks….oh and we obviously went down to the track and played around for this photoshoot (Travis had a little too much fun with that camera and I had too much fun jumping on around). Here’s what I love best about the Asics Gel-Fit Sana:

  • They are VERY lightweight.  I like that my feet feel “springy” and not bogged down by heavy shoes.
  • The fit is snug, almost like a water shoe.  I was telling Travis that these shoes feel like “foot gloves.”  They just move WITH your feet instead of wearing something ON your feet.
  • They’re just pretty!  Yes, I’ll admit it – the color and style of shoes make a difference when I’m purchasing.  I love the blue and aqua colors and the lacing up the side!



Since the majority of my training these days would be described as speed and agility (I do throw strength training, balance and flexibility training in to every workout, but Trackstars is extremely agility-focused), the Asics Gel-Fit Sana really is the perfect addition.

Big thanks to Asics and Fitfluential for allowing me to review the shoe!  I encourage you to get your own pair here!

QUESTION:  What type of shoe do you train in?  What type of training do you primarily focus on?


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of ASICS.

training with the mizuno #waverider18

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The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.  All opinions are my own.










Last Saturday we hosted another Bootcamp Bash.  I say “we” because it really takes a small village for me to pull these things off.  Travis loads his truck with the tires (with help from his brothers), my niece serves as babysitter for the older two kids, my mama comes and pushes Porter and Charlie Ruth in the double stroller and I…well I stand around and look pretty while blowing my whistle at people.

The face of the company if you will. 

(maybe it’s Maybelline…)


The kind people at Mizuno recently sent me their newest shoe – the Wave Rider 18 – and I wore them last Saturday.  I’m kinda bummed because they’re now covered in grass and dirt.  I guess you could say they’re now “broken in.”   If you’ve been a Lindsay’s List reader for a while, you know my LOVE/PASSION/OBSESSION with this running shoe.  Over the past three years, I’ve actually been blessed with the chance to review the Wave Rider 16, the 17 and now the 18.  Even if the company weren’t so generous (and I’m happy that they are), I’d spend my money on these shoes any day of the week.  They’re fabulous!  And they’re the only running shoe that I’ve consistently recommended to clients and friends.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is the running shoe for most everyone.  They boast Mizuno’s patented Wave Technology which provides runners with a stable ride and just enough support and responsiveness.  The fit is perfect and true to size (I wear a 9.5).  Best of all, you don’t feel like you’re tied down to heavy shoes (the worst for me!!).  These shoes are light (7.8 ounces) yet provide plenty of support.  They’re very similar to the previous models – the only real difference I see is that the tongue doesn’t seem to come up as high (I like that).  Like I said, I’ve had three pairs now and they’ve proven to be just an all-around great running shoe.  The shoe retails for $119 – go here to read all about them!

Thanks again, Mizuno!

QUESTION:  Ever had a pair of Wave Riders?  Mizunos?  What’s your favorite running shoe?